I have a new word.

And I think it will take off.

Beguilted.  Do you like???

It happened whilst trying to type “beguiled” with Tesla (new Aquarius she-kitten) jumping all over the desk.

I am not sure precisely in what context ‘beguilted’ can be used but I am sure you can think of some and if it were a movie who would it star?

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41 thoughts on “Beguilted

  1. Beguilted….. The story of a sexually confused jewish boy whose mother just wouldn’t let up..starring Anne Bancroft as the harping mother..Ian Thorpe in his debut as the son. Oi gevalt !!! your going to laugh and cry, and you’ll find out how laughing at someone elses misfortune can be uplifting and guilt free. Discounts for people over 65 who are accompanied by their grandparents (all of them).

  2. Ha ha ha…

    Saturn in Pisces on the Ascendant for sure. I am now (in my 40s) only realising how much of my life I wasted guilting over everything, very little of which was my own stuff.

    As for a sun sign for guilting, as a wild guess, Kataka or perhaps Virgo, but it all depends on aspecting planets such as Saturn and maybe Neptune… just a theory.

  3. The blushing bride awaits her special day:
    trusting, none the wiser.
    The groom, he spots a chance to play
    when another maiden meets his eyes, ah!

    Thus, not he but she is jilted
    by the man we call the bolter –
    and ne’er did he feel beguilted
    leaving his sweetheart at the altar.

  4. Variation on Begin the Beguine

    oh yes let them begin the beguilting
    make them pay….
    til the stars that were there before
    return above you
    till you whisper to me
    once more darling I love to hate you
    and we suddenly know what heaven we’re in
    when they begin

    (to be sung by two very drunken Virgos)

    • true to say you’ve become more musical since motherhood? have been loving your verse and verses lately.

      • Errm.. thank you *shuffles feet nervously* I didn’t actually alter the original that much?!

        Lexicorn, I don’t know about more musical through motherhood, but certainly I have more practice due to the amount of reading and singing it requires. Hell, I am a one woman show. You can come see me perform at the local park most mornings.

  5. ‘Beguilted’ A musical starring Peter Garrett, dancing to the tune of K. Rudd.

  6. ‘Beguilted’ A romantic tragedy starring Sandy, Jesse and a tattooed she-devil.

  7. ‘Bebuggered’ A political farce starring Barnaby Joyce and Tony First Class Abbott.

  8. Totally been beguilted. Like when you are tralala sparking along and somebody dumps on you. Voila- beguilted! And you are like- hello, was I even here? Now I am totally feeling terrible about something I didn’t even know was going on……

  9. my Virgo dad is the supreme beguilter. He can beguilt with his eyes. I feel beguilted before he even speaks. :neutral:

  10. Isn’t the beguilted the recipient of guilting – the guiltee not the guilter…?

    Hence, I would think, Scorps, Pisces and Aries the most likely signs to be beguilted… Would say Gemini’s and Saggo too (who hasn’t wanted to beguilt one!?) but they just don’t feel it…

    • Nice one Lexi!

      It is so completely foreign to me & much to the horror of my older virgo brother! He implodes just trying to lay a guilt trip on me & cannot help himself at every given moment… it is like he is on some kamikaze mission.

    A supernatural romantic comedy starring Nic Kidman as a Taurean Witch who makes her way into the admin ranks of the White House (encouraged by Cancerian left-wing Mother-Witch, played by Sally Field) where she sets about exposing the progeny of the perpetrators of the Salem Witch Hunts and taunting them with a nasty burning rash for ever and ever and ever.
    She falls in love with the President (played by Will Smith) who, through his own experiences of racism and overcoming those scars, eventually persuades her to drop the spell and instead use her powers to influence a congress vote on his new bill suggesting workplaces bring back ‘nude fridays’ across the US.

  12. I have one to offer too: shamboozled. A hybrid term made of being bamboozled by another’s shambolic relationship strategy. Shamboozling is not as high an art form as beguilting, I imagine, but is equally serious-nods-and-cups-of-tea material.

    • goodness me, i know what is to be shamboozled (cf. My Toro, ca. 2008-2009). let’s not forget the root of that word, “booze” which is also commonly involved

  13. Noooooooo, Shamboozling can go on for years….it totally needs to be taken seriously, PV.
    When you think you are playing one game, but really you’ve been shamboozled, by anothers realationship agenda?? This is serious insight……

    • You’re right blackstararies. Let’s take the example of my failed new libran love affair, who has taken off to the mountains to shamboozle with another long-time friend, short-lived lover. I had an inkling things weren’t going to work out, but, the shamboozling…

  14. beguilted – i have the image of a saggitarrian genius workaholic female boss riding a younger taurean lass HARD. not sure where i got that from. :) but its a very horsy problem i think. to be reined into guilt like an animal. :)