The Aquastone

Trust our Aquarius to nab themselves the gemstone said to be THE most powerful, THE most chakra-aligning and with arguably the most intensive history of all.  Aquarians, btw, could pull off some spectacular stunts this month, as Chiron and Neptune meet in a rare and auspicious conjunction, in Aquarius. It’s the culmination of the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding, that began early last year.

25 thoughts on “The Aquastone

  1. I have 2 cuffs similar to this from back in my belly dancing days (sans chains and rings), I like to wear them around the house occasionally when I’m feeling more fanciful.

    I prefer my lapis (which I have a few nice pieces of) darker, though–almost navy, very low calcite; sometimes it’s called Egyptian lapis but who knows if my source was correct on that one or not.

    And not a bit of Aquarius in my chart, if I’m not mistaken :)

  2. have this wonderful stone on my shopping list. but in unadorned beaded bracelet style…

    i’m trying to work out whether its a go-getter or a keep my mouth shut-erer month. I’m conflicted. Will the stone help?

    And Happy Birthday Aquarpio…I’m spending mine playing United Nations with the family.

  3. Dang it. Please no more Aqua drama. ugh! I just want to get a giant flyswatter that only hits Aquarian males that bug me. Maybe i should just get a slingshot that shoots Lapis Lazuli pebbles instead?

  4. ooo! i have this! not lapis, some crappy counterfeit stone… and not silver, some crappy tin version (or whatever metal turns your skin green). but i love this design!

    dont think i have aquarius anywhere prominent…

  5. ooh i have a lovely bead lapis necklace. The beds are flatish cirlces and rough not polished. The beads are a mid blue as opposed to the darker blue i’ve seen in other lapis jewellery. I was told they’re from afghanistan – supposedly over 200 years old. The beads are graduated in size from around 1cm diameter at the back to 3cm diameter to the ones at the front.

    It has a wonderful energy. I sometimes wear it in ritual where you can feel it buzz! but even just wearing it to work i can feel it humming along..

    mars in aqua.

  6. This is The Real Thing as i can spot Lapis Lazuli.
    Kashmir, in Kashmir in Srinigar, saw a mini mountain of it
    in pryamid shape & not for sale. Malachite is next fave as the greens
    compliments the blues.
    Now you have me wondering where the pendant of lapis i used to wear is?
    India is where i saw the most, but without referring to my Gem Book, a country
    also in South America.
    Enhances all metaphysical matters & tres tres protective from any badvibes & uglies.

  7. UUm, should have checked Wiki FIRST before blathered, but
    luckily right about S.America, Chile, it is.
    Made my day as i was lost in drugs & scorpio’s from the You-Tube
    thread & about to say too much about that!
    i love Lapis Lazuli, i like saying the word.

  8. Aquarians, right well; I have no experience with aqua men, apart from a very good & close platonic friendship years & years ago; so, in light of certain looming possibilities ( & while there’s still time to bail, lol) can anyone tell me how Aqua men may differ from Aqua women? I have Aqua women in my life’s inner circle, but no fellas… (yet, eek)

    And in all the time spent here on this site, I’m a bit nervous of uranian men!!!

    It’s just that of all the Leos in my world, the men are so different to relate to than the women… i get on great with Leo girls, but the guys always come with huge headtrips.
    So: Aquarian points of difference, please?

    • depends on their chart and whether they’re vibing low or high qualities…at their worst they can be a bit inconsistent….hot one minute…cold and distant the next….finicky about certain issues which seem inconsequential…then ambivalent in regards to bigger stuff.

      patience is key…friendship comes fast…relationships usually are a slow burner…or else they run for the hills….

  9. …and I Love the lapis piece, Love it.
    Yes Pegs, I love malachite too, but don’t have any; I’m a bit wary, even tho I have others, of what my sister calls ‘scary’, stones (incl a charoite pendant which she won’t touch, which gives me a hot flush just to pick it up lol). Malachite is a strong stone; an amplifier?? Keep being drawn to it, but wonderin what would be amplified!

  10. I read that Lapis was protective…..

    Okay, about the aqua wierding… I just got a job offer that I thought I missed out on, cause they gave it to someone before they saw me. This person has apparently not showed up…..Do I trust this offer? Do I pursue and put energy into it? Or is it just going to turn around again and disappear as surprisingly as it came up?

    I’m gonna call this classic Aqua wierding….

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