Sex, Ex and Mars Retrograde

This is Sienna Miller and Jude Law out the other night. I think they deserve credit for so lucidly manifesting one of the main themes of Mars Retrograde in Leo (till March 11): Sex with ze Ex. And blatantly so.

They’re both Capricorns & so presumably able to totally grok one another’s Pluto transits. Also, Capricorns need for things to be “even”. So his thing with the nanny is balanced by her thing with the married guy.

If we’re tracking this fling-thing purely on Mars, then it’s done by about mid-April (when Mars back to where it is now) and with some spectacular Leonic style bolting to boot.

So hands up who else is fooling around with their Ex to celebrate Mars Retrograde?  Maybe it should have its own Mardi Gras.

74 thoughts on “Sex, Ex and Mars Retrograde

  1. No thank you. I’m strickly a one woman gal (me!)

    His zipper ~does~ look rather prominant….

  2. No action here – ex or otherwise…. Frenchie has wondered off into the ether…. Bloody Mars retro…

  3. No ex here either. My ex’s always stay well in the past.

    I have a question pretty please Mystic. What happens if you start a relationship with a new person during Mars Retro – do they do the spectacular Leonic bolt when Mars goes direct????

  4. I’m doing it. My ex and I have re-kindled a Skype-dating theme from way back. Not sure it’s a good idea, but, am letting myself be swept along.

  5. Do hope she pops in to answer you Scorpy as that’s a good question..

    Years ago an ex popped up on my door step when Venus was retro (yes, literal door stoppin’ just like Mystic’s thread). Then he got wishy-washy when it went direct. I learned this later. Maddening…

    • yes, i imagine it would be maddening. Interesting how peeps appear bang on a retro phase. Who wants to be on the receiving end of a spectacular bolt though! Not me. Maybe a gradual one but not a spectacular one!

      • Oh no Scorp, that would be awful and cruel as patient as you’ve been with the relationship thing. Really wish I would have had this kind of knowledge. Would have saved myself some head and heartache, confusion, etc.

        • exactly! I don’t want heartache and confusion. Even though I’m seeing it as a fling i have invested time and emotion and I would hate for a quick ending! And he has venus/mars in Aries – quick love affairs. Half of me trusts him, the other half is skeptical and thinking he finds me a challenge because i’m taking my time and being difficult (and rightly so!). Oh i’m so vexed right now!

          • We really must grok that “starting under a retro” thing. But, the good thing is that he’s really not a “re”, you know what I mean?

            Not being an ex, you are not revisiting, redoing, readdressing revising anything with him except perhaps your ideas and feelings on relationships in general.

            Maybe that helps a wee bit?

          • true. He’s not a “Re”.

            Maybe i should tell him i’ll sleep with him under one condition – I lock him up and let him go when “i’m ready” Hahahaha.

          • I doubt very much if his Aries parts would mind and Toro energy does get rather attached (Venus Toro so I know….hehe)

          • Capricorn! He was looking for someone ambitious in his profile. How Cap moon is that!

          • Oh darls, it IS vexing!!! I can see what you mean about the half & half thing. When you are ready, do him but keep one eye open re: his possible bolting as Mars direct date nears…? I know that sounds terribly calculating, but like you said, you have invested time & emotion, so half & half…?

          • Hi robots. Can understand your desire to know more but, for my two cents, maybe let this unfold in its own time and way, like a discovery you are both making together. You can trust that you will both do the ‘right’ thing at the right time… Endings don’t necessarily have to be wrenching heartache & confusion unless we invest them with too much (possibly unreasonable?) stuff. You are wise and know yourself very well robots. The Young Bull could be feeling a bit vulnerable too?

            He may not appear to be the mysterious Mr Pluto you are dying to meet at this point, but maybe it is also good to have a new friend and just enjoy the day, what ever it brings you? He sounds lovely anyway! Hope you are having fun with him. Maybe let Cappy Rising & Virgo Mars take a back seat for a bit and let that Saggo Moon out to play… I remember you once told me its good to let ALL your bits out to play! ;)

          • oh nat, you are so right and very wise. It’s true, endings don’t have to be wrenching. I’m just taking it all to seriously. I should let it all unfold and enjoy myself and I AM so thoroughly enjoying myself. He is lovely – Virgo rising too. Bless.

            Need to follow my own advice and let Saggy moon out of the box. At the moment, Moon is pouting like a petulant child at the other planets and saying “you guys are no fun!!” :)

            Sweetpea, after reading your comment again, i realised that Toro is not a “re” but “I” am. I’m REvising and REaddressing RElationships! That does help. Thank you! You guys are the best! :)

            UPV, it’s looking more like 80/20% right now. :)

          • Think it was Kim Falconer who once said on her site that when she meets someone new she doesn’t check the astro. But it’s hard not to do. Long before computers I had an ephemeris and did check…

            However with the retro phases and an ex in particular it’s valuable knowledge to have as if someone comes back and is talking about how much they’ve changed, things will be better, etc., and you give of your self, then when that retro period is over and they bolt, it is confusing and heartbreaking. There was an element of history there and therefore expectation by way of someone’s word.

