She Sells Sanctuary

This is the Dark Moon ideal: a peaceful, eco-linened & no doubt lemon-grassy-ti-tree scented haven from which to gather one’s wits and rest in prep for the next big push.

A quick little productive gaze back into the past before maxing out the brilliant Chiron-Neptune fuelled Auspicious Aqua-Weirding that comes along with this New Moon.

But most of us ain’t going to be sprawling around navel-gazing. Saturn is still within range of Pluto and for many of us, our motivation is at an all-time high.

Sleep, springwater and sanity are the new luxuries. Who needs Thing Lust when Lust-Lust is free? Most of the time.

Remember that Capricorn – apart from being a mega-stinge with hot cheekbones and a 50,000 year career plan – is also horny. So we don’t need to cut back on everything during Pluto in Cap. Carbs and naff crap – yes. Sex – no.

Also, whilst I am here: the current path of retro-Mars stirs up any unresolved tensions or flash-nostalgia from July-Aug 2005 and March-April 2006.  If you do get the chance to do a bit of Dark-Mooning about, hone in on those months for a glorious ‘aha’ moment.

And, I shall be back after the New Moon!  xxx

93 thoughts on “She Sells Sanctuary

  1. Hah – I’ve got a music weekend planned, and was thinking it was such bad timing – but back in 2005 this was my primary entertainment, with the exact same friend I’m jagging out with this weekend – I’m going for a retro retrospective…
    Did laugh last night, a friend and I were umming and ahhing about going down to an open mike night, and finally we both fessed up that a wine for her, and a shower for me had totally destroyed any and all desire to leave our respective abodes…..
    So I was in bed, and snoozing by 8.20 pm!!!! I even slept in and missed my swim date as I needed to let the body chill after an admitedly FULL on week of exercise. And knowing I was going to be out and about late tonight, and tomorrow….
    Oh, and I cleaned my room Scorp/virgo style, and even tossed stuff out. Bliss!

  2. is that an Angels song? My head’s gone off to she keeps no secrets from you now so recalling others not working,… and having flashbacks to the school bus…

  3. *ahem* i am in paris, …LOL at no carbs… fresh bread slathered with beurre aux cristaux de sel de mer and confiture aux abricots (ok bread butter and jam but this povvo breakfast sounds sounds so sexy in french) and did i mention my terminal croissant habit

    had a sad / strange dream about the toro last night :( and am getting abit tired of sleeping alone in this luvverly city, not to mention that i will be here for VALENTINES day not that i place much stock in these things, luck there’s a chinese NY festival on tooo


    • Rub it in why don’t you up!! :lol: Vegemite on toast doesn’t quite have that sexy sound does it….. especially in aussie accent?? Lol

      Valentines day in Paris, how nice! Who cares if you don’t have a mate, your in Paris & there are croissants? *says in a very very bad french accent*… :D

    • Damn – Vals Day in Paris? Bugger it, get a bottle of Piper-H, go nuts in a fromagerie, grap a loaf of rustic bread, and hang out in your public area of choice (and that weather allows) and people watch! In Madrid we had an amazing patio off our flat and it was perfect in the AM for a churro and coffee hit… But they did taste better in Plaza Mayor whilst watching Madrilenos go about their business!

      Alternative – sexy bistro where the woman in the kitchen dictates the menu, sexy journal, purple inked pen, and ooooze the whole woman of mystery vibe…

      Or (yes, I am inspired) cafe y almond croissants. Hourly. Hah!

    • UP, tres bon! How wonderful to have the freedom of time and a new city to explore. Don’t worry about what it is “supposed” to be like or have too many expectations of your self to perform. Just get out, walk around and enjoy the day, what ever it brings you (including les petits hommes français peut-être???!!!). Ah, mais oui… ;)

    • thanks peeps :) i had a nice little social evening yest so i think socialising is the key to sweeping away the solo blues! normally i am fine with going it (anything) alone, being Ms. Independence, but wanted some lovely people to share this pretty city with! I have some solutions now – a few pals have popped up on the radar ..yay! I’ll have a croissant for you all (oh ok and a glass of red in the corner bistro :D)

      • Have an extra glass for me! Lots of moody pouting sighing and some rad “totally absorbing” lit laid out on the bar. Hmmm. It’s just not the same with Sake. Valentine’s Day in Japan:

        “Valentine’s Day is when all the girls give their favourite boys candy. A month later, on a prescribed date, the boy will decide which girl he will give candy back to.”

