Astrological Strategising With Mars

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There is absolutely no point taking Mars Retrograde too personally. Or becoming unbecomingly raddled as you await it being Direct. Because you may as well know that it is Direct on March 11 but out of Shadowzone in  mid-May. Mars out of Shadowzone sounds like something that Darth Vader or Sauron might like to keep an eye on but it’s actually just when Mars gets back to the point it was at when it went Retrograde.

Miles Aldridge

So you see that there is absolutely no point sitting around being neurotic about things that don’t move quickly enough for your, well, ego.

Emma Summerton

You need to sit tight, meditate, send Mars energy up the wazoo of whatever house it is skulking in and think of all the ways in which a delay now is completely brilliant for you and your strategy. Because you have a strategy, don’t you? Mars retreats back so that you can develop a strategy. Not sit around seething.

Anyway, the Full Moon on Feb 28/March 1 is in VIRGO…so surely freaking out over diets and details should provide some welcome distraction from what’s-not-moving-fast-enough-in-your-ego-diva-sector-of-Leo?

Or you could keep in training for when Saturn heads back into Virgo in April…See, plenty for pent-up Mars-peeps to do. And just watch your stalled situation move fast from mid-March, faster even in mid-May…

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  1. the flame-haired girl in the apartment who looks like she is waiting for Godot strongly reminds me of Me (sans flame hair).

    Since the Piscean Magic is in my 9th house, and all of these planets have scheduled meetings with my Sun and Mercury in the next 2 weeks to 7 years, i consider that the best place to be is Abroad or embarking on career change and further study of languages and meeting New People. Thus I shall continue my current (vague but generally in the right direction) plan.

      • altho don’t do it in a balloon – the balloons all land in the ocean and choke the dolphins. Do make it beautiful tho…

    • thanks whatevs..
      one thing though, aqua/pisces cusp is my 8th house. so does anyone know – does that change everything to mean Big Things (snigger) for my 8th house? should I be hitting on men and getting my scrying bowl out right about now?? agh 9th house doesn’t start until ~ 10 pisces…

      • UP, I’ve been thinking on such matters. My 8th starts at about 10 pisces. So all the aqua stuff was in 7th and now the party is slowly moving to be 8th. Surely that should mean a decent shag no?
        But – more esoterically – I’ve been trying to think of it as about ‘sharing’, what needs to be let go of, or taken on trust, or left to someone else.
        Maybe your little experience with the frenchy lion may provide a useful lens through which to consider 8th house matters?
        Would love to hear some other opinions on this, I’m a bit flumoxed about it myself, had uranus there for ages, and I’m a moon in 8th house girl.

        • not sure if you’re still readong this thread shell – but if so have been in no-internet-land past 10 days… yes good point re ‘lens’ to see 8th house… thank u

          • ha, just saw your post and clicked to look if it was at this. Glad it made sense. Paris sounded like a blast. Hope you’re keeping the post holiday flatness at bay. happy birthday to you soon too?

  2. I am not feeling overly pent up… but suspect that’s due to have so many natal retro planets, I’m just used to the seething.

  3. OMG mystic, the guy I’ve liked for a while now, came clean yesterday- he is bicurious (meaning he’s GAAAAAYYYY))) FAAARKKKKKKKK

    sorry had to vent

    • ooops, though bicurious doesn’t necessarily mean he is gay, it certainly puts a spin on the ball.

        • yeah, this has happened before with my best friend at school. Later he came out gay. The “bi-curious” swing one way or another eventually.

          He talked to me about it in quiet … errr… graphic detail, which made me even more heartbroken- its when you know it is UNREQUIIENTED. Not sure if to be heartbroken or confused or what. Sort of like waiting for a flight that doesnt stop at your terminal huh?

          • Oly – if you are the type that values fidelity – run for the hills! be thrilled this obviously extremely blunt but no doubt lovely fella has told you his story! How much worse to find your beloved isn’t satisfied by you a few years from now? It’s hard not to take personally when that happens… (couple of friends had this happen in a marriage and long term relationship, not me – it totally fuqed their heads, ie, I am not attractive? Am I so masculine? Why was he attracted to me if he likes men too? etc. etc.).

