Astro-Gaga: Saggo In The Henhouse?

Francois Rotger Marie-Claire Italia

So, w.t.f. is going on here?  At first I thought Saggo in the Henhouse, scheming her escape from suburbia, where nobody can see what flights she’s booking. But Saggo would never wear white. There is a Leo vibe going on with the hair but wouldn’t a Leo be worried that some sort of bird lice might inadvertently get into her hair?  I mean, it could be a Leo sulking in the henhouse.  Or a Virgo who’s gotten UP in the middle of the night to go and clean the henhouse – that  outfit is just in case her cute neighbour hears the noise of her vacuum cleaner spluttering from all the dirt and wakes up to see what she is going. I actually do  have a Virgo relation who would routinely wake up at about 2am to clean or go and weed. With vigour and great glee. Thoughts?

48 thoughts on “Astro-Gaga: Saggo In The Henhouse?

  1. You can see by the shape between her eyes that she is under hypnotic suggestion and trying to lay an egg.

    She’s waiting.

    • Sweetpea – you are very funny.made me laugh -ta!
      As a Virgo, apart fom getting up to check the iron… I often wake up between 2.30am and 4am and will write overdue letters, menu plan or… go to the office

      • Oh did love your “saved by divine Virgoan providence” regarding the potential iron catastrophe.

      • Crickey, a white skirt and bird seed. Guess like men get thrown in the dog house for misbehavior, fems are sent to the “pen” (literally….)

        • Imagined an Aries, like myself, but could only come up with me squating like that by the side of the road. Do love your featherbrained however….

        • Aw, come on. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces would have to be the sign most susceptible to hypnosis. So I reckon Pisces Sun in a packed sixth house (domestic animals, market gardening) including Venus, which would explain relating to chickens so well as to try to lay an actual egg. Hey, and that could fit with Leo rising for the couture and sky high heels.

  2. I agree with the leo suggestion. I could see myself entering the coop pre-dawn … post big night out, to get some fresh eggs… for a frittata (totally forgetting the dozen or so in the fridge due to champers brain)…or I could just be showing off my chickens to some guy I was ‘trying’ to impress with my earthier side.

      • Actually my Sagg daughter can when she choose wear high heels in some strange places. I’m still impressed that she can run in them.

      • That was me Matty. Still getting a mystic fix where I can while I save for my new laptop.

        • ALL IS GOOD LEONINE! i completely understand!
          Really a saggo? i can bearly run without bumping into something and falling over – laughing the ENTIRE time! LOL!

  3. She’s a librian,who’s not sure whether she is in the hen house or the outhouse,she’s still trying to decide whether to leave her tooearthy taurus because his keeping chicken’s inside, musses with wearing white

  4. btw kinda interesting another earthquake, largest on record?

    right on full moon. I mean, am I the only one who notices these things?

    Are people deaf, dumb, blind AND stupid? Is it me?

    i mean does anybody believe this bullshite?

    whole cosmos like runnin’ a scam down on us or what?

    • Yes, stupid, all of us. But not you. Cosmos handbag WILL prevail and you will be the one left holding it – I’m not sure if it comes as a manbag so you better be ready to get in touch with your feminine side.

      That video made me aware of how long it’s been since I watched someone smoke a cigarette.

      • What was that about the moon?! No you are right, Mystic have you any words of wisdom? I know you said it isn’t your fave thing, but it is pretty weird this moon thing??

  5. I doesn’t matter if you’re ovulating dear, you can squat like that all day and you still won’t lay an egg.

  6. Her face is a little moon shaped, so I’m guessing she’s a featherbrained Cancerian whose had enough of men and is waiting out Mars retro in the henhouse because it’s the only place she knows of that’s free of cock.

  7. I think she’s a feminist piscean doing a photo exhibition on fertility and the pressure on the modern woman.

  8. Sleep-deprived Virgoan who’s forgotten that she’s supposed to be cleaning the henhouse while crouching to regain some sense of vision after working 2349872359834 hours at the office, so many deadlines and messy files, you know…

  9. Years ago the ex was found up on the roof in the middle of the night, pouring rain, redirecting piping & guttering for the tank water. He was known to do that kind of thing all hours of the day and night. He never took holidays or could even comprehend them & anyone that did were idiots. Why! why! am I talking about this prick! Oh yeah MM’s posts on virgoan ways. Where’s the salts and smudge stick…

    • Getting up on the roof wasn’t the reason why he was a prick. Mr Fixit had his good point and fixing inanimate objects was it.

  10. She’s an Aquarius. Freshly beamed down to Earth. Chickens are the first lifeform she’s encountered and she is attempting to study their neurological processes….

  11. I was actually, truthfully and literally sulking in the henhouse yesterday, although I admit that we haven’t put any hens in it yet. I had to get out of the house so that I could be pissed in privacy, but it was too cold to actually sit outside.

    It was a good place to rant. Sturdy walls to kick and soft hay to sit on.