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Cool Science Fiction novel coverSo, here is a quick take on the current Mars-Venus situation.

As you know Mars is Retrograde. You don’t chase when Mars is Retrograde. You expect certain peeps to back WAY off and that’s fine. There is always something else productive to do.

Venus has just hooked up with Jupiter. Something – a crush, an attraction, a dispute, your emo, whatever – is expanding way up. Out. You get my point. Jupiter maxes out whatever it’s touching.

Venus then goes bingling onto an early March conjunction with Uranus. Heh heh. Venus Uranus is when things out themselves. Contact is made. Surprises occur. The unsayable is said. Mega-eccentric flirting and/or a catalyst.

Then Venus trines a still-Retro Mars on the 7th/8th – more smooth & harmonious relating etc – opposes Saturn on the 9th (limitations, reality checking) and then Mars goes Direct on the 11th and Venus in Aries promptly squares Pluto: very, very sexy and cathartic…especially with Mars on the move forward again. Mars does not get back to the degree he was at when he went Retro until May so deep breaths & stop expecting everything to manifest this minute.

I cannot believe that I – a Mercury in Aries person – just typed that. But it is true. Only the Aquarius stuff goes fast right now; The social consciousness, the hi-Qi evolution, the brainwaves & dreaming. Love – generally Mars and Venus linked – is a game. For now. Thinking of it in those terms will help.

And it’s all to do with a process that began back in October…Play it out!

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132 thoughts on “Venusian Weirding Update

  1. So penciling in a threesome for early March was just being in sync with the astro ?
    I knew it.

  2. You are soooo amazing Mystic. Thank you for this update… I’ve got the message no chasing just let it all unfold. You are a genius genius genius (to be read is sing song manner).

  3. It’s funny. You (MM) have been stressing this for months (and especially in my Cosmic Consult). And I’ve been like (uh hun, ya, mmmm), but then something (the Aquarius Astro stuff) just blew in like a fresh wind (or like a reverse lobotomy). I finally feel RELEASED from all the angst. It just ISN’T even in my brain anymore! Yipee! I hope it lasts (fingers crossed). I am getting so much more done (when a huge part of brain isn’t mulling over relationship stuff).

    • love that ‘reverse lobotomy’ happy for you vc that it worked. where do you get one? I’m feeling a bit more aqua in the last day. bring on March as MM says it is all a game- you make the rules you choose to be miserable or accepting, you choose how long it lasts etc. I’m jut sick of my game that has way too many twists and turns that even i can;t keep up -with Moon in scorp give me a break!

      • so far so good, though today I did have a momentary lapse into moon-y thoughts about unrequited love.

        i think the reverse lobotomy came from actually doing some new moon ritual stuff and setting some serious intentions.

        twists and turns? surely with moon in scorp you appreciate the mystery? (smiling)

  4. Actually ‘deep breaths & stop expecting everything to manifest this minute’ can apply to everything for me right now. Is funny was just writing about that very topic this morning.

  5. Ooh, nice artwork.
    It might be a good reminder: don’t pick a fight when Mars is retro. It will backfire. It reminds me of an old episode of Red Dwarf, where Rimmer gets imprisoned in the “Justice Zone,” where everything bad that you do to someone happens to you instead. Lister doesn’t believe it and tests it by trying to light a bed on fire and his hat suddenly starts burning. Ha.

  6. Hi…I’m reading this with avid interest…my current relationship started back in October. It was fast, definite and intense and the whole Aqua Weirding thing AND the Venus Jupiter thing is happening in my 7th House….I thought this relationship was The One. But its hit a huge glitch in the week leading up to Valentines and the Aqua New Moon…I discovered WHAT the glitch was right after the New Moon (actually on Tuesday) and was blown away with anxiety and worry and stress and all of that. Now I don’t know what is happening – the BF has flown away and has gone non-communicative even while saying he loves me….so looking at the Venus action above I’m just gonna have to Not Chase, Wait for Mid-March when all should be revealed? Eeeeeek. Hard. I need a shot of Patience and Serenity from somewhere.

    • I’ve got the same thing happening! All this Mars-Venus drama happening esp. with Mars in retro is just so stressful, is it not? Hopefully things will be tons easier when Mars hits direct. That’s what I’m hoping anyway…

  7. Oh my.. can’t even be friendly at the moment!! Fun banter type conversation took on a completely weird vibe towards the end. Yikes!!!

    he thinks I “WANT” him!!! lololololol


    (back to the cave!!!)

    • back to the cave is what i finally got to today!
      seemed to get all convo’s = mixed messages!

