Astrological New Year – Getta Grip

Natasha Poly

Happy Astrological New Year…this is a classic fresh start situation with the Sun at Zero Degrees of Aries, the start of the Zodiac.

Yet Mercury Squares Pluto so you may think magically but not naively.

Grokking the truth – even if it involves painful insights or difficult dialogue – synchs in with this massive makeover Qi…Resolutions that leave out totally valid facts, your own foibles (come on, LOL) and/or the free-will/complicating factors of another person’s life serve only to make mid-2010 a minor merdefest.

38 thoughts on “Astrological New Year – Getta Grip

  1. Resolution: I choose to be happy. And I choose to make the decisions and take the actions that support this. No wishful thinking, no head in the sand. And while that’s taking on a big responsibility: I feel like a weight has been lifted.

  2. Happy New YEAR EVERYONE!
    great idea C.B.A
    Resolution: Nothing Lasts forever, SO live it up, Drink it down, Laugh it off, Avoid the bullshits, Take chances, Never have regrets because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted to do…

    • exactly, life at the front of yourself. miss out on nothing. feel the fear and do it anyway. anthems lived of my teen years return but now I am a woman.

      personally I am loving this year so far despite end of relationship. the insights of the last year/s astounding. I am grokking so much and all the bollucks I have endured is turning into wisdom that will launch my next phase

      and all because I made it so, no external just faith. in the dark, its been a while, stage or otherwise but I am ready to re surface and take on the world again. soon.

    • Awwww THANK YOU PEG! <3
      i agree Ms. – u sounded just like my gem aunty then – "feel the fear and do it anyway"
      hmmm end of a relationship too huh? – not romantic for me but im expecting a mighty crash and burn friendship with a moody cancerean.

      loving this last bit too Ms. (sorry to quote you) " I am ready to re surface and take on the world again. soon."
      last week of term this week THANK GOD!

      • You are such a little sweetheart
        Ahh feel the fear and do it anyway is a fine mantra ;)

        esp now, try to bang out all the neurosis you can look forward to when you get older.

        Crash and burn with the Cancerian? (they’re all moody babe, pick a new adjective) you are a quad sagg with aqua asc yes? how’s that working out then… x

        Having said that I am attracting cancer boys like moths to a flame of late

        Good luck with school. Lets get human after easter :)

        • true!
          another?… How about Cancereans (AND I DO NOT MEAN THIS TO ANY CANCEREANS IN HERE!!!!)
          – this one in particular (im blowing off steam here) is Capricious introspective crab who more often then not has one claw shoved up their ars*….?

          Much better
          urgh = good luck Ms.
          After easter sounds like a good game plan! deal!

  3. And a happy new astrological year to you too Mystic and to everyone – may the makeover magic continue…. am so feeling the massive makeover Qi, been lots and lots of hard work for a long, long time but it has so been worth it. mystic, ‘daily mystic’ is so the best thing to read first thing in the morning and your wit – and that of others here – is a great tonic for the soul. all the best for a gorgeous fulfilling new year.

  4. My thing is to be choosing to laugh at fuqups instead of stress, am getting plenty of opportunities to practice. I’m improving daily, Pluto spooning my Ascendant is making it entirely essential…

        • at the mo we’re totally as conjunct as can be…getting intimate with Pluto, we haven’t totally done it yet, gotta few more months of getting to know each other UC&P yet…

          • hehehe….. well, i’m sure it will be hot, karmic and sexy when you finally get down to 8th house business.
            I have Cap Asc 03 degrees.

  5. Is there such a thing as resolution fatigue? I’m telling myself the same thing I’ve been telling myself since last July I think. And trying to look back to get a sense of things achieved as Nat suggested earlier.
    Prowlin/Whatever or someone else – can you offer me your interpretation of the Ten of Wands?

    • It’s quite saturnine – surprise, surprise! It’s the card of burdens. Being prone to choosing the path which entails the most struggle when there may be an easier road. Or having a lot of different things on the go and having scattered energy as a result. The good thing about it is that you’ve already travelled the path of all the other wands prior and the goal is in sight – you’re almost there Shell, culmination is nigh x

      Because it’s wands it can relate to work and study and activities that involve transformation and transmutation – it’s the fire element. The cards that fall around it can clarify or lighten it.

      Prowlers has a different style of interp to me so I’m sure she will be able to add to that – anyone else got any ideas?

      • thanks love, that helps a lot
        it keeps turning up. but so do things like the knight of wands, death and the lovers. so the transformation theme works.
        the saturn theme works too (unfortunately).
        just gotta keep my shit together then.

    • This is what Gerd Ziegler’s rave offers:
      “This card is an invitation. Recognise & end your repression and restriction of your own life impulses. This is a step toward taking responsibility for yourself & freeing yourself from unjustifiable restrictions & limitations….recognise that there is much more that you would like to express, experience, enjoy & celebrate. Dare!”
      …draw another card & ask yourself ‘what will my life be like when you are ready to free yourself?’