        Now that last was a direct quote, by the way, from yet another Eigo (English) student getting some practice in at the bar for the price of two burnt-honey-toast tasting black local beers. I am entirely happy to let /that/ quote slide on unadulterated to the next lucky gaijin (gringo) barfly. Call me charitable – I call it ESL Community service.


        • lolol i love that japanese valentines description LSC! ….my., but there is an awful lot of candy in this city to give :D. I have to stop myself from licking the windows of the chocolatiers that are positioned tantalisingly close to all clothes shops, shoe shops, bus stops, patisseries, get the idea… chocolate as edible art, what could be better? A way to celebrate the impermanence of …uh…chocolate ;)

          • i’m soooo filled with envy…loooove Paris.
            but when solo, yes, friends/distractions are best for the whole valentines 24hrs….i think we put way too much pressure on ourselves…with all the build up and hype, its almost as disheartening as xmas if you’re not matched up.

  4. Freak me out! I thought the sanctuary pictured was the place I retreated to August 2005. That was Austin, Texas, though. Where is this?

  5. I’ve got She Sells Sanc right on my ipod here and just listened to it last night while I was on line at this blog. Went through my huge crush on Ian Astbury and The Cult several months back.

    Okay, so she sells it. What else ya got? Hussy :)

    2005 I’d broke it off with the ex, 2006 was when I think I’d driven bonkers on cab and ran over his cactus.

    Think I’m evolving…Aren’t I? (please don’t answer that)

    UP, I’d hate you for being in Paris but know you’re a nice person…x

    • “ran over his cactus”…priceless…did he know it was you from the spikes embedded in the tyres? lol

      i know it’s a friendly hate SP so i still loves ya x

      • Not sure as I had turned tail and sped off. Neighbor caught me red handed after having stolen the cacti (phallas shaped at that and his prized pet!), off of his patio.

        Neighbor got his phone out and was going to call the police or possibly take my pic. Sat the cacti down, backed out and ran over the thing so I’m sure that sadly, he found his cacti murdered in the parking lot… :shock: lol

        Have a Happy Valentine’s in gay Pari!! ooohlala!!

  6. Am I buying this sanctuary? Not even close. Up to proverbials in work and chaos. But those dates ring so so so true. Thank you. That idea alone is worth it all. THANK YOU

  7. Sex? Cut back? zero minus zero is still zero. LOL!

    I guess I’ll indulge in extra sleep. I’ve earned it with all the hard work I’ve put in.

    • maybe vibe for it??
      there’s some great posts here / Mystic’s Good House Witchery
      ALA pink / red lingerie (bra nxt to heart chakra) etc

      plus if aiming to reignite Le Bonkage – bung it in yr new moon affirmations?

      even if lack of action prevails – you’ll feel fab & be ‘strutting it” a little more? ;-) xox

      • Oh I’ve been trying to vibe for it and doing monthly new moon manifests like crazy for over a year. But i think you know i put too many restrictions on it, like i want it to be in the context of a meaningful relationship with a mature adult and all. Obviously, I ask too much of the universe and it is not ready to provide….just yet. It’s got its own time schedule. I guess i should be more patient.

        Do you think it’s ok to wear red next to the heart chakra if the heart chakra’s colour is green? Is it better to wear green?

  8. OMG I’ve been thinking about how to respond but am so busy trying to work out a) what the Hell’s going on at the mo’? (so many men from the past calling… 2 x cancer; 1 x sagg) b) when is my new life going to kick in? (probably once I get that blinkin’ site up and running :( and c) how do I upload my avatar?? now I’ve got me name here?