  8. Hmm… I ahve been trying to meet up with a guy for aaaaages now. I just sent him a text going “I will be doing this on this night with some friends… just something for you to keep in mind…”
    If he shows up. Great… if he doesn’t, I am having a fab time anyway. The deosn’t is more likely as i have had no reply. Deep breeths. Leave alone. Right?

  9. Dear One Virgo One – I totally undertand as exactly same thing is happening for me … the bit MM wrote the other about hoochy Voodoo Lounge and visiting every tarot reader in town about these weird fated love affair rang true for me. It is all too spooky and very hard to remain patient and aloof.

  10. See it’s weird, everyone i know is having weird emo with relationships, but me and my sort of ex are suddenly clear and sort of falling back in love…?!?

    • Me too catfish!! I feel all snuggly again and cant stop innane grinning! We broke up in october after a silly fight that was nothing! Hes an aqua too..

      • my lady is an aries… i don’t think i could stomach an Aqua… anyway, it’s kind of great, unless it’s some kind of reaction to retro and it’ll all blow up again in Mid-March
        good luck!!

  11. So is this why I feel totally befuddled? My Kataka is chasing me and it is scary like hell. In fact i told him to please slow down and back off. The sex is great but I am being so shallow and keep comparing him to the ex Druggie Scorp. Have been feeling quite sad and feel bad too as the Kataka is fun, loves motor bikes like me and we have so much fun. He is such an all rounder, musical, intelligent, sensual, hard worker, cultured etc and yet I have a blockage towards him. I am so matter of fact and clinical. Yet he is so proud of me and wants to show me off to his friends etc. He was thrilled that the friends who did meet me on the weekend really liked me etc etc. So why am I so blah?
    Sun and Mars in Sagg, Scorp Rising, Venus, Mercury and Neptune in Scorp too. Gemini Moon.

    • You just need a good metaphorical slapping ! ….he sounds good, too good for you maybe ? your not worthy of such a good catch ? or he just smells wrong, which one is it ?

        • Sorry, so sorry Salacious, not my intention to be insensitive….I’ll need i good spanking now Peg, your right….

          • david darling, do we queue up for the spanking or are there actual numbers to be taken? 😉

          • Spanking is too good for him. Any more comments like that davs, and I’ll kick you so hard your Mars will go direct ahead of schedule.

          • “I’ll kick you so hard your Mars will go direct ahead of schedule.”

            😆 😆 😆

          • david all I can promise you is that if it is I who kicks you, it will be with a well-heeled nicely pointy mid calf leather boot.

            In keeping with the spanking uniform, of course. I reckon Uber’s boots may beat mine though, hers are probably studded. As well as polished to a pristine shine.

          • not laughing at you David, just a well expressed sentiment of Mars Retro.
            I wish Uber really could kick something to send Mars direct ahead of schedule. Mars retro is driving me c-r-a-a-a-a-a-z-y!

          • tell me about it, its goen on in my 2nd house close to my natal uranus in leo…show me the money ?

      • Oh davidl you are such a rascal, you are, you are : > he is so good, that is the problem methinks, as I had become too used to bad boys methinks.

        No he smells nice too, if he stunk, it would have given me a good excuse to run! he is not pushy either as I told him that he was freaking me out.

        pegs, methinks davidl would lurve a good spanking! Actually talking about spanking, this kataka soes not mind a bit of kinkiness either ….which surprises me, then again I guess FA understands this too! ; >

        saggigal, Pegs and Sweetpea – everything you guys said have struck a chord. Yes, this relationship HAS gone too fast, as the kataka is hell bent on tying me down to him. I have wanted the companionship with like interests, having a great shag etc. I just wish I would stop comparing him to my ex, as that is so unfair.

        You know girls after I split up with my first ex, who was my first boyfriend too, I was lamenting the fact that I had only seen/experienced one penis (shut your ears david l and matt! oops I mean eyes!) though at age 40! However, now that I have experienced 3 more, I find it sad as I keep thinking of the “nicest one”! Do any of you do the same or am I just a nut case?

        I keep thinking of all the sweet things my Ex Druggie Scorp did and am conveniently forgetting all the shitty things he did – steal/lie/pawn stuff/temper tantrums etc. So methinks, as sweetpea says, even though he was such a shit, I obviously still love him and so I do not deserve such a decent guy as the kataka.

        Where do I get the cleansing? Is it smudging etc? I cleaned out the bedroom. Did not re paint etc though. Cant afford to throw out bed etc. Did chuck out all intimate stuff though. Hmm does this mean I have to throw out his T- shirt too? Aaarrrgh! Hate the thought of being celibate whilst I cleanse! I wish I was not so sentimental, as my heart always gets fogged up with sex. Aaargh!

