Advance Notice Of Mercurial Bats

Guys, put this in thy diaries!

Mercury is Retrograde from April 18 until May 12.

No signing of contracts, people who come to you with ideas in this time could shonk out, no big purchases, massive ventures undertaken etc.

This Retrograde is in Taurus so it’s also a time to beware being totally obdurate or attempting to push something through with sheer and mighty willpower.

It’s 2 to 12 degrees of Taurus, if you know your chart.

So, for example, that’s totally in my 4th House – Home/Family Of Origin Sector, so i would be thinking that I won’t get any home repairs or furniture in that time, not even an electric eggbeater…not that I would BUT it will be a fantastic time to reconnect with family of origin, people from my childhood…ancestor energy.

Or, more bloody likely, they will attempt to connect with ME lol.

I would also, if i followed my own advice, get faltering things to do with my home fixed NOW rather than wait for them to conk out spectacularly during the Mercury Retro.

Remember, Mercury Retrograde is not BAD but it is worth going WITH IT.

16 thoughts on “Advance Notice Of Mercurial Bats

  1. Oh lordy. My 12th house.A rethink, me thinks. Over my Ceres, issues with relating, nurturing, unconscious projections onto mothers, maybe getting some psychotherapy or EST. I shall dream work, drink copous amounts of wine and journal and not make too many gaffes hhehe already a habit moon-uranus neptune saggi, plus mercury leo retro…..

    Mystic, unfair Iv had enough of mercury crap. Mars retro was all over my mercury.

  2. *Deep groan* Not again. OK, so it’ll be on my 1st house. So… would that mean I need to be careful of the sort of first impressions I make on people at that time? Or watch out for image problems?

    OH NO!!! I’ve just realised it is precisely the time we need to sell my grandmother’s house, and the timing can’t be shifted. NOT AGAIN!!! Oh well, at least we can aim to get all the associated appointments – house clearing and cleaning – done BEFORE then. That really long Merc Retro last year in Sept (?) was when I had just moved in to my new place and I had to organise delivery of all the white goods, etc – EVERY SINGLE DELIVERY APPOINTMENT STUFFED UP. I vowed never to cross Mercury again…

    • its in my 1st house too libra…i feel like this whole year *already* has been about revisions of image, how i present myself. cant we just move forward!?

    • I’ll have it in my first house too Libra-bwaotr.

      I’ve just read that its a really good time to “repurpose” our direction, and to edit how we frame that, so that we can relaunch clearer, more purposefully, and with less encumberances.


      • Which would all be fine and lovely, if I wasn’t IN THE FINAL STAGES OF MY PHD WRITE-UP AND DON’T HAVE THE BLOODY TIME FOR THIS SHIT!!! Seriously, I just want to jump off the astro merry-go-round for a bit. Not handling it with grace AT ALL. Sigh.

  3. Oh hell, I have my South Node and natal Mercury conjunct at 1 degree Taurus, just 1 degree before the retrograde station. And this one won’t be easy on my bipolar Gemini gf, the last two Rx wrecked her. But she might have dodged a bullet, her Mercury is at 21Taurus.

    I am nostalgic for that brief stretch a little while ago when none of the planets were Rx. I wonder if there’s any convenient way to search up the next total non-Rx period. I could use a vacation from all this crap.

  4. Cool!!
    (Saturn is on me again, so I embrace anything difficult!)

    Mercury will Retro in my 2nd house of values and possessions so I won’t be buying anything of value, thats ok, wasn’t planning on it! :D
    Although I should look into content insurance before April… 8O

  5. Hrrmmmmmm…

    That’s all up and dancing in my 6th house… does this mean more or less exercise?
    I going to see all my doctors before that date.
    Just when I was thinking I was getting on top of that shiz…

  6. So that will be in my 9th house…
    so I should avoid grandiose philosophising??? and avoid all those who try to take me on a spiritual journey?

  7. 11th house, with pars fortunae, pholus and north node all hanging out together withing 2-12 degrees of Taurus.
    I moved to a new city a couple of months ago, and I have been be-moaning the lack of a social life, so with regards to my 11th house I guess I will not be going crazy on the forcefully social front? And as for the other 3 together, ummmm, not trying to squeeze out my Purpose In Life?

    • oh yes me too, it will be like jimmy dean walking down that lonely cold boulevarde, collar up, hands in pockets against the wind…

  8. My 11th house, so spose no one will want to be my friend ,boohooo, poor me ! Ive got venus taurus at 24 deg so hopefully she is well out of the way.

  9. Isn’t the British Election due to be held on 6th May? Does anyone know. They are already predicting a hung parliament … is it all going to be dreadful?

    • Have no doubt, it will be dreadful either way…worse than dreadful a real possibility, maybe the public will somehow reverse their perception of the incumbent, start thinking that he has a better grip on the finances than he has. Surprise labour victory ?

  10. Augh, 11th house. Friendless me! But probably a good time to ask myself what it is I -really- want.

    Good, I needed one of those! (Maybe not the friendlessness, but a lot of self-rumination on future/future plans/dreams, et al., esp. career :))