            If you aren’t bothered by all that stuff, please disregard this message! Good luck at the airport, I love the symbolism there…

          • Thats the plan Fire Trine the hills look good right now. Its really sad because he hasnt come out yet- and I feel I need to be there as a friend.

            I wonder if there’s astrology to determine if someone is gay/bi/straight…..

          • olya, I’m a gonna make you feel a TRILLION times better. My horrid ex, Le Sewer is actually bi-sexual..with a penchant for hiring tranny hookers behind my back. Ergo it made the pain of his many infidelities reverberate even more when I had to wonder what kind of risk he had exposed me to.

            Upon somewhat deadened confession regards my need for a sexual health test, my doctor conducted one that was more CSI style than your regular run of the mill, he would have tested my aura if it were at all possible.

            And not only that, I recently learned a friend of mine planned a holiday to Europe with a guy she thought things were going to happen with only to find out he was in the closet, and intended to remain so. Romantic holiday down the drain, next stop Rejectionville.

            So as painful as it is, thank him for his honesty, he has saved you YEARS of heart ache.

          • thanks Angel,
            I am very greatful I found out now, still though, it blows my mind. I also have a friend whose fiance cheated on her with a tranny ’cause he was ‘curious’.
            …and I was going to go surfing with him this summer and obstacles kept coming up. Now I see how that’s been a blessing in disguise.

  4. ‘So you see that there is absolutely no point sitting around being neurotic about things that don’t move quickly enough for your, well, ego.’ Well said Mystic!

    Wouldn’t mind getting some tweezers to those brows & I am wondering how to get swimming goggles on my cat, they look unreal!! :D

    I am trying to be creative with my time… 8O

    • well-said, AYE.

      time creativity? try boxercise vs. intuitive dancing to afro american liberation music made by women, like Mavis Staples. deffo seems to be helping *moi*!

      also (incidentally) notes turning up on apartment surfaces involving the word ‘stay in the fight’ or ‘gambatte’ which is the Jap polite way of saying, *suck it up!*


    • I don’t know if they do them for cats, but Doggles are pretty funny and come in lots of sizes.

    • Nice one ladysaggicrab!

      Just finished kickboxing & I fight hard but yours definitely sounds more creative/empowering :D

      Ahaha what about moggles for cats! :lol: That’s brilliant, Dr Aqua will love that one

  5. Passive control, self control seem to be a theme here. I am totally surfing the wave of that vibe. Like MM mentions in the you mentioned in the daily scopes about that Moon-Square-Pluto-Saturn situation and how it’s good for resting and sleeping and everything SOLO, but not negotiation (with a high chance of grudges!)?? I was laughing when I read this as I just started putting a jealous toddler to bed on his own. It’s been weirdly easy?!

  6. haha!!
    YES THE STRATEGY- brewing as we speak…

    My hair is not That bad Mystic (hilarious though, eyebrow is a nice touch)
    as lady no 1, just having serious “if I shave half my head everything will be fine” fantasies. Not a bad look just need a plan better than “fuq it”

    Mars retro is urking my saturn girl plan to so the cross over for being cross is unavoidable. Dealing and healing tick, just trying to figure some clever moves with saturn girl for the uber nest. The affordable nest is part one.

    But yes Ladies lets not freak out and stand around like we can’t function when the men disappear. Good advice Mystic, how are the buns of steel coming along?

  7. Just found a job advertised that I really like (suspect a bit senior for me… but). This ties in with performance review where my VP basically told me to tell him what I want, come up with a plan, and he will beg, wheedle bribe me into it…. I was waiting for Mars to go direct, but I think a bit of ground work is in order, can’t hang out till MAY for things to whiz forward…. Plus with Saturn retro-ing back in my 6th (Virgo), I am all for sorting this career out!

  8. with you Ms. we do have to look fresh and fab when ‘they’ emerge and we should pretend like we’ve never known they’ had gone.