        • No, SS, you DO deserve him….Don’t look at it like that please, that you don’t deserve him. You’re most probably just not healed up as Pegasus stated and no one can really rush that for you. You probably love the things about him that you fell in love with….There’s usually plenty of good memories in there and it takes time to let all that go plus the sorrow of “what could have been” and the anger and hurt that needs to be processed.

          Be gentle and patient with yourself but don’t be hard on yourself that you don’t deserve someone who is treating you the way you deserve. He wouldn’t be there if a part of you did not believe you are worthy, so, you are in an inbetween time and that’s natural.

          Ah gee, I feel like cryin’… x

          • Thanks sweetpea, as you say, …” the sorrow of what could have been….” is very much there too. My ex is 6″ ++ and broad, very much a manly man. The sweet kataka is short like me 5″ 5 and he is not built like my ex was! I cannot believe I am so shallow!

            I am more impatient with myself, than the “gentle and patient” that you advise. Hmmm I must work on this, just need to meditate and exercise more!

            crying???? hey I am all weepy and am so bloody impatient with it, as I am not a water works sagg! Have always been a Warrior Queen, not this blob!

          • Know what you mean about the warrior queen and in my case with Moon in 8th (emo death and rebirth for one), seemed like the universe was gonna break me down no matter what.

            And so it did.

            Cried what seemed like for years. I love what Lynn V. Andrews said in one of her books, to the effect that these kinds of things deepen us. And so they do.

            And meanwhile I hated it.

        • SS, sounds like he is the right man but wrong time? Sounds like you need a bit of time to yourself to process. Nothing wrong with a bit of celibacy. I managed it for two years.

          And yes, get rid of his t-shirts!!!!

          • I just responded and it vanished! What i said Scorpy Darlink was that you are a trooper for being celibate for TWO 2 years! : o I can do it, but its tres hard to starve after having a feast non?

            Hokay, T – shirts will have to depart and I will no longer wear them now and again as night shirts either!:)

          • you’ve been WEARING the t-shirts !! *shock* LOL. Well, getting rid of them will be one way to cut the cord.

            Celibacy was easy for me because it didn’t follow a feast but two meaningless encounters with two Sagg dickheads, one right after the other. Oh the sign is irrelevant i suppose, it could have been any sign. I just wanted to break the cycle of sleeping with stupid undeserving people.

            And i’m going to quote Rockstar libran publicist:

            “re ’sex w stupid ppl’ – have always likened it to junk food. may seem convenient at the time, but leaves a sick, unsatisfying residue devoid of nourishment….

            Anything is better than that!!

          • 2 years and 3 months actually! That is a very long time for a Scorp with a stellium of planets in the 8th house. I deserve a medal. 😆

        • SS, the gals above have pretty much said & covered all, as I’ve read up on the thread to catch the gist of what’s happening. So time, patience with yourself & gentleness seem to be what I’m thinking too. All I can say is wishing you blessings & good luck with your processing. :)

        • hey ss

          re: the cleansing. well it goes without saying to get rid of physical reminders! but that is the very first layer. yes smudge the house etc (another layer) but you need deeper. i recommended shamanic healing or pranic healing for this stuff. shamanic healing is based upon soul retrieval and the removal of energies that linger in our fields from past lovers etc, and removing cords of attachment that we have that really do stop us from being able to move on. cords arent negative at all, we all have them, but when its connected to someone or something that ultimately isnt healthy for us, its good to remove them.

          pranic healing works on the energetic level too, clearing the muck that is clogging up the auric field and strengthening our energy so that we can shift patterns we otherwise would keep reproducing.

          ive had amazing experienes with both BUT there are of course some crap practioners out there. just use your intuition as to who might feel right.

        • Salacious sweetness, am a bit late to this thread but better that than nevah. Right. Getting over the Ex. As we seemed to be doing this vis a vis each other, I definitely need to show solidarity to the cause by sharing. And let’s face it, mine is even more vile than yours.

          Today, Le Sewer RANG me. Faux rang me. As in let my phone ring then ended up leaving me a voicemail “as if” he never meant to do it, you know, recorded him walking, saying hello to people, etc. Except I know only too well this is one of his long time fall backs. Faux rings. During early am or very late pm, when you are either asleep, or sleepless – at least half conscious. Waits for your reaction. Then decides if he goes in or not.

          By reaction, I mean how vulnerable one is. The more vulnerable, the better. Thankfully, in the infinite wisdom of experience, I had left the special ring tone attached to his number as well as changed his Contact ID to “A The Toilet Insane Sex Turd”. Reading that on your phone in the first waking blur from sleep truly sobers one up and is a handy reminder NOT to pick up. Which as you can tell I did not.

          This all happened after I had thrown out most of the remaining Sewer stuff the night before as well as suspended the flow of incoming information about his whereabouts (let me stay mysterious about that but let’s just say it’s spy stuff).

