Magic Purple Ink For The Auspicious Aqua Weirding

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Resolutions or affirmations are heaps more powerful and magic if you pen them in purple ink.

I can’t remember if that’s something i read for real or if i just made it up. Still, why not?

There is something so spesh about purple ink & the Auspicious Aqua Weirding is making me long to have only purple inked pens.

The word ‘purple’ comes from the Latin for lustrous and there is a gorge explanation of purple prose, it’s origins, here.

So: New Moon Resolutions, Vows and Affirmations or even just a little To-Do list to be written in magic purple ink & themed around the bit of your scope where you have 25 degrees of Aquarius.  Let’s see if it makes them more effective.

And yes, Purple/Indigo is the colour of Aquarius.  It’s an Esoteric Ray/Chakra as well – is it not?

25 thoughts on “Magic Purple Ink For The Auspicious Aqua Weirding

  1. OMG Mystic – you must stop tantalising me with great things this buy this week – I already busted the budget on sandalwood to make some ‘Come to Me’ oil and now I simply must have some purple ink!

  2. Oh gee, with my Chiron return at 25 Aqua today, think my affirmations are well boiled into my psyche…

    But oh Mystic, your words of wisdom were so on my mind today.

    Drama, high drama in the office….

    The gorge (like our Mystic) Pisces Sun and Libra Moon but with MARS IN ARIES OPPOSITE MOON… (volitile…don’t take no crap or hold it in..)

    Got into a huge tangle with the Aqua Sun, Gemini Moon but MARS IN ARIES OPPOSITE URANUS….Combative….Psycho projection of power issues…

    Anyway, can you imagine two Aries Mars toe to toe??!!….Ah, this Aries here peekin’ out my massage door doing a little snicker…heehee…I have both their charts.

    Anyway, where Mystic’s wisdom enters in especially, is that Aqua Moon Doc and Aqua Sun office mgr. talking about the Moon. Told them it was a dark moon, etc.

    Told them that if someone still had lessons with Saturn, that the “cosmic rays” (so love that Mystic), of Neptune and Chiron cannot get through! And that comment so directed toward the office mgr. in a round about way that she shut her trap cold..

    God we need to get rid of her…Told Pisces that I’d asked my inner teachers to “get rid of her”…meaning another therapist we’d had. Pisces said “how many times did you have to say that or ask?”

    I told her “once”…The old therapist and the office mgr. were so toxic together that their vib just does/did not fit in our office … One down, one to go…

    Anyway, about the Moon and Chiron/Neptune conjunct, literally told them about that. Aqua Moon Doc said, “we need a whole hour to talk about this!”

    So much more I could go on about but hilar….Wow, knew these fireworks were coming

  3. I will have you know darlings that somewhere in the bowels of Chicago is my voice coach who has EVERYTHING purple. Yes, her clothes, her pens, her post its, the discs she records the lessons on, her crystals, I am talking it’s like walking into a purple haze.

    Personally I find purple very royal as well as very healing. The one purple thing I absolutely loath is Barney.

  4. Ive got a purple quill and black ink, but i MUST go out and buy some
    any recomendation in Melbourne for good Ink/New Age stores?

    • de graves st – italian paper shop, cae sells good inks – you could get into a bit o’ diy & empower it yourself.
      eckersley’s also good for inks – and they have bamboo quills which particularly work well with the inks – something to do w viscosity.
      Dragon paper shop in commercial road prahran has things made from dirt and sticks from ethiopia and japan etc. – worth a look for magick papers.
      No one ever believes me but the catholic shop is cheapest for charcoals – they have weird blue dyed incense which is actually frankencense – olibanum. Lonsdale st – by the church that’s opposite the camera shops.
      And unless its gone there was an organic vege shop in smith st collingwood that has sandalwood and ground resins.

      Have fun x

    • Yes, it’s significant as the conjunction is only 3 degrees away from your Descendant. A Descendant is an angle as well so it’s a strong placement.

      When looking at conjunctions, a 10 degree orb is usually okay..

      • Thank you Sweetpea!
        Wasn’t sure because, other than being opposite ascendant, descendant is rarely mentioned anywhere, as if it’s of no importance.

  5. My New Age sis used to always sign her cards with a puple pen. Think Lord Zadkiel, the Archangel of Transformation, Merlin, St. Germain…All of the same type of vibration but different level of consciousness and expression

    • Oh UP, I had the most delightful new patient today and she was a Pisces. Just so incredibly sweet (like you). Numerous times she thanked me for working on her…Wow, that was just so lovely…

      She also has a one and a half year old son. She was talking about how she’d had to hide all the brooms in the house because he loves to sweep and was going bananas.

      She went to the toy store and bought him his own broom. She said he sleeps with his broom, eats with his broom. So cute!

      I asked her his birthdate knowing that sounded very Virgo. Sure enough….Sept. 7th!

  6. The Brow Chakra’s symbolic colour is Indigo.
    The Crown is Violet.
    Before chakras became a buzz word, Willem Reich’s work
    with Orgone energy, saw it as violet-indigo-electric blue at the base
    of the skull.
    I see flashes of it when doing trance-meditational bodywork, so does
    the recipient, it’s the way i can tell if we’re in the zone.
    In those calligraphy box sets you see at Post Offices or some newsagents,
    there are 2 aqua cartridges OR 2 violet, the other 6 are black red & blue.

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