    Also like the idea of delaying as a strategy – politicians do it all the time. i’m very good at the “if in doubt do nothing” concept but can easily turn it into a strategy = appeals big time to my Cap in 12th house .I’ll do it!

    I’ve just told one new suitor to tone it down-9 too delay things) it may have come across like a a bucket of icy water on his head- oh well too bad.

    • and another thought I think what MM is also saying is that we shouldn’t be “waiting” we should be ‘doing’ something that is working towards May. Life is way too short to wait around for useles realtionships to get better (note to self)

  9. Am really really trying to be Saturn girl, but this retro Mars conjunct my natal Venus is BRU-TAL. brutal.

    Ok, back to list making, work achieving, and exercise doing.

    But BRUTAL. brutal brutal brutal. Yes. keeping the faith, but focusing on the things that need to get done.

    • With you there re: retro Mars conjunct natal Venus!!! Yep….yep…yep….. Natal Leo Venus not a happy Queen right now. :lol: Hovering & stalling on MC. Where’s yours virgo cat?

  10. im no longer wishing for mars retro to end, but ive been hit hard by something out of the blue- complete grief and pain over my divorce, missing my ex like crazy, the two of us back in constant contact. still so much love there. me having fleeting( ok more than fleeting) of us not going through with it, getting back together. i havent felt this strongly about him in ages, thought i had thoroughly moved on, but id just been distracting myself, doing a bit too good a job of saturn girl that i hadnt allowed myself to feel the pain of us breaking it off (it was mutual, and circumstantial).

    we both still love each other, its like my eyes have been opened.

    but this is just me being another mars retro case study right?


    • if you are feeling something this strongly, investigate it but keep your head screwed on the right way.
      keep a couple of patient, caring and strong friends (good listening skills essential) close by to be a reality check and to allow you to discuss the details.
      see a relationship counsellor with your ex if the two of you truly believe there are embers that may be the new beginning of the relationship – if you are going to go back to your ex (or he you, I don’t know) , you want to make sure there are no termites in the foundations…

      that’s what I think, and remember to be happy Salacious, don’t feel like this has to make your life a misery while you reflect… xoxox

      • apologies. not salacious – saggigal. i am terrible with names even on a blog. plus, you and salacious have similar ‘voices’ :)

      • how long were you apart for saggi? maybe something else is at play e.g. in r’ship synastry or something… or maybe it’s life doing what it does, being unpredictable..x

        • been apart for a year and a half. i feel like it just happened yesterday though, all of a sudden.

          dont know what it is, my natal mars is in leo, so it could be that im going backwards myself, back to something i loved. bewildering, and very upsetting. missing him so much.

      • saggigal, it is normal to have waves of strong feelings for our exs and it is normal for these waves of feeling to come up at seemingly odd times and places. The mere presence of these feelings does not necessarily mean that you now go and reverse all the decisions that you have made or that the reasons you based those decisions on where wrong/irrelevant. You see what I am getting at here – waves of feeling, even really big ones, come and go. Rise & fall. Not wise to act purely on the basis of our “feelings” because they change all the time.

        Maybe things have changed for him and for you and *maybe* you have reached a stage of growth (& maturity) as individuals that allows for a DIFFERENT kind of relationship between you. If I could put MAYBE & DIFFERENT in giant flashing letters I would… It (your relationship) cannot ever be the same. You HAVE moved on. So has he hopefully. Hopefully you have used the time to review and change your priorities and learn better skills in those areas that caused breaking point in your previous relationship…

        I would suggest just observing for a while. These feelings and their intensity have taken you by surprise and you are wondering what do they mean? Am I doing the ‘right’ thing? Talk about how you are feeling – to him and to others – especially to someone with some training in this area eg. good counsellor or psych (btw despite their best intentions most family members are not trained at listening or at giving advice!!!!). Don’t jump in and make rash decisions right now. Just observe and allow both of you to have some thinking time. A path will reveal itself.

        • yep, what she said. Your such a clear thinker for Kataka Nat.