          I didn’t feel anything. Just not even four months ago I would have choked at the sound of his voice. Everything that was so familiar and so dear, because like it or not, at that time he was home to me. HOME. That is a very big word to attribute to someone.

          But that’s what we do when we love someone. And essentially, right now, you’re at the point where you’re feeling EXILED. You had to leave home unwillingly. Just like millions of refugees abandon the countries they love, they leave because of war, pestilence, disease, whatever. They leave because they recognize they can do NO MORE, and to stay would be suicide.

          The very sense and logic, the soundness of that decision will NEVER change the past, what sentiments we had at that time, nor lessen the sweetness of our memories. Leaving is a decision, loving on the other hand, is sometimes not.

          At this point, there is no sense rushing yourself, or berating yourself, or even questioning why you’re thinking about someone else’s penis when you have a perfectly good one readily available to you. It is what it is. Accept that yes, you were in an unhealthy and painful situation and give thanks that you have a man you care for who wants to show you otherwise.

          You don’t need to force your feelings, of course you’re clinical and detached because you’re still stunned from being hurt, and ripping off what feels like something as close to you as your skin. I assume your Kataka knows your history, be open to him and if required explain that you can only go your own pace. If he cares for you, as it seems he does, he will find the understanding you need and give it to you.

          And here’s the other thing… whether or not you take pause after the Ex Druggie Scorp is your call. I have done it both ways. I was celibate for 3 yrs after my divorce and a love affair (yes consecutively), which I found to be too depriving after a certain point and it started to mess with my head. And I have also turned hard core player and held an ample court of men.

          All I can say to you is that you give yourself time to pause and FEEL what works for you. There is no one answer. My personal opinion on the Kataka is that he came along to re-acquaint you to how lovely men can be, how normal, reassuring and well, responsible. Perhaps it’s an education in understanding that love can come in different forms and intensities, or that pain shouldn’t be mistaken for love (as it often can be with such confounding characters as both our ex Scorps).

          At the end of the day, you cannot be present in a relationship if you are not whole in yourself. And someone who loves you for you, will want to help you be whole, not tear you down – and essentially, that is the bottom line with the choices our Exes made. It doesn’t mean that within all that darkness there isn’t some light woven in…there’s always good in people. Always. But you have given this your all, and the kindest thing to do for it and yourself, is to let it die and go to its own death.

          It will darling, I promise you. But you do have to honor and allow its passing.

          Lastly, your musings about wondering how many men you’d been with and reminiscing about the nicest I know exactly how you feel. But I realized that when I go through that, it is more an issue I am facing that has to do with the stage of my life and the situation I find myself in. In other words, the retrospective doesn’t necessarily imply that it is happening because of the ex, or your feelings for him.

          I had exes who were athletes, brainiacs, in one way or another, each one had an outstanding quality/ies I embraced. The important question is, WHO and WHAT suits who you are NOW. So of course, as you’re reeling from all this your mind starts to catalogue those things. Let it. That’s fine. But recognize that you are in transition and that the answers you find now are more confusing due to that, you are rebuilding yourself.

          I guess I feel this way because I had to fight so hard to survive Le Sewer, even while I felt immense (as you all know) love for him. It was frightening to think for a while, will I ever feel that way about anyone again? Do I petrify, grow bitter? But life has a way of surprising you…now, I think you should give yourself a major pat on the back, and think of how far you’ve come from secretly sneaking off therapy sessions because you couldn’t figure out what else to do with the ex.

          I’m glad you have the Kataka, nothing will happen that you don’t want to, so just relax, let him care for you, and see where it goes. You’re very wise and strong, you survived your Ex, you’ll be fine through this. Hugs…

          • Fanks david! Except you said it in like what 10 words? haha.. I have to work on brevity.

          • Oh Fallen, you are so eloquent and wise. You are a living example of that saying, ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger.’

            I agree with EVERYTHING you have written, especially after my own recent painful experiences. I PURGED everything that represented, smelled or reminded me of the Gemini ex – including clothes, ‘toys’ and other gifts he had bought me and clothes that I had bought to please him. I then Feng Shui-ed my house as much as I could and used incense and salt to cleanse my house. I also used burned Eucalyptus leaves as a sacred cleansing as I am Indigenous to Australia. It was V empowering and calming. I’ve started doing hypno-therapy to address my self-esteem / self-worth issues and it is really helping.

            It is possible to move on. It takes strength and time but it is possible – even if it is into celibacy – there are worse things on the planet.

            Love, peace, joy, serenity, chardonay.

          • Haha BlueLib..well I have titanium guts now forged in the mines of Hades! I think personal horrors are personal that you really have to find your own process, and you sound like you certainly found yours!

