Capricorn Moon Comes To The Rescue

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Just when you think you’re going absolutely ape with the combo of revved up desires and delayed ego gratification (thank you Venus-Pluto Square & Mars Retro at Zero Degrees of up itself Leo) – along comes Moon in Capricorn to the rescue.

Yes, it’s a Dark Moon (ie; Waning and right before the New Moon) but SO what?

Capricorns aren’t afraid of the Dark.

This is the Moon for you if you want a sharp jolt of getta-grip style thinking, some inner self-pep-talking and the Tao of Endless Self-improvement to distract you from the above nebulous yearnings and a.w.o.l. men etc. Think of this Moon as Saturn in a bottle.

No, Saturn as a room spray – it is supposed to have no scent but the discerning person can detect a whiff of platinum, success and lemon cypress.  It instantly causes the mind to focus on what matters most and to prioritise. There is, after all, always something you can do.

18 thoughts on “Capricorn Moon Comes To The Rescue

  1. Love it Mystic. Perfectly put. Espesh the Saturn Get Practical room spray as an antidote to awol men, unrequited revving and total overload of things to do. I am doing the Saturn stuff (have to) but its not coming easily… will reward myself with a massage this afternoon.

  2. Don’t see how a Capricorn Moon in early degree helps the current dynamic. The Moon in early degrees joins the Pluto square Venus in Aries, Saturn in Libra with a sextile to Mars Retrograde. That’s one sick emotional cocktail. If anything, this is a day to be in one’s cave under the covers with the door sealed.

    • I agree with you. I’m nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. The last shitzone moon I was asked to resign from my job. This shitzone moon I’ve been asked to come back and get an award…from the same person who asked me to resign. Psycho! I’m going to show up because I want the award for my resume. I’m apprehensive as hell because I’ve been dealing with this crap for the last two years.

  3. Thank you MM! Aqua man fell off Mars retro last Friday big time – we didn’t even get to the restaurant… and now, he’s too busy to talk! I’ll take your advice and focus on work and (a)void him til next week, eh?

  4. Thank you for posting these words of encouragement..I have natal moon in cap and mars in leo in the tenth. I start a new job this week so will be definately focussing on work! Things have to get easier..

  5. dark moon ushered in by a brush with the petticoats of th super cell storm that’s been pounding Vic~skysplitting bolts landed on all sides but thankfully missed us~stil tryin to suss out ‘daddy stuff’while tryin to cover all th details and yes, th ‘something one can always do’…an underground house is sounding good even for a gemini, mayb need grounding in th literal sense?(under th covers wasn’t enuf last nite!)

  6. thanks MM – had a dream last night (after early evening MELTDOWN re awol love and my dratted venus conjunct pluto) about a snow plough, and all my friends/community, a nice guy waiting in the wings, and the OK death of an organisation in our scene – all fits with the cap stuff and the need to plough through!

    • hey Mystic THANKS for the heads up re irritable peeps in today’s DAILY!!

      got stroppy essay emailed by 12 yr old I now report to.
      a client for 5 years / have known owners 20 years.
      12 yr old used to serve coffee at our local
      cc’d to entire universe
      re me not playing ball by her new v.time consuming reporting regime. & I should stick to her rules or she’s canning me.
      clearly demonstrating she has NFI re what goes on here to make things happen for them.

      Took your wisdom on board.
      took deeep breathes & responded in a veiled ‘HOW TO’ from my end. also cc’d the universe. then located recent email string that demonstrated my point. wasted an hour.

      do you think the point I raised where they now pay me 35% of what they did 12 months ago will resonate? for the same service of course!!

      Time to arrive new career options.
      that & wealthy future husband lol xox

      • Grrrr to 12 year olds with power issues (know some – feel the pain). And well done with Saturn Girl power!

        • PMS – 12 year old responded with NOVELLA re why it all had to be in writing. again cc’d to the universe.

          RLP – emails from iPhone
          “too hard to read love, am on PHONE MAIL. then 1 word answers to 4 questions. then ‘apols for short reply – on the road this week.”

          they’ll get the point.

          *sprays MORE SATURN GIRL roomspray down Cyber line*

  7. Hmmm – this would be an auspicious moment to sort out financial approach for next 4 months to get credit card back to zero?


    And now to rice and veges for weeks on end…… where’s my tamari?

  8. I’m loving how in tune my life seems to be with the moon atm. Work/life priorities are falling into place (FINALLY as of yesterday) – even though they look NOTHING like I thought they would.

    Love the idea of Saturn room spray especially when you need to be vibing whatever transits are happening – could have Plutonic, Neptunian et al ones. Would give you an extra boost.

  9. My Cappy Moon always comes to the rescue and yes you’re quite right Mystic. Today went on the massage roller table @ work and left the room completely dark (very small room with night light usually), cuz told myself I’z not afraid. Literally thought about “the darK” and how if one knows their own mind there’s nothing to be afraid of.

    Convo with self fits the Cappy dark moon beautifully, don’t ya think?