          Saggigal good luck, of course you still love your ex, of course there will be times when the idea of return is comfortable, the small problem Ive found in such situations is that although distance can allow a good overall view of the situation, the devil is in the detail.
          I have always held the somewhat romantic view that nothing can stop us from eventually being with the one we are fated for. Be still, continue to love, but understand that people talk about the way they have changed well before it really happens, and it very often doesn’t happen in the end.

          • saggigal, I truly feel your pain & sassy’s too & you guys will keep feeling like this from time to time. However, hate not being a pollyanna for once, but davidl has hit the nail on the head when he says, “but understand that people talk about the way they have changed well before it really happens, and it very often doesn’t happen in the end.”

            Everyone here has already given fab advice and I encourage you to print it out and keep it at hand. This what i did with everyone’s advice. I referred to it when I was loaded up with stuff and everyone’s love and ideas really helped me stay with my own true course.

            nat’s idea of just observing, giving yourselves time and awaiting your path to reveal itself is very true. I think we go through these stages of anger, grief, denial etc and finally all the gunk is properly looked and examined to discover what it really was.

          • I third everything Nat said and you sound like you’re just more surprised about the discovery than anything… Nat makes an excellent point that any relationship you pursue again with the ex, even if it is technically a reunion, now involves beginning anew while understanding there is a history to contend with as well.

            I also agree with davidl, nothing can stop us from being with the person we’re fated for, that “nothing” being a lot of honesty, work and commitment. I think after the initial shock you’ll find your way through is, and as you go on what develops will inform you of your next step. Hugs.

          • thank you thank you guys. i left work at lunchtime today, came home and had a salt bath, and wrapped my poor sad confused head up in bed and slept all afternoon. just needed to r-e-s-t.

            he hasnt promised changes or anything like that, i just observed that he has, and mostly i see that i have, so much of our crap was old outdated pain we had brought into the relationship from other sources, mixed up in a big stew of circumstantial situations that neither of us had the emotional resources to cope with.

            i dont know if there is any real potential for us together, yes in a new relationship, but i think the recognition of even considering that is part of seeing that i and he are just in such a different place than we were a year ago.

            if its not my ex, then i do hope that the one i am fated for shows himself soon. i want a little family of my own and ive never been much of a ‘dater’. everything else in my life is great. time for love.

        • Thank you guys :) yes taking it slow, I wouldn’t want to go back to the relationship as it was, but it’s like we went off and did all these things and are now gravitating back to each other. I believe strongly in things changing your resonance once you’ve healed them… And I’ve done struck load of psychic and energetic healing since we broke up. So well just see what happens.

          I guess I haven’t trusted as much lately that things just all turn out regardless, gotten a bit distrusting of fate.

          But I would like to think that way again…

          Thanks again for all your insightful thoughtful words. You guys rock.

          • That’s so hard saggigal! Do you feel your ex has the same values and goals as you do now? That’s such an interesting thought that you have done all this healing and now it’s leading you back to what once was home for your heart.

            Do be upbeat! My moon in Sagg has total faith in the ‘multiverse’ weaving a beautiful tapestry for the earnest. Saggi’s are so heart-breaking when they have lost faith in their luck, it’s like a fairy dying (I believe in fairy’s!! repeat after me…) :)

          • Sorry wrote that on my iPhone at work so it’s a bit all over the shop and needed a proof read :)

          • firetrine yes, it’s a sad sight when a saggi loses her trust, because faith is like the oxygen we breathe. Such huge things have shifted for me, but I guess I’m still wary of believing totally in the good prevailing. I have been burnt by my naievity and zealous optimism before and now am trying to navigate a more wise circumspect optimism.

            It comes and goes :)

            yes I feel like his values match mine, but some of the circumstantial things that separated us remain, so I’m realistic.

            Just so bizarre to even be thinking about him lke this.

          • Oh Saggigal, my little broken heart goes out to you. I think you are wise to honour your feelings and to take some time to see where they lead you. Of course you will use your head as well as your heart in making a decision. Nat’s advice, as always, is wise and worth following.