            Hope you are doing better with the work hoopla?

            Love the Chardonnay, I don’t drink but just the sound of it makes me happy!

          • Oh FA, that was exquisite. You really are amazing. I’m off to have a good cry as so much of your post hit a chord. Even though I’m still waiting to encounter my next relationship, even though I feel as though I have survived, healed & rebuilt…that this post has me in tears kinda makes me feel as though there is still residue. Or I’m premenstrual 😉

            Though they were meant for SS, thank you for your words

          • Dear Angel,
            You truly do deseve your moniker. You really are an amazing woman. I know you know that. But you deserve to be reminded.
            It really is a blessing to be able to share bits of your wisdom

          • Wow FA : o what amazing wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing especially as we are both letting go our Ex Scorps. Yes yours is definitely more vile – sexually, however mine is tres vile as I have some $20,000++ debt that I am feeling tres helpless about, as it is all in my name of course! Still its just material I guess and I know there is a solution somewhere and it will reveal itself in due time!

            I love it that on this list, as we share our thoughts and goings on in our lives, that we actually help each other, some say so and there are others who nod quietly, applying the same truths to their lives. As bluelibra said, ” What does not kill you makes you stronger.’” is so very true. Like you FA, I do/did wonder as to whether I will truly love again, but reading what others have gone through on this list shows me, I will indeed! : > The kataka is trying to go slowly but talks of doing stuff years ahead which is what scares me! As the thought of commitment scares me silly! So thanks for reminding me that I can set the pace and I dont have to do anything I do not want to!
            Thanks again hugely. : > xxx

          • Thanks from me as well FA. This was lovely to read. And you have really mastered the lesson in this lifetime on suspend judgement when people really just need empathy and kindness. Maybe you are on the way to bodhisattva status ( not a buddhist pl excuse sp.)

          • Gee, hugs back guys. Really, thanks. I feel humbled that there truly is companionship in sorrow, and hopefully, all the goodness and wisdom we all find here helps lead each one of us to our joys. I know I would have never survived what I did sans all the awesome peeps here.

            Btw, Salacious I too have debt OVER yours. The Sewer and I had a business interest together and the whole thing got messy from whence the truth started to emerge. So he had well and truly razed everything I was to the ground.

            Lexicon darling sorry I made you cry, but you know, this whole thing.. this being shredded has really taught me that we must endure, and endure with grace and dignity. Just because we manage to put ourselves together again doesn’t mean all the etchings from the old wounds don’t need the occasional howl…

            In other news, Salacious if it makes you feel any better, I am completely stunned by the Cappo Comedy Writer who after sending me a touching Valentine has hied off to his cave in ultra Mars Retro style..I can feel the oceans of my heart moving, does he too? Maybe. But from where I’m sitting it sometimes feels like a fuqing runner! Still..taking space is alright, I’d rather he do that..I am feeling suspicious that I am embodying the advent of Pluto in his sign.

            And while he receded, the Libran Environmentalist has been after me, so a date has been made. He’s nice, says all the right things, like “you want your woman to feel special” but I loiter round the house wondering about the Cappo..

            So trust me, I am in complete empathy to your plight and finding my way by feel!

    • Could be a Gem Moon thing??… I am not of fan of being chased at all… Chasing is fun for Gemini’s in general but when the shoe is on the other foot… YAWN!

      • You deserve a medal scorpalicious for sure and I so hope the drought ends soon and you meet a delish guy of your dreams.

        Just lurve Rockstar libran publicist’s saying, where is she btw?:

        “re ’sex w stupid ppl’ – have always likened it to junk food. may seem convenient at the time, but leaves a sick, unsatisfying residue devoid of nourishment….

        I am so sad scorpalicious that you and sweetpea both met such stupid dick heads. You both deserve so much better. I am sure there will be a chorus of “we all do!”

        Definitely will cut all ties with my Scorp, I must for my sanity!

        • i have ended the drought with a lovely Taurus/Cap moon/Virgo rising. :) mentioned it on another thread. He’s not perfect but he’ll do for now. That’s Saturn on my venus in Libra for you!! Have compromised in the looks department for someone kind and thoughtful. Quite enjoying being REAL about relationships, it’s a nice change from my usual infatuations which only leads to heartache. I’m very proud of myself for moving on from past habits and trying a different approach and never thought i would actually LIKE Saturn on my Venus!

          • Whoa! I missed that one Scorpalicious, applause!!! Yes, am on board with the being REAL as you note.

            The Cappo Com Writer is totally not who I would have thought I would go out with, I ADORE him but he’s not the usual mold that comes after me…thankfully, Aphrodite stepped in and the bedwork was stunning, which really spun everything on its head. Not that I was that superficial but I just know had I met him under other circumstances, I would have probably been a bit distant – more to do with the fact that he is Hollywood associated.