            Knowing of the retro periods then, better just to wait perhaps as the period may be an unreasonable time to have expectations.

            Unless two people get back together with full knowledge it’s just for a short while, and how many people actually acknowledge that?

  6. hand sheepishly goes up. Sorta here as the Lusty is such a moody fello (Kataka rising) i have chucked him in a four times over last 6 months and then we have got back together. I don’t understand him yet. But hey the makeup is always cathartic and pretty damn good.

    • Leonic = flamboyant, Leo style behaviour.

      Bolting is when you suddenly leave a situation.

      to boot is a bit of an archaic term for ‘as well’ or ‘on top of that’.

      • i know the meaning Mystic, just explaining the Leonic part to “J”.

        But what about ‘starting” a relationship during Mars retro????

        • Good question! I started one when Mars retrograde in 2005 and the first flaming embers appeared as soon as it went direct. Not sure I could chalk the whole thing up to Mars being in retrograde though. I think an ocean of distance might have dealt it the heaviest blow. Did read somewhere later about Mars Rx being a culprit, but cannot remember the source!!!

          • so, by “first flaming embers appeared” did you mean the end? when i first read that i thought you meant it “started” when Merc went direct then distance killed it.

  7. Aqua & Sagg exes have been feverishly trying to get back with me. F* that! They had their chance. They can go suck rotten eggs now.

  8. My long-time Aquarian friend (female) said to me on the weekend, ‘Well, you are entering the CRONE phase of your life now.’ (I turn 40 in October.) Did that make me feel good – NOT!

    • Oh my goodness blue, that is so not true. If anything you know who you are more and more now and the 40′s are some of the best years of one’s life.

      At 35 I went through this “old shoe” phase. How silly of me and when I was 40 was absolutely fit etc. and picking up guys 15 yrs. younger.

    • you are not a crone!! Can’t believe your friend said that. And don’t get me started on the whole “cougar” labels. They’re calling 35 year old women Leopards now. OH PULEEESE. Why don’t men get derogatory labels at that age. When is it going to end. I’m so sick of it!!!!

    • SHE might be entering the croning phase…doesn’t mean you have to let her negativity drag you down with her…pfffff

      • well, she is 20+ years older than me…. But I would never a thing like that to anyone!

        • aquas tend to say cutting things without thinking…maybe she was trying to be funny…or that’s how she felt her life went post 40….but don’t take it on board.
          have you seen the promo’s for cougartown? hell, courtney cox is the postergirl for being in your 40′s and smokin’. so NOT crony…

  9. have had it all revisiting me ( like the ghosts of my lovelife) from the booty texting fling( pre mars retro) to the coffee with the one who got away (now happily married). But have a date with a new fella this week. as one door closes….

    • yeah – I just had a week of those – one blew into town and announced he was having a baby, one emailed to say moving back to Aust with missus, one got married. All in the same week.

      ok, universe, 3 doors are firmly shut – waiting for the chink of light under the next door . . .

  10. Jude Law was my idol when i was younger,
    me and my cousins snuck out and saw Alphie when i was like 8 and i thought he was a legend! But the whole Nanny thing – dude Sienna Miller is BLOODY SIENNA MILLER he was a dumbass
    hope it works this time round

  11. two ex’s

    one (platonic) wants to move in

    having sex with the other

    I have Leo in Mars?

  12. oh, re topic. i’m ex absolved. salt bath, multiple sage burning, snippy ‘leave me alone’ conversation and wall of silence have done the trick. dont care if they think i’m irrational and bats…as long as they stay the hell away.

    • I’m taking a leaf out of your book do you mind aquaphobe??

      I was sleeping with the Lib/Leo/Virgo/Scorp nitpicker ex then thought WTF am I doing?!?! This was basis (avoiding a pun there) of why things were going backwards & forwards with no real movement on. Proud of how strong I’ve been really.

      • DITTO!! tho outta mind outta sight helps.
        as does trans continental musings / lack contact / “wall of silence”

        BTW is not the only ‘bad habit’ being ditched ATM…..

  13. Phew…no having sex with ex, woohoo!!!! Re-established contact with a VUPV male, though, does that count? Had a very intense emailing back & forth, culminating in a phone call across oceans, he was meant to rock up here in Melbourne, but….pffffttt… So that’s the closest to ex-sex-ing.

  14. So many of my girlfriends have gone back to their husbands in the last few months and one has just left her husband. She is a cap and he is an aqua, so big changes for them. He is trying to still sleep with her though!!
    Sent a ‘I miss you’ text to the ex yesterday and a ‘fuq u for coming to my gym” to a potential..
    Have had enough of mars in leo, so over it!

  15. ‘fraid I have both hands raised on that score this weekend just gone …. pisces ex (who even looks a little like Jude Law, rowr) stayed for a couple days & we had a massive all-night argument on the last night … cap ex-fling rang next night & said “come to this party” which was great, except I got to watch him chat up several other girls and ultimately get with one of them … sigh

    the no-man diet is definitely on. no men until october at least. feeling grumpy.