    Silly little things… but all keeping my busy enough to acknowledge absence of sex life – oh, but at least I’ve been enjoying some brioche of late… can only dream of Paris right now, and it helps to look at this daybead…..aaaaah holidays. Soon, soon (not). Hence love my imagination and wild dreaming of late

  9. I hope it’s ok that I didn’t have a major AHA moment re: smth that was supposed to have happened in Nov 09…? Can’t seem to work my brain at the mo, and have been trying to think and think and think, and so far…nada, zip, nil. I just don’t wanna go into & work this New Moon’s extra spesh energy not realizing what I should have realized? Wow, that sounds effing stoooopid, which is how I feel trying to remember in the first place! @_@
    Been trying to be & do good, and at times have been sooo tired, so hope it’s gonna be alright. Oh lordy I hope it will. *bug-eye*

    • I understand UPV. I think I ‘m missing something here but maybe next week it will become clear its just a bit blurry now as you’re in the middle of it. Well thats my excuse anyhoo. Everything just seems very tidal for me -pisces and Aqua astro of late maybe. i’m not tryig to make any sense of it jsut wanna relaxo – weekdend at the beach comin up yay

      • Thanks Leogroover; yeah, I hope by next week it’ll be clearer, too. Fingers crossed… That’s a very good description “Everything just seems very tidal for me”, very apt I find. I’m a piece of cork just floatin’, being carried. This piece of cork hopes she has enough faith, is all. For what I’m not sure.

        • Floating is good thing sometimes espesh if you’re normally a grounded person. Takes you out of your comfort zone. Good to join some other sign you don’t normally hang with . For me that would be pisces hence the tidal feeling.

        • How about faith in yourself growing & changing UPV and faith in the process of life bringing you what you need when you need it? You don’t even need to know what “it” is, just participate & trust it to unfold for now.

          • thanks Nat – again!!

            you should write a book & share your collective wisdoms?
            create blog where like minded ppl can share?

          • Thanks Nat. I haven’t known wth “it” is for a very loooong time, sometimes I think this life is the Dreaming Life, and not the one I think is the DL when I fall asleep.

          • aawww, girls, thank you so much for your kind words. I reckon we all know this stuff already, it can just be handy to get a reminder sometimes, me included. Thanks for that link to astrobarry, shell. He is great. Do you think that is him at the piano with the rainbow coloured hat?!!

            I *try* to be a bit more helpful or compassionate during the Dark Moon. Struggled a bit with it today… emotions all over the place, up then down… Tried to revisit August 2005 and March 2006 as Mystic suggested above, but really not keen to push replay on all that. Being Cancer with Scorp rising I think I have trouble letting go of things sometimes, but that is a time I would really like to let go of, rather than go digging through it for lessons. Reflection might come later perhaps.

            At least the house is clean & lots of washing done… it really is the best antidote for Dark Moon vibes. That and laughing. Do you remember a Dark Moon sometime last year where we had a hilarious time in the comments stream? I don’t recall Mystic’s topic that started it off but I think it included Lexicorn expounding his theory that Libra’s have MASSIVE ONES! Gawd I laughed. I often laugh out loud at this site, even when I’m at work. Hope you are all having a nice night x

          • “Being Cancer with Scorp rising”

            My youngest daughter is exactly that nat (and her name is Natalie)…Her Cancer sun in 8th….

        • Nat seriously consider collecting your wisdoms. you have a gift & it’s worth sharing……xox

          yes thats Astro Bazza

          he came out few years back & he & Mystic did an astro speed read (combined with much food wine & hilarity!!)

          I blank on past dates. no matter how hard I try.
          might unearth biz diaries archived in garage to divine 05 / 06 goings ons!!

          enjoy yr evening also xox

          • flocked if I know roboscorp – refer above re blankage past date association lol!! oddly my detail recall is, well, oddly precise. so cant tell you year & date but can recall what others wore, said, minute social details………

            anyone ~ ~ what year was Mystic & Astro Bazza do in Syders??

    • UPV – dire lack of motivation here also. and brain mush. the latter partially due to late night & entertaining sauciness with Tattooed Gem Creative. tho was prevalent prior. have take Mystics advice to rest up in readiness. Nat’s tip also gold.

      bring on clarity & action!!

  10. i had ex stuff going on in 05 and 06 and got news about him yesterday. He is a Leo so he was definitely going to come up in a big way…nothing new particularly but just further cements that I’m well past it. Which is great.

