Aquarius The Angel…

Carlos Schwabe

Long before Aquarius became known as the Water-Bearer, Aquarius was an Angel and/or Hebe…the Goddess of Youth and cup-bearer to the Gods.

According to this exhaustive list of Angels (Hebrew-Kabbalah based) the angels OF Aquarius are Ausiel, Archer and Ssakmakiel.

I don’t go much for angels as, according to this world-view, Venus-Aphrodite-Ishtar-Innana-Frida as in the original Goddess Of Love Et Al becomes Lucifer and/or the Angel of the Dawn (morning star Venus is named Venus Lucifer) and a whole host of strange, tres-negative manifestations.

But for some reason i love the idea of Aquarius as an Angel…And you?

The age-old Venus, Lucifer, Angel & Demon conundrum is actually referenced quite nicely in the Givenchy-Uma Thurman ad for their scent:

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  1. Being an aqua i adore all things cool and this reminds me of the classic angel song by The Eurythmics which i have on my ipod.

  2. ‘send me an angel’.
    Forgot, i already have two…Cowgirl & Aquaman, everything
    they touch turns to metaphorical gold.

  3. sorry, this is lateral but it the lucifer venus thing what that song just call me angel of the morning is about? I could never work that out when I was a kid.

    The angel thing is interesting – I think energy will manifest in whatever form a person is able to cope with seeing it in. Some see angels, others see aliens and others see fairies. It’s all latent energy, whether it’s from within or without seems irrelevant to me. I just realised it’s ironic that I’m indifferent to angels but mickey mouse shits me and I wouldn’t want either on a t-shirt LOL.

    The fixed stars in the arabic astrology that Kim talks about in the alpha mystic posts are supposed have some link to angels – although I don’t know if the arabs referred to them as angels and I wonder if angels were assigned to the stars in the renaissance by others – I think the arabs referred to them the watchers of the four directions – which has interesting pagan parrallels.

    All the aquas I know have both angel and demon qualities – but then so does everybody else.

  4. Just went unsuccessfully trawling for this awesome ABC Radio National docco from a few years back about angels.

    It went from traditional Muslim views of angels, through Doreen Virtue stuff, Christian scripture, and then just random people talking about encounters and freaky visits. It went for about an hour and was one of my favourite shows because it was so broad. loved it even though I’m not into angels at all.

    It was on either ‘The Spirit of Things’ or ‘The Ark’ program. I bet there’s a transcript somewhere…

  5. Emma Thompson played a fantastic, ‘morally diverse’ / ‘omnisexual’ (see Russel T Davies for that reference) angel in the telemovie, ‘Angels in America’…

  6. ps. not so much as back in the saddle Davidl, as falling off the hobby horse. xo

  7. ive come to see angels as i see them now… not to be totally redundant. i see angels now not as actual somewhat-physical God-bound entities, as i do not believe in God-as-he-were. i’ve come to see Angel as a detached, mystical helping entity, helping in its emotional detachment from this mortal-coil. and isn’t that Aquarian at its best, loving detachment to Help everyone Move On?

  8. i have no problem imagining aquas as angels. but i think it depends on the type of angel you think of.

  9. Ive studied kabbalah and hence the idea of angels. Like us there are the helpful ones and the not so helpful. The story goes that they were pretty pissed off that Yaweh gave mankind the Torah as they felt we were unworthy of it. Seems that most of them are not that in to us mere mortals and lets face it would you if you were an angel ? There is also the story that the angels came down to earth at one stage, and had their way with human women…and that we are the result of that mixing. So we possibly have a touch of angel genetics in all of us. This has not turned out to be a great mix as the angel side of us has little concern for things such as the natural environment and they apparently love their wars. Some kabbalists say that the original australian aboriginal life was the one perfectly reflecting the concept ‘as above, so below’. So this civilization we have built is probably just wrong, and reflects in an immature way our need to eventually return to our angelic roots. Beware of 4th dimesional beings, they are a tricky lot.

    Aquas as angels ? I do think it fits.

      • Imagine yourself without a body, though bound to the physical world, neither fish nor fowl. Nothing to do all day but to try and influence the gods or the humans…it’s boring being in between. We need to transverse this same space the 4th, to get to the 5th. The 4th to me is the physical universe, the illusion, the 5th being innerspace the foundation.

  10. The Aqua Angel certainly fits the way the Aquas are there for whomever needs help and have a love of humanity as a whole, but struggle on the one-one-one level.

  11. never did grok water bearer. thanks mystic – angel mojo is a revelation and feels just like right. today’s been beautiful. a sprinkling of unexpected revelatory episodes.
    very fresh.

  12. Oh, I love this idea. Only a few days ago I was pondering a statue of an angel in a church in Chile (gratuitous travel reference!) and it struck me how the Catholic angels are often quite masculine and tough looking – spiritual vigilantes with big muscles and wings who go around slaying baddies.

    But this Astro comparison – it taps into the humanitarian Aqua vibe that is often missing with usual comparisons to mad scientists/aliens. As though the is some sort of subtle cosmic alchemy to the Aqua energy, not just batso science (though there’s probably plenty of that too.)

    • There’s definitely a subtle cosmic alchemy to youse. The way the angels look changes with the styles of the times. The big wooden franciscan ones have always been my faves, a nightclub I used to frequent had 100s of them and some of the 1960s italian bisque ones have kitsch snow white-esque faces. I wonder if there’s a rule that they’re not allowed to look kinder than hey seuss and mary?

      Ha! I just realised that nightclub is where the aqua and I first initiated our relationship, drunkenly chatting about films. He smelled real noice and I was attracted to his off-kilter personal style and he to my bag lady chic…sigh.

  13. Huh. Being raised Catholic while having a Taoist Dad, I suppose I look at Angels in two ways. There is the study and observation, the concept of how angels came to be from different historical texts and then there is what I like to think of as the angelic spirit.

    Though I am fascinated by studying them, and thinking that I can close my eyes and one or two may be near me, it is more my reality to find that they exist as an energy which manifests itself in events and people. That sometimes, someone says something I needed to hear at a critical moment, or that one small moment shifts everything into place.

    I can also understand that to begin with these occurrences may not easily be viewed as “good” or even light bearing. But that they were necessary for things to help me unfold to the path meant just for myself would be undeniable.

    Are Aquas angels? I think all signs are and represent the provinces of different angels in the hierarchy i.e. avenging angels would be Scorps, healing ones Pisces, teaching ones Saggs, so on and so forth..but that’s just my personal theory.

    • I had eastern reiligion around me growing up too and my 9th house aquarius doesn’t like dogma so I guess that’s why I’m more inclined to go the “energy” route, but I love their history. There is a list I think it’s from esoteric astro that assigns the signs to certain angels. It’s hierarchical tho and I thought that was a bit naff. I’m a libran, it has to be fair.

  14. I know some Aquarians that seem kind of sexless (some are very passionate, total Aqua fan). Some of them aren’t very good at relationships and have a certain steely cool that makes me think they would make great angels. I even have one friend who makes me think if we pulled his pants down he would be genderless like a Ken Doll. Or I suppose, an angel.

    To me angels are just the Hello Kitty’s of the Cat world. I appreciate that spirit guides can come in any form according to the predilection of the person involved, but I don’t vibe with them much.

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