  16. I too need the info on starting a r’ship during Mars retro; and I am entreating your collective wisdom re: does venus in pisces in 1st sweeten up an Aqua sun/rising wth Taurus moon? What may I be slipping into?? Is this a worthwhile investment, girls??
    As far as the Leo-ex goes, I’ve had many nostalgic thoughts but luckily he’s very happily settled in with sum1 who loves fishing even more than he does, hehe, good for them.

  17. Oh uh.. Mystic please don’t tell me this is written in the planets! Mars can just go retro away in Leo but I will not cross that line again!

    Cap here, I have a Sag ‘friend’ (read ex) coming to stay as of tommorow for a visit (he is a charasmatic, unrelenting character). Anyway! I am determined, let me say it again determined not to go there and my gemini moon is having nothing to say about this matter! Nothing I say!!!

    Apologies for the extravangent use of exclamation marks, but this is one truly determined goat!! I won’t have it!!

    p.s., sweetpea, I am quite impressed with you charming men 15 years younger at 40. You go! I’ve just turned 35 and starting feeling a bit ‘old shoeish’ as you say.. I was very excited about turning 30, but roll on 40!


  18. The forties are fabulous – they’re not called the ‘fuq-off-forties’ for nuthin! :D
    My life – MY life – began at 42. Uranus returns are sometimes an excruciating grind, but hey, individuate or die, I say. Now 47, I’m actually sailing my own ship. Younger-self is gobsmacked.
    I expect 50 to be even more brill :D

    • Good to hear CelticScorp, between 39-42 was a bit rough for me but now at 45, I’m having a ball :)

      • Love the f off forties. been there done that. Love life has never been better or more”intersting” with a capital I. its really the best time to start over – kids are older or gone, experience level and ‘take no shit fomr nobody’ levels are high, menopause (as if) has not kicked in yet, plenty of people in the same boat – why not have some fun!

    What can I say? He reappeared a week ago, and he’s beautiful… :)

  20. well, I’m not even tempted to go there but my exes strangely both popped back in to my life on the same day.

    on saturday I had to catch up with an ex who has just moved to the same town as me and knows no-one, so I was guilted into seeing him for a drink, and that night another ex rang me from another country and spoke to me for 3 hours, mentioning that he might be in the same town as me mid-year, if I wanted to catch up.

  21. darlings i was too impatient to read all your lovely posts because i wanted to say LEAVING THE COUNTRY HAS REALLY HELPED ME STAY AWAY FROM THE TORO but iam still sending the odd text…ok promise i’l stop that now (that’s a pisces promise about an e which means there is a 90% chance the promise will be broken)

  22. Well, well… on the subject of my most recent ex I have a lot to say… but I won’t, since I don’t want to abuse uppercase… BUT, I will mention that the retro Mars has catapulted a long-ago ex of mine to my (virtual) front door, via the Facebook landscape… I wonder: do these reunions fizzle out after Mars turns direct? Because if that’s the case, maybe I should act more swiftly and not play hard-ball… Although I am still in recovery mode…

    P.S I loved the “old-shoe” reference! Yes, been there….

  23. I get on quite well with most of my exes – except the one I loved the most, who hurt me the most.

    Then, SUCH wierd timing MM, he wrote and said he thinks of me and hopes we are friends. I wrote back and said while I wish him well, truthfully I will never understand how he could have hurt me so much and that we lost our pasts with the way things ended and he never acknowledged his actions.

    Sagg Ex has Kataka Moon and Rising Virgo – actually replied and APOLOGISED!!! After FIVE years??!!!!!!! He said he stuffed it up, he regrets it all, he’s learned his lesson, he can’t imagine a better wife and mother, he blamed me for things that were his fault and he’s sorry!!! Love that Saturn Return when worn on someone else…

    This isn’t sex with the ex, but it’s connecting on new level at least. It felt good as I had thought I was going mad when it all fell apart. I was honest and polite and got VALIDATION!! Now I can let it go…

    • wow, FT, WOW….

      sad that he only realises this now and not when it could have been something Beautiful :(

      happy that the lesson was realised

      and a great reply from you to him…

      big hugs and a pretty flower for you

    • FireTrine, that sounds wonderful!!! Connecting on a new level, with honesty, that’s great. :) So pleased for you!

      • Thank you all for the sweet comments. This would have thrown me sideways a couple years ago… but now I just feel ‘Yeah, good for you’.

        Have done lots of meditation on all this including the ‘breaking the ties that bind’ type one with a loving healing attached. I did that recently with all the people I most have issues with. I have to say I think it worked along with planetry alignments!!

  24. I have had all sorts of strange synchronicities with ex’s popping out of the woodwork but really, I can’t let my head go there… Got enough going on with my current relationship to do my head in well enough thank you very much. He’s gone all cold and distant and I am just trying to get my head around if this is a Mars Retrograde thing (Taurus Sun, Aqua Rising, Mars in Leo and Venus in Gemini) or it’s just all over for us. This sucks. Don’t like this crying into my pillow…