            Getting external, objective perspectives is very helpful (something my bloke didn’t believe in) I truly believe that people do sometimes need time apart to grow and mature (esp in the modern day when blokes are not off exploring new continents or going to war) and there are no absolute rules as to when something “should” or “shouldn’t” work (another area of dispute with the Ex) but balancing what you feel deep down with what you *want* to feel deep down – that is a little trickier and takes a little bit of time.

            The problem I have in trusting fate is that I know what I would like fate to do – go and make Ex Mr CBA open his eyes and realize that it’s not so scary after all. But fate may well have other plans, and I’d like to think that they will work out for the best – very hard when you have previously felt something was “fated” and then things go awry.

            Chin up my dear – we are all here for you. xx

    • saggigal,
      my divorce went through last month. this month nostalgia has sent in big time and im missing him like crazy…its a weird thing….
      Wait it out till nxt month and see how you feel.

      My friends say that i miss him because i dont have anyone and im lonely. Maybe ?

      • Thanks sassy and sorry about your divorce.

        Lonely- yes, but it feels more than that…

        But I’m not exactly clear headed at the moment.

        It’s sun Pluto thingy today isn’t it? That’s pretty strong astro for moving or and making changes I think… Wonder how I’ll feel by end of today …

  11. Oh, Mystic! If only not-being-neurotic was as easy as you make it sound. You do have a point, though. I need to stop whining and complaining and get on with things. …but i don’t waaaaannnnaaaaa. (kidding!)

    Letting my hair grow and grow (to my shoulders now! Yipee!) and sweetly flirting with an Aries chap I go to school with. Nothing fancy, polite “How do you do?”s and the like. I’m quite pleased by it, whether there’s any potential or not. It’s nice to find someone my age (a year younger, no less!) who can flirt without being crude. It’s a very subtle sort of thing, very contained. Perhaps that is Mars-retro in action? Either way I enjoy seeing him in the hallway and discussing the state of the world or whatever subject we touch upon. I’m interested in seeing how things will change when mars is direct.
    Although, a close friend of mine has been trying to use me for sex in order to raise his self esteem so he can date other girls. I assure you he is not succeeding when it comes to using me or dating other girls, but I’m rather upset about the whole thing. If I get one more “Hey let’s do it, by the way I have a date on Friday!” texts I’m shoving his phone somewhere very unpleasant. I’m not sure what to do about the situation. I have no feelings for him romantically, but I’m still hurt that he’s even contemplating trying to use me like that! What a jerkface.

    • Lesly I guess he is not getting your point that close friends or any friend does not do this to anyone! He is a total jerk. You might have to tell him to go invest in a rubber dolly! Man how convenient would the world be if ever we were horny, we could just call up a “friend” and ask them to oblige!!! : > I mean if it worked and everyone agreed, I guess it could work! Far less stress, hey maybe less wars???

    • Lesly, that “friend” is behaving like a major shithead. No means no. Good for you for saying it like it is!

    • Block his phone number. Stat. You deserve to be left alone. He’s a huge wanker, no friend behavior there…..

  12. Hmmmm, Cant move, cant talk. Im stuck in this place, dont know what to do. Finish uni or start something new. Debt creeping up.
    Just became uninterested in everything, no motivation, no energy. All in my universe is spinning, weird inertia stuff. Not just me, probs with the Leo ma, (seriously she has turned into some pouting, fuqing little child, she hasnt spoken to me for days-and we live together)

    Trying to decide, pick something..arrrggghhhh
    I was crying at the gym while doing a class, is that odd?

    • Poor Sassy, crying at the gym can’t be sassy can it? I am sure I have done that at some point. Feel better hon. Sometimes just observing the pain and not reacting makes it move away eventually…? Best of luck, I have been in that place (debt, study, living with parentals and over thirty in my case) I just realised I needed to stop entirely in my case, then suddenly everything changed out of the blue. ‘Magic Happens’ as the bumper stick sez… Hug.