            But ya, I get what you mean. It’s like a far more grown up and well, also sweeter kind of situation.. because you see past the usual things. Hurray for us!

          • Hey scorpalicious I missed your news too. I tend to only be able to get online during weekdays and during the day, so need to catch up after you lot have already had a great yarn overnight!

            Anyways, I am sooooo glad for you and hurrah for trying different approaches! I do honestly think that some guys( I am sure guys would say the same about some girls!) with tres fab looks seem to work less on being great human beings, as they rely on their looks to get them through life. Even I have compromised for sure in the looks department for someone sweet and thoughtful. Good luck gorgeous, blessings galore : > xxx

      • FA you are kidding us! Even mega debt with this sleaze bag????? : o I sure hope you find answers to all this FA, you certainly deserve better. Is there any way you can get him to pay this debt? For surely he is employed at least?

        I am sure your Cappo is just getting a wee bit nervous with your brilliance and allure etc, so has just gone for a breather to re group. Good on you for now wallowing in self pity, dating the Libran Environmentalist will certainly also send a message to the Cappo ( if he has spies) that he is most certainly not the only quiver in your bow!

        • No, I wish I was. It’s not worth it..part of it was an investment I CHOSE to make at the time, in all good faith. But yes, he is very much gainfully employed, Le Sewer is in a complete Alpha position at work. However, that being said, I wouldn’t TOUCH ONE RED CENT if it meant I have to deal with him.

          I look at that money as well…my ransom to freedom. Now it reminds me of how much I’m worth and how I won’t, can’t and don’t want to give that so easily away in the future.

          Hmm, Salacious I HOPE that’s wot the Cappo’s doing..not sure if he has spies, I don’t think so, besides he has already demonstrated a somewhat surprising (even to him) tendency to be jealous. Nah, I think he’s buried his head in the sand and Goddess help us when he pulls it out..

          The Libran Environmentalist is frightening me a bit with liberal use of the words, “we” “us” “relationship” and references to the future, we’ve only had coffee for goodness’ sake…

    • Because, my Dear, you have not had Healing Time. This relationship HAS gone too
      fast. There is nothing wrong with you at all at all.
      Closure takes time, quite a bit or you just carry over ‘stuff’.
      Just by mentioning ex shows he is still on your psyche.
      You need bighuge cleansing ritual from a professional. Many here will
      gives the the tools.
      Best Thoughts x

      • I dated someone who was ga-ga over me but just couldn’t get into it. Ex had been a shit but I still loved him. It does take time. For me it took a long time….

        • Sometimes I felt a bit shallow too SS as ex 6’2, and total GQ gorge…

          One day, what was sad to me was that I was walking beside him and I looked up at the beauty but thought “he is not beautiful on the inside”….What a heartbreak disillusionment of my Venus opp. Neptune….

          • Oh sweetpea – I had that with my Gemini-slut-boy ex… But I am so ready to meet someone both good on the outside AND the inside.. and with a compatible lust drive!

      • ahhh Healing time is so fabulous once it’s complete. Coming out on the other side has to be the best life has to offer. Free, single, wise, matured and totally in love with your life.

        Why go getting involved again to screw all that up???

        Boot the Kataka and treat yourself to some true blue sacred love… your very own.

    • hey sal sagg,

      recovering after a destructive relationship takes lots of time to heal psychic wounds- the ones you cant see. your relationship with the Druggie Scorp is not something you can just ‘get over’ regardless of how much animosity there might be (or not). even when everything looks ‘good’ on the surface, there can be so much going on underneath. the blockage you speak of sounds like classic lack of worthiness issues after being down trodden and made to accept crumbs of a relationship for so long. you say you feel clinical and matter of fact- this to me sounds like ‘cut off’- a typical thing one does with ones heart over the course of years of being subject to a dysfunctional situation. (i speak from experience). this Kakata *does* sound great, a real catch., but sounds like you need to do alot more healing of the pain you have. there *is* no comparison to the ex unless you believe you dont deserve a new start. id say- go get some shamanic healing to cut those cords, do whatever healing modality helps you to trust your heart again and get out of your head (where its been safe to live, because you got hurt and disapointed so much).

      or, ignore all of this if none resonates for you! :)

      best of luck…
      Saggi xx

      • What Saggi said… Re the cutting the ties that bind thing, since I did it with some of my nearest and dearest and an ex, I have had amazing results! My sis is less horrible, my ex apologised after 5 years and my pa is more even tempered too! I didn’t just cut the ties though I reestablished the ties with loving heart chahkra energy.

