People Need Space When They’re Spacing Out

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Camilla Akrans Vogue China

With this much Aqua energy vibing everyone out, what is our new core requirement? Beyond oxygen, rocket, h20 et al???

Space. Take it. Give it. Cherish it. It need not be you actually spacing out in the desert or chez yoga ranch.

It could be just intellectually. Not the week to ask questions, pry, sneak, meddle or even psych someone out by THINKING too much about them. Pretend anyone absent is actually intergalactic on a hush-hush mission and impossible to reach.

Selfishly honour your own genius and/or co-create with those peeps actually close at hand. But even with them: don’t crowd.

Think of strongly Aquarian types and how they hate to be touched, can’t bear personal questions and freak out if you try to make them commit to a date ahead of time.

Aquarius is where we are all at this week, with just a hint of Pisces energy vibing in. Neither of those signs keep normal hours, guilt themselves too much about “morality” or do anything other than live in the moment. They are your new role models.

32 thoughts on “People Need Space When They’re Spacing Out

  1. You’re so much fun Mystic. So creative. I just love reading your posts.

    (ok Back to the cave now)

  2. Yes the Aqua is feverishly trying to work out how to get out of dinner & drinks with some ex colleagues this week… saying ‘I don’t even like these people’… I’m like ‘honey, you don’t like people in general, remember?’… :lol:

    Ahh the Aqua & I (pisces rising) giving each other space… that’s how we roll :D

    …..& I can’t believe I just threw chocolate in the bin.. well.. it was a hideous blend of dark chocolate & coffee… I don’t like ground coffee in my chocolate..ughh 8O

      • Ew crunching… lol UP
        My Aqua must not be the strongly Aquarian type,.
        Aqua came home this evening with a dvd that was made for work purposes & while I was watching it I was thinking…. oh the Aqua is so hot in this. So I told the Aqua what I thought….. the Aqua has been ON 8O me ever since…smiling saying ‘really?’…. :roll:

  3. God – my needs for space and freedom have ben intense for months now. And space = freedom right now….. I crave freedom from expectations, from others paradigms, from others stuff, physical and emo…. Basically I’m setting up my year so that I can extract myself and just cut loose and be FREE! But first – Saturn….. I’ll keep polishing away.

  4. can we make these the rules all the time cos my uranus conjunct sun and pisces MC are loving this sage advice…

  5. Oh my Aqua moon just made sense for the first time in my life – hate to be touched, can’t bear personal questions and freak out if people try to make me commit to a date ahead of time. Thanks Mystic.

    • Hmm, I’m the opposite gem- I have an aqua moon but am extremely tactile. BUT with you on the other two. I hate being locked into things before hand and people crowding my psychic space. Need time to think, explore my own mind. I always thought that was my sagg sun though. Aqua moon tends to
      make me a bit too ‘objective’ about some emotional stuff ( read: analyitical to nth degree, intellectualising emotions )…

      • Saggi baby, I have Aqua Moon as well and voila, same thing! Uber Tactile, in fact I’m practically a cat. If I like you, I am liable to wrap myself around you, HOWEVER like you, I dislike being lead/expected/assumed to fall in line with Team Thinking at the mo just because…well, just because the wind happens to blow that way. Nah, nyet, nein.

        I cherish forming my own opinions even if all that entails is something as silly as going, “No, that’s more salmon than coral”. I also act like a spooked horse when peeps start crowding me mentally…I have a Triple Water close friend and I can actually FEEL her guilting me about not spending time with her..which makes me NOT want to spend time even more.

        Uranus and Pluto in the first also makes typecasting averse i.e. I am not happy to limit my identity to whatev role peeps have assigned me.. oh and yes, I analyze emotions first even as I feel them intensely. Resulting in an extremely calm demeanor hiding turmoil…

        • ditto, ditto, ditto FA! i can barely keep my hands off those i love. un-evolved types have taken it as me being ‘clingy’ when they have not picked up on my extreme independence in other areas.

          if people dont give me space to think and form my own ideas i , um, ‘react’. i either take space physically and become a bit aloof, or i withdraw emotionally until ive had time to regain my mental equilibrium. not in a malicious or cold way, but just need to detach and have that sense of spaciousness. actually, starting meditation has helped with this alot as ive been able to access that inner ‘space’ far more readily and without the need for such grand withdrawals from others to do it. i have been learning to express and share my emotions without a weeks worth of analytical intellectualisation first (so i can stay in control of myself, another aqua moon trait i find).

          i like to do things my own way. uranus for me is in the 7th. i am learning to navigate that….