    Had no men since him, but I had a wonderful dream 2 nights ago about a man who was the same height as me and was truly extraordinary, he WAS love so i think it means, now it’s time to be with someone that is an equal and that I deserve it, after so many years of ‘punishing’ myself over relationships. I think that was my aha moment and its so amazing – I never had one that clear and profound before.

    And I can’t wait for my new life to kick in – born year of the Tiger plus I’m a Cancer with Sagg rising…the other stuff is a bit hard to work out. But I really feel like, after so many false starts, that this really is the time… :)

  11. solar eclipse march 29 , 2006 my birthday,

    didn’t notice anything at the time tho’…

    (not until 07, 08 when those badboys started conjuncting my pluto

    — noticed it then ….(twitch, twitch…uh)

    • I remember that eclipse William, was close to my Sun too. Finished some schooling then got a new job, moved. Big, big changes. Nerve wracking sometimes and a bit scary but all good in the long run.

  12. July 2005 met my Leo ex
    April 2006 he moved in with me when I was 5 months pregnant
    now- acrimonious separation

    Let this be the end of this cycle. moving on….

    • hey, I hope so for your sake SPAMLR. Or you can choose it to be.

      you changed your letters about… I’m not going to be able to get past the monty python/pamela anderson creation i’ve got in my head though.

  13. I have spent the past week working out to the LIMIT.
    Cleaned my room and the house (a little bit, not much time and a house guest on the living room floor). Yesterday I went and got a manicure and pedicure (_very_ unusual for me)… it was in one of those places that had a massage chair.
    Best. Idea. Ever.
    Apparently I feel alseep in chair, whilst being massaged and drool a little on myself (was very tired)
    Really good friend is moving into my house over day and tomorrow. Its a contant drizzle today, so I am assuming it will mostly be tomorrow, but my former housemate took away all his clutter, does this count??

    • At work, we used to take the massage chairs out to the schools to give the teachers a ten min. massage and a gift certificate for a one hour.

      They have great insurance and so Doc marketed them particulary (sneaky but smart business move). We hooked em and now have many, many teacher patients. They need it especially!

      • Those chair (appart from a very odd arse massage section) was _Exactly_ what the doctor ordered!
        Just as a very brief sideline: I had a terrifying dream about an evil cat that was trying to attack me through a flyscreen. All bared teeth and stuff. I was trying to shut a down on it in time. Before there was a semi naked woman who would get out of my dream and lazyly insulted me until I literally pushed her out the door (which is where the cat tried to come in).
        Completely creeped me out.

  14. At work, office mgr. might be in big, big trouble. Or, lets just say her days may be numbered if she doesn’t get a grip. Doc took all the therapists to lunch today for a meeting and he found out that Off. mgr had told one of the thearpists that she (the office mgr.) “didn’t want to listen to his bullshite”.

    Many other things as well. Said he felt he’s partly to blame as she’s gotten away with much and he’s babied her and now created “a monster”…lol

    Trans. Saturn is moving in to be the focal point of a T-square with her Aries Mars and Libra Uranus. She’s now a time bomb waitin’ to pop (she’s popped many times before), but this could be mega explosive and there will be consequences if she does not manage her defensiveness and temper.

    Auspicious Aqua weirding right smack on her MC. She definitely needs to work on the other issues in order to reap any blessings/benefits.

    • isnt she the aqua? i think a lot of us are being turds mood/behaviour wise at the moment…like the sky is falling…

      not that this would be an excuse…we reap what we sow…someone needs to word her up.

      • Yes, think doc is going to lower the boom and she either becomes more professional or she’s out. She’s still perpetuating gossip and division even though her trouble making buddy is gone. Old habits dyin’ hard….

        She’s got Aqua Sun conjunct Venus on her MC and work duty wise she does a great job and is mostly pleasant but, think it’s that Mars opp. Uranus which easily puts her on the warpath. Saturn moving in right now to square both will def. reap what’s she’s shown if she does make corrections soon.