      I always like the ‘draw another card’ scenario, opens up the potential of the situ a LOT! x hope this helps

      • should read ….’what will my life be like when I am ready to free myself?’ soz

        • yes, Starstokes, thanks (i love your eclipse by the way).
          the ‘potential’ aspect is good, as its turned up both in ‘fears/crossing’ bits as well as ‘hope’ bits.
          cheers dear.

  6. I am confused. The day before the Equinox, it the temperature was about 15C and it looked like spring. Then the temps fell to -3C and an overnight snowstorm dumped a bunch of snow. It was mostly melted by Sat noon at the moment of the Equinox. Sunday it’s expected to get up around 5 degrees with heavy fog and a flood warning. Then Monday 15 degrees and high winds. One of these days, I expect to go outside and find the air has turned to liquid methane and the sky is green.

    • Lemme know when it does that & I’ll fly there asap Charles. That would be awesome! Would prefer liquid red licorice but hey ain’t picky at this stage.

  7. Painful insights: Gemini fuq-boy gone for good. Libran-ex hubby his usual emotionally unavailable self. Piscean firey moved away and thinks he’s fooling me with his, ‘We’ll catch up soon…’ fob-off. Leprosy anybody?

    • I empathise, blue; broke my engagement in October last year and have been fuqed around by the I-want-to-be-your-friend-but-don’t-want-to-be-nice-to-you attitude the boy has taken ever since. So tired of it, I wan’t out! Actually, I want him to just be nice, but since that aint happening… Time to let go, perhaps? Will be so damn difficult, he’s been my best friend for almost eight years now. Would love some insight from the intuitively gifted here – let go or hang in there?

        • yeah Nat thats exactly what you said to me abt 2 weeks ago and its sooo true. believe in yourself. F boys should go f themselves they are leeches on your soul. Ex should stay jsut that at the end of the alphabet and if he’s gone he’s gone.

          Painful but true.

          mantra I use “detach and be free’ its a buddhist way of lookn at these things. Works for me – mind you I have to say it over and over all day but keeps my mind off him.

    • hugs for the pain BL. I hope the rest of your new world order is bringing you some more light and hope.

  8. No rocket science degree needed Sab. let go of the ‘don’t want to be nice bit ‘but hang onto the good friends bit. Is that poss? You have the power to choose.

  9. Thanks shell – btw – love your ‘don’t blink’ comment re angels – wouldn’t be uttered by a particularly dishy skinny scottish who defies relative time and space now??? :)

    Am trying to let go. Lighting incense, airing the house out, Feng Shuing to the nth degree, not so much as immersing myself as embedding myself into my new,wonderful workspace. Have reclaimed my right to choose when and how I respond to my brigade and am actively grokking grokking grokking via so many dif therapies. I even went Laser Skirmishing – as invited by fireys more than 15 years my junior!!! Getting out there, giving as much as I can to the universe, my children, my work, community, social justice, my chickens, everything I can think / feel of. I saw a fantastic saying on one of the uni lecturers door,

    ‘Appreciate me now, avoid the rush.’

    and I thought,



      • Yes… My one ‘true love’, especially when he drops the Estuary accent.. (que BL falling off her chair). I don’t care if he doesn’t age. So long as he doesn’t care as I do! ;)

  10. Happy astrological new year all … my resolutions:
    1. get out of crisis mode
    2. drink more champagne

    er, that’s about it. If I can manage 1. then I will be doing well !

    • HAH to the drink more champers.

      I made at the last moment the decision to not go through the formal graduation ceremony for my recently completed business degree. I found that when it came down to the crunch of paying the money to hire the robes and then give an extra $50 surety for the safety of the robe…that I would much rather spend this money on champers.

      I had a quick self examination…re: the whole shebang and thought I really don’t need to sit around for hours away from the people I care about to walk across a stage for 2 minutes to feel valued. I am comfortable with my own achievement and don’t need that particular brand of pomp and or circumstance.

      I’m going to firstly have a nice damn I’m good dinner with my daughters…some sort of high tea do with my parents…and a champer filled knees up with friends.

      I’ve also been doing some fairly pertinent navel gazing re:what I’ve attracted in relationships in the past in an effort to revamp/reprogram my approach. I soooo don’t need to travel old roads. I feel pretty good about the future and am quietly confident in my own power.

      • Hey LL, good to hear things are going well. Hooray for ditching the ceremony for more meaningful means of affirming your brilliance. I’m not a big fan myself of those hoohas. Can’t see the value.
        Are you still considering a travel adventure?

      • that’s great LL. Old roads eh, who needs them!

        You’ve done well. *cheers… to the future* :)