          • Lovelies – I have tried to respond to this four times and nada. But am so with you on everything except being tactile. An old boyf said he knew when I had gone into deep sleep because I’d start whinging and shrug him off me. Oops.

          • How funny is that, Uranus is in Libra for me in the first house! Jupiter in Libra as well (but this time in the 2nd house).

            It’s so true Saggigal, I am oft perplexed when peeps simply want to pin down my tactile affections to being ‘clingy’ when the truth is, like you, I need and have far more respect for individuation. Not surprisingly, the same peeps get upset when I am not “on board” after they had assumed, mistakenly that my affectionate nature belies a docile conforming mind. Wrong! Nothing could be farther than the truth.

            I sometimes wish there was a way to express this outwardly where it would make immediate sense..but after resignation, I have begun to embrace that this has got to be part of my paradox and mystery, no?

            It does frighten people though I have to say…it’s like they just go, “but you were cuddly…” Yeah, well, I’m also sharp in all the right places!

  6. Ok I get the picture, with the programme, just have to tune into my quadruple aqua daughters vibe! It’s kind of a RELIEF when you slot into it. She pretty much has NO FEELINGS, unless you count stuff like hot, cold, itchy, sleepy, impatient, curious…..

  7. notes to self:
    Space is the word.
    space to love myself and not beat myself up.
    More space between thoughts of ex.
    Brain space to allow fantastic new ideas to flow.
    Space from use of my mobile unless for emergency or work.
    Physical Space from ex (he was moon in aqua so not touchy feely and not very “open” )
    Enjoy the space of floating on the ocean while surfing

  8. Was thinking her (in pic) breeches have plenty of room.

    Looked up “jonipurs” and came across “Miss Chloes Slipper”….. Google at your own risk…lol

      • omg yes….lol! No wonder my spelling didn’t pop up under riding pants, etc. but you’d have thought googs would have given me more alternate spellings….

        Anyway, jonipurs did show up referencing riding pants on Miss Chloes Slipper as she was wearing them when she spanked her husband. :)


  9. well… hmm. i do understand aquas having been raised among a tribe of them. and a mother with aqua asc and about 5 planets in GEMINI incl Sun. so i get the Air/space/time continnum..

    BUT this aqua wierding is in my 8th house and pluto is in my 7th and i just want to Go Deep with people except they’re Not Home!!

    i am trying not – successfully so far I hope – to chase/ harrass (ie send more than 1 text message) / otherwise irritate these people because i LIKE them…

    so anyway i am glad that a pisces can be a role model for once… if yo can understand us enough to be like us i guess ;)

  10. UP, Pisceans are actually one of the most gracious signs when it comes to giving space, so I am sure you’re fine. Probably absorbing the intensity more than reflecting it back.

    • thanks FA…. in fact my Fearless Aqua pal (and other g/f’s) have teased me about the coolness with which I interact with Certain People, and they mistake / equate my giving them freedom/choice with a lack of interest :( .
      But at other times, yes…if someone is crowding ME even psychically…*run away* probably why i am so careful not to do the same with others these days.

  11. Oh phew! I’ve been in the ‘gawd will the whole world fuq off and leave me alone mode’ since Sunday and it’s been irritating me that there hasn’t been a particular reason for this. At least I can blame the cosmos!

    As for freaking out about being pinned down to a particular time – that’s me and I’m a pisces with not a scrap of anything in aquarius. Wish there was though. It might help with emotional detachment at times.

    Just love ‘niether pisces nor aquarius keep normal hours, guilt themselves too much about “morality” or do anything other than live in the moment’.

    I have to pull myself up at times when nodding sagely to someone’s confession of a (am)moral slip up. I don’t want to condone but at times I think I could be a bit more helpful if I exhibited some sort of ‘wow’ factor. Just to say ‘well it’s fine by me but maybe it’s not something you should try to get away with again’ and to let them know it’s something I would really do myself.

  12. My teenage son is Aquarian and he’s my calm font of chilled wisdom at all times, but he’s really hit his straps on the Mars retro angst.
    My passionate new romance has gone pear-shaped several critical times a la Venus-Mars and he always happens to be there with his spare tank of soul-oxygen. “I’m SO frazzed, but hey, maybe the boy’s velvet-glove pacifist approach WOULD be better than some eloquently snipey character-assassination..?”