  15. hmm those dates only relate to work changes…quite big ones…all fear/anticipation filled.

    the moon last night messed with me…havent been that hug my pillow anxious/withdrawn/temper tanty prone in a long time…which says a lot cause i have a knee jerk stomping reaction to everything that is new/different/not to my grand plan/order. if i had superpowers i would have nuked half the city with my mood….

    plus i’m trying to figure out a cancer man who is attentive and all cancer gorgeous but is also keeping me at arms length…i thought us aqua’s are meant to have that behavioural pattern…then again maybe i’m barking up the wrong tree….

    • aquaphobe, sorry to hear you so grumpy! Hope New Moon vibe kicking in for you soon with some lightness.

      Re Cancerian: you might be confusing the Aqua “engage-then-bolt” vibe with the Cancerian need for processing time and privacy? I am a Crab and few ppl get that I need (and like) to be ALONE regularly and often. You know like a crab retreating back down in its hole to roll sand balls for a while… :) My need to be alone has nothing to do with wanting to be away from particular people but rather a need to be on my own, if that makes sense? Maybe you are personalising something re the Cancer bloke’s behaviour that is not even about you? Just a thought. Also remember Mystic said that Mars (men) retro until mid March and they might just “go missing”, so let them. Do you know is rising & Moon signs yet?

      If he is just having some quiet time in the crab hole, don’t be calling him on that aquaphone!

      • thank u Nat :-)
        this evening has been much better… ;-)

        crab processing time makes sense…and i totally get alone time…
        Sun Cancer/Moon Gemini /Mercury Cancer/Venus Leo
        Libra rising

        he really is lovely and i dont want to freak him out with any overbearing or needy behaviour … and you’re right….its just my own insecurity wanting the immediate ‘does he like me….doesn’t he like me” answers.

        slowing backing away from the aquaphone…hehehehe

  16. Kong Hee Fat Choy,
    What an auspicious day, New Moon in Aqua ‘n all.
    Unusual that it’s women wishing a Happy Valentines day to other women
    i noticed ’round the hood, so iguess like me, they didn’t have men lining
    up at the door with a bottle of French Champagne for them, or just even
    ONE man to coerce :-)

    Women doin’ it for themselves, dammit, i mentioned French Champagne
    & the bank’s given me a credit card. The bottle shop boy better watch out
    The Thirst is coming on.
    Shall settle for a Micky Rourke movie ‘Kill Shot’, he’s an Indian assassin called Black Bird,
    & 375 mls of Little Creatures beer made with pure water from Western State someplace
    that has spesh water.
    Got lost in AVATAR seen yesterday at last. Yup want to live on Pandora & have a long plait
    who’s tentacles twine with incredible creatures tentacle tails & so meld with their soul, so you
    get to ride them around floating mountains & then sleep in cocoonie things strung in trees,
    after you unplugg.
    It was sweet humour to have Sigourney Weaver as ‘alien’ protector with a Navi Avatar.
    Pegasus wants to go to Pandora.

    To the girls who wanted a valentine gift from potential lover:
    When you see him again, thank him for the amazing flowers he sent, smile
    & say ‘i didn’t know you knew my favourite…name flower….flowers’, then say what a hot
    note with them, that you didn’t know he was a little kinky…romantic….erotic, whatever.
    He: ‘what flowers’
    She: Oh, it wasn’t YOU’.

  17. Ive have an incredily sad, poignant , beautiful, painful, enlightening weekend. Amazing. Where do I go from here ? A friend is passing very soon, just spent our last hours together.

    • blessings & light to all in yr world Davl….. big love!! embrace what you have with strength & rejoice the life of your dearest. hearts out to you babe – collective group hug from all here, peace. xox

    • Im fine, but definitely in another state of consciousness, terminal cancer (at short notice) of a friend , lives in another state, had to travel to see, and say goodbye , thanks for caring you honey pots xxx feeling very lambsy woo woo tonight.

      • oh, poor lambykins. So sorry to hear about your friend david. Good on you for going to be with them for a while – so very important. Take your time and think about what ever you need to. Love & peace to you & your friend. x x x

    • David, as a matter of fact last night I dreamt of meeting you and someone else (female) but who she was was unclear. I was surprised you didn’t have your Aussie accent though. Maybe you had not been feeling yourself or something similar (?)

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