        • Well, yes I did. To be more explicit still, I was studying Hypnotherapy and Counselling and we were bang in the middle of Grief and Grieving when my little bro decided to shed his mortal coil, which really topped off a sucky year. That was MY answer. No one in class wanted to work with me in case I exploded in tears anyway. Am going back to study in July though…

  13. Jupe in Pisces is bang on my own Jupe in Pisces in my 11th house… Is that good?

    Also, I am just learning here so forgive me, but if Mars is in Leo and my Sun is in Leo does that mean my sun is affected? Or does Mars in Leo mean things in the fifth house are affected? Sorry if this mind-numbingly silly to ask…

    • Thanks firetrine…need to do action, whatever it is…

      Juiter in 11th….you will meet lots of vivacious people, make new friends who are influential or lucky to you in some way. Might start up some group for social change or something firetrine…

      Leo in sun means you have mars retro conjunct you sun (which is driving u nuts?) and you fifth house too if that is where your sun is also..

      • Thank you Sassy! That helps very much, my sun is in the 4th house. Frankly it doesn’t matter if mars is retro or not atm as having a newborn means everything is on backwards anyway (flour in the fridge, my son’s shoes, words – I corrected myself here as I nearly wrote my ‘sun’s’ shoes and retro or ‘nut’, I think that Freud would be onto me here..).

        • As for the Jupiter in the 11th I think the vivacious people I may meet might be the people on this blog – I don’t exactly get out much! :)

          • Perfectly understandable FireTrine with a newborn on your hands. I was so tired the other day that I nearly put the ‘herbal’ fly-spray in the fridge and my children are adolescents…

          • Hahaha, maybe through your baby…..When you have a child, people just come out of the woodworks, and you can meet some great parents through your kids..

        • Wow, that is pretty cool, so your bub has mars retro natal?
          So your family, house, ancestors, emotions etc are getting a bit of a ponder, shake up? Hope you are getting enough sleep….you changed you avatar…yes I forgot that you just had bub, and he had pretty great chart didnt he? I think he had scorp rising or cap moon?


          • Yeah, my avatar had children crawling all over her which I get enough of in reality! Decided I needed my individuality/tiger independence back – in avatar at least :).

            Babes Sun Cap (in 4th), Asc Scorp and Aqua Moon, with yes, Mars & Sat retro, I anticipate a little introvert!! He’s an alert and clear eyed little creature.

  14. With Mars (or Mercury) retrograde, I’ve learned to think of waiting as a time of ripening, of letting the chips fall where they may, of not interfering with the internal processes of other peeps while enjoying “me” time. Life knows what it is doing and if we can just get out of the way and be patient, ripe fruit has a tendency to drop in our laps, which is far more enjoyable to eat than something we pulled off the tree because we couldn’t wait for the fruit to ripen in its own time.
    The egg hatches from the heat of the chicken sitting on it. Being rather than Doing creates inner heat that ripens us and our ability to receive.

  15. Thanks for the grounding, Mystic. Just cracked it today and realized that my out-of-character need to be publicly recognized for my staggering genius at work is best dealt with by coming up with a game plan and building a good case to present to senior management. Seeing so many awards get handed out lately has been salt in my wounds. Not used to caring about this stuff but it’s really been playing on my mind. Time to make my battle plan.

  16. You know what medieval soldiers do during peace-time, after they’ve stopped sulking and carving holes into 2inch oak bar tables with hunting knives????

    They plot a revolution.

    Beware Mars direct ;)

    • I take it then that the blokes are indeed then susceptible to a bit of plotting/ scheming/stewing whilst in the cave (and ready to go crazy when they come out)

  17. Seriously guys, I am like IGNORING Mars Retro. FINE, stay in your fuqing Room/Cave/Dungeon. Whatevah!

    Though I did invest in some major whining about it.. :) I think what’s most annoying about it, ok wait…let me correct myself, amongst the many things annoying with Mars Retro is the inexplicability of why the f they/it are disappearing.

    Maybe we should get one of those “Do not Disturb” door handle signs that say “Mars Retro: I’m AWOL”.

  18. My scary housemate left a business card on the kitchen table(covered in her crap) I was in grabbing dinner and looked down…The business is called Libra and there is a graphic of Saturn behind it…. No lie….