The Witches Altar Tarot

“…The Witches Altar Cards are unexpected, eclectic still lifes depicting symbolic altars. Each card corresponds to a traditional tarot card. However,unlike any other deck, they are laid out as horizontal vignettes – personal altars created from household and ritual objects. The power of the deck can be drawn upon in two different ways; practical or oracular, familiar or mysterious.

By placing an Altar Card before him/her, each individual shrine will invite the seeker to enter.  Through detailed imagery and rich symbolism, an Altar Card will stimulate the imagination and open the seeker’s mind to a meditative journey…”

Via Phantasmaphile,  children’s book illustrator Ted Enik’s new (in development – out soon) Witches Altar Tarot Cards. The one above is for The Hanged Man – a card which sounds a bit ominous but actually means that you are in transition from one era to another and that you need to suspect expectations & judgement for a bit, detach & basically wait.

It’s not a reference to anything punitive – like the gallows – but to the Norse Mercury Odin (aka Woden) who, in one story, hung himself upside down off the World Tree, Yggdrasil, in order to gain his most powerful wisdom and magic yet.

6 thoughts on “The Witches Altar Tarot

  1. I dunno, I prefer the potent imagery of traditional tarot decks that actually depict the Hanged Man et al. I get there’s a lot of nice images on the witches altar to intuit from, but it’s a bit of an insipid mish mash, and really just looks like some hippy’s dresser.

    My psychic uses the Haindl tarot, which mixes diverse imagery from various cultures, including Qabalah, the I Ching and Runes. When she reads, a particular image or images on the card becomes prominent to her and she reads from that.

  2. i almost gave my tarot cards away but couldnt’ quite do it cos they were a gift from my dad on my 15th b;day (he’s really cool)

    but i wated to give them away as i found myseld relying on them too much and not spending personal time reflecting and knowing that i had the answer somewhere :) they are resting on my shelves for now..

  3. They look great!

    My lovely Capricorn bestie gave me my first set of tarot cards last year, it was the atavist tarot & it is so interesting to read them!

  4. I was told you should only be gifted Tarot Cards – even if you have to ask someone for them as a gift!

    Don’t give away those cards UP if that’s the truth…

    I used to do lots of Tarot, but started getting too accurate and then it lost its party quality. now I only use them for serious decision making that doesn’t involve stuff I feel l ‘shouldn’t’ know. You know, should I buy that Caribbean island Johnny Depp was selling….hmm.