        Good luck Sal Sagg! Also I don’t think you are mad at all re the penii thing, I was very conservative that way and was rather fascinated too. I am sure you will find another man though (with appropriate ..accessories).

        • I love how everyone on this blog is so caring and always ready with good advice. I really do hope things work out well for you, Salacious Sag, it sounds like you’ve been through hell in your last relationship.
          As long as you don’t get too bitter about things, you’ll get through it. And for those times when you’re feeling down, just crank up ‘I Will Survive’ on the stereo and sing your heart out. Always works for me!!

      • Hi Salacious,

        All above advice is fab. I might just add a couple of observations.

        To stick it out with the druggie ex, you kind of trained yourself to go into a type of denial about his faults. It takes a while to deprogram yourself from those thinking patterns (and that’s where the healing interventions can help).

        Also, you might be emotionally exhausted by the relationship, and the enormously courageous stuff you had to do to end it. That kind of emotional exhaustion and the ‘once bitten twice shy’ residue will make it difficult for you to give yourself, but also to establish trust. So yes, as the others mentioned, give yourself time to heal and regroup. Take the space you need, and if the cuddly Kataka is for real, he’ll grant you it.

        • I agree Uber & Sal, but I feel like adding that I went through a similar situation with my current Gem (him as Kataka in Sal’s story) and ex. I acted real toey and cool. He for some reason stuck around long enough for me to realise how fuqued up I actually was by my ex (not his problem), that he was amazing and I had better get on board if I wanted to go riding with him. Normally he would have scarpered than deal with another damaged person who was going to go back and forth damaging him in the process… I was lucky. I just hope dear Sal that you do your best by yourself and this man. If you aren’t ready it may be best to tell him so, as honesty may grant you a real chance in the long run. Not all serious men who know what they want can wait in confusion. Anyway, that’s my experience, not to assume I understand your own situation in any way.

          • FireTrine, many thanks for this. Yes, you are right, I am truly fuqued up my the Ex Druggie Scorp. He is coming over tomorrow to take the last of his stuff left out on the porch. However, he tells me he can’t come over early as he is going “swinging” tonight and they go on till dawn so he will need to sleep in! : o Just reading the sms made me all teary and sad, as in how can he do that? He sms’d that he has such interesting stories to tell me! I sms’d its his life and his choices, I just need him out! Acted all cool, but man am I terribly, terribly sad. I have done the right thing by getting rid of this toad and moving on. I dont want to hurt this sweet kataka and I have told him so and warned him that I am commitment phobic and he accepts it…for now I guess!

            FireTrine I wish you great happiness with your Gem. Blessings galore xx

          • Shucks Sal, that’s lovely of you when you are feeling things are hard… Your story of the Swinging Scorp does remind me of my callous Swingin ex Sagg, he tried similar tactics with me. Nobody ought to have to suffer what you are, I am so happy for you that you are putting yourself first. If you do it enough, eventually it won’t be just a habit, but a real love affair with you! That’s something Kataka Sweety or others will adore to be around 24/7. Try and feel the strength of that ‘On some level I really do know what I am doing is right’ vibe!! You sound like such a cool girl, fingers crossed and a big hug to you. Xx.

          • SS, good for you for getting rid of such manip energies! What a tool texting you all that shit. Sorry, just had to imagine strangling him!!! In the meantime, your honesty with the sweet Kataka male is courageous and shows what YOU are , and you do not have to put up with crap from lo-Scorp! Better to take it slowly as you put yourself together, yes? Again, blessings to you in your newness of being and be patient and kind to yourself, and Good Luck!

    • Could it be that (on top of any I feel unworthy issues) you need to chase, hon, and feel uncomfortable unless it is you who is more into the relationship than him? That’s how it has always been for me anyway (Sun Sag, Mars Leo 9th, Moon 5th house in Aries, and 12 house Venus Nept in Scorp conjunction bang on Scorpio rising!). By the way – and please don’t laugh at my ignorance of cool slang here – what does Kataka mean? Keeps cropping up on this blog and I finally have to ask!

    • salacious baby. i am thinking yoj’re probably still a bit all shook up form the ex druggie scorp. wary and not wanting to dive straight int to the next. this kataka sounds delicious but it is soo understandable, wanting to drive with one foot still on the brake. i love that he wants to show you off to all his friends – what a gorgeous compliment.

      A kataka shoud definitely understand where you are at if you explain whategver is happening for you?? take care xxx

      • ok sooo i just realised this came up after 50000 mot worthy comments form the others… either way massive hugs and you are doing so well salacious… everything is o.k…. OK? xxx

        • UP non, non, mon cherie don’t ever think your words are not worthy! Everyone’s words are tres worthy as they are all pearls of wisdom methinks. I particularly love your, ” wanting to drive with one foot still on the brake” for this is a perfect description of where I am exactly right now! It is a brilliant picture of me!

          UV I also liked your thoughts on deprograming my thinking patterns for of you are right, I always justified his behaviour and was in denial.

          Fi, non the Kataka is more into the relationship than me. if he told me he was off tomorrow I would not mind. In fact I would just shrug and keep busy as I do. However the Kataka knows exactly where I am , as I tend to be a “shoot straight” person. In fact this aspect of me delights him no end, as I tend to speak as I think, but graciously of course! So he says he will wait and thanks all you sweeeet poiples, I just feel so fab talking my heart out with you all and I will put into action the space/time and gentleness with self.

          Thanks again to each and everyone of you, even davidl with his spanking! Kisses Galore : >

          • But that’s what I meant in the first place darl – he is more into it than you, which – from what I’ve seen of other Saggi’s like me – turns we Saggi’s off, sooner or later. A don’t fence me in thing? We seem to be far happier when the roles are reversed, ie when it is us who is chasing/waiting with baited breath for the other person to call, non?

          • Ah Fi, yes! I understand now and I so agree with you. Definitely it is a “dont fence me in” thingy! I am tres ho hum…ready to run….. Whereas if the roles were reversed…well! : >

            I could not reply under your comment as there was no reply tab. I wonder why at times, comments have them and at other times not? I am sure it is a computer geeky thing. So please excuse this sort of squiffy spot for answering ok.

  12. Wow it was just the other day a very clever and good friend said you “can’t make fruit ripen”. Sometimes you have to not do a thing and I find that so difficult.

  13. oooh i wonder what this could mean for singles with no one to chase, no one to look for! in october i had two flings that went no where — both of which i deleted phone #s, etc. wonder what’ll happen this time around.

  14. So hypothetically what would the Venus/Jupiter Aqua weirding mean for a Sagg Sun/Mercury with Venus in Aquarius? Any thoughts?


  15. OMG!!! This all makes perfect sense now. :) Since the end of Oct – the 31st actually – lovelife has been s.t.r.a.n.g.e. Now I can see why. I can kind of see how it might play out too. 😮 Thanks MM for your brill insights as always. xxx

    SS – Don’t think I can add anything to the wisdom peeps have shared re your Kataka. Wishing you the best. xxx

    FA – Amazing stuff. Got me thinking too. xxx

  16. Nicknames really help, I find.

    Nothing like thinking about texting “creeper” or “saturday night alone?” to remind you why it’s a bad idea……. I like yours FA…

    This non chasing thing really feels like six steps beyond doing nothing to me. Like if you took waiting, and made it 10 times more boring, empty, terrifyingly non productive and unalive.
    Any one else or am I the only impatient one? I mean I know guys, and other excitement are really just trouble when they are around, but…….

    • you’re not the only one! I started feeling it today and going absolutely BATS!! I was reading Mystics daily and for Scorps she said to wait until end of March.
      End of March!!! that’s well past Mars direct, I can’t even wait til the end of the week!!! Arrggh!

    • lol let me know if it works! end Oct/beginning Nov is when ‘guys and other excitement’ suddenly started happening for me after ages and ages of boring nothing…then stopped with retro Mars. having tasted fun i want more and March seems a long time to wait.

  17. Mystic, you are spot on the money – again! Was happily emailing another lovely libra for the past few days – sent an email yesterday suggesting we catch up for sunday lunch at a nice pub I know – THEN read your posting – and haven’t heard back from him…

    • I Hear you BL. The other night I facestalked an ex from 15yrs ago who still haunts me. Found him too which surprised me more. Then read Mystics words and decided not to surprise email him. Might’ve also been that he was a fan of an adult dating and swingers site called “hot box”…. :))

  18. soo ok i have a Brazilian Journo In Paris enamoured of me it seems, but that was more likely to be the effect of the 2 giant beers consumed… although i remained friendly i went into “don’t bother chasing me ..i am ice queen” mode… as usual…*sigh*
    meanwhile i remain enamoured (but in a most understated way) of the Le Tres Sportif Parisian Leo friend…with whom i am having dinner tomorrow…

    • Oh My! ; > UP, I gather you are surrounded by hot Parisian guys?? The Brazilian Journo sounds rather delish too. We await with bated breath to hear the post mortem of your dinner outing palese???

      • ohh of COURSE i will recount – definitely not surrounded though, unless standing on a crowded Metro counts … haha…i love those ultra cool , reserved types, such a nice challenge to break into their minds for a a challenge

  19. Can someone help me understand the dynamic of Venus square Pluto.
    I have it natally and I just want to get my head around it a bit more.