Luna Transcendence

Eric Slayton

Hark, who is this?

Saturn Girl saving money again by being a chic nudist? With an animal companion that actually earns its keep?

Actually, no. I’m thinking more that it is a pic that symbolizes the current Moon situation. Moon in Gemini is moving to trine Mercury, Neptune and Chiron over the next ten hours & so there is an awesome amount of emotional sustenance and quiet insights just flowing in.

So let’s just say that the Owl is like sagacious wisdom, Athena/Minerva et al and that the nakedness symbolises being free of stupid preconceptions and grudges.

And the Moon being in Gemini trine Mercury, the ruler of Gemini,  means you can just grok stuff SO fast…

Moon-Neptune = fantastic dream potential tonight.

Oh and speaking of Saturn Girl, the Saturn Girl Scheduler for MARCH is now up…

30 thoughts on “Luna Transcendence

  1. But it’s a hawk. :3 I’ve always thought of hawks as solar and owls as lunar beings.

      • Oh it’s totally a perfect picture for representing the current sky as there are tons of interps! It’s also just simply aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Lovely Mystic.

    Still have Trans. Aqua Chiron and Neptune trine Mars 12th-Asc in Gem and will for quite some while so do think the dreams will continue vivid and detailed….Add to that the Gemini Moon you write about above and Chiron-Neptune…

    Pisces Sun on Sun/Moon midpoint-MC along with other assorted Pisces vibes…

    Dreaming last night was very explicit. Had two male lovers in this one but not at the same time although do think what is tying into this is the activation of my Midheavean with Sun-Moon midpoint (animus/anima theme) and all the Aqua/Gemmy stuff activatin’ my subconscioso…

  3. Excited to dream tonight! Hope the insights and fast grokkings hit me extra hard since I’m Gemini!

    • Me too Aeris!

      Gosh, maybe I’ll be with my lovers again…

      One was my hunk-o-rama patient…Aqua, Scorp Moon…(his Moon conjunct my Vertex and opp. Taurus Venus. He’s not the green eyed 6’2 good looking Aqua patient/druggie guy).

      Oh my goodness Mystic! Just realized theres an Aqua theme here (reminding me of yours with Venus/Ur), with this Aqua energy trine my Gem Mars-Asc.

      I’ll have to keep my dream an absolute secret even as I have my hands on my patient as he comes in Wednesday with his wife. I just remember that in the dream, he turned his head around and looked at me and I remember how his skin felt….heavenly…

      The second section of the dream I can’t tell which ex I was with actually, the Cancerian or the Pisces but we were looking for a place to do wickedly nasty things.

      And then we did….Or I did to him anyway….Won’t go there here :shock:

      Dreams better than 3D and no Mars retro bull… ;)

  4. Good – I’m gonna grok myself silly!
    And garden seeing as landlords have issued a breach notice saying the garden is overgrown….. Garden was dealt with 3 weeks ago, and then, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Brisbane had the wettest Feb in the last 10 years???? Hot, humid, wet, sub-tropical…. anyone understand that usuaully means things grow INSANELY fast?? Lets just say the comment “the landlord doesn’t think a couple of days rain” is a legitimate excuse was like a red rag to a bull. It was not an excuse, or an explanation, it was an observation, and unless they think I should be out there rain hail and shine keeping the garden ‘just so’, they can F-off. Many gratitudes for the forwearning Mysic, that I would be cranky as (let me count the ways…. daily mystic, daily scopes, Saturn Girl scheduler, your blog….), but even so, I very nearly lost it at such petty minded, pig ignorant power mongering *$#@!s. I’ll ignore the fact I had organised a garden date on Friday with my mum to get the garden sorted anyway…..
    Sorry, rant over. I’m counting down till I can scarper, garden, and grok…. I may even get some wine, and take a bath!

    • A “garden date?” Sounds charming Postmod. Have not heard of that here in the desert/U.S…

      Pig ignorant? Gosh I love that one…. :) Hilarious. Never heard of it here either….

      Your rant brought a smile and a chuckle doll…

      • I’m glad! I am a funny fount of ye olde terms, of the Australian / English variety anyway…

        And a garden date is something I do with my Mum, she’s a mad keen gardener, and an AMAZING one at that, so she always takes an interest in my little green zones (when I lived in one place, people would ask her how I was, and all she could tell them about was my garden! It was a great garden, but even so….. Actually, that place was around the corner from her work, and she’d nip over at lunch to have a fossick – and I would always know when she’d been by!). Anyway, a garden date always ends with vino on my veranda looking across the hills of Brissy, enjoying the evening sounds, adn whatever flowers are in season!

    • PMS – empathy for yr sitch, but big ups for yr style. seriously you write good girl!! ;-) xox

  5. Well I’ve just spent the last couple of days collecting certificates so the Sagg daughter can get a passport. I was amused to find myself unsure what day in April I got married…so rang up the ex to save a search fee and then went and had civilised coffee together. Also yes postmodscorp the weather in Brissie currently sucks….will be glad to get home tonight to my hinterland abode. Hopefully it’s cooler.

  6. Owl. Hawk. Bat. Whatever. Please. I have Mercury in Aries. The gist is the same. oKay, if hawk i suppose the vibe is more aggressive. She is a nudist saggo hanging out at the yoga ranch waiting for mars to do direct and wondering if it would be an awesome idea for her to send a msg via falcon/owl/bat thing to this guy…Or not. Her swami ignoring her texts…

    • I love it Mystic! Great message for us all! :3 I’ve heard that hawks are ruled by “Aquarius” and eagles by “Scorpio” but heck someone could’ve made that up. So it’s perfect as is!

  7. Um so day started like this……
    Wandered past desk this morn sans specs. Glanced at what thought to be discarded fruit seed only to discover gold fish had committed hurrycurry overnight. it made me sad. that I touched him & I. flushed him.

    AND day ended like this.
    pacing thru abode, on phone, semi work convo, & screamed in fright when pigeon swooped IN kitchen.!! in the centre of house. no windows open. poor little rat with wings was as scared shitless as I was. shuttled it/him/her to back of house & opened windows 2 metres. it/him/her perched abreast the venetian blinds quivering. Le Ram promptly appeared & dutifully sent pigeon safely outside.

    is there omen in my dead little goldy *sniff* or the bird in house (sans open windows)….??
    or is it just one of those days where no work completed cos the bog was being repaired & Prof MAC commandeered all devices…..??

  8. Always think it’s a GOOD omen when birds (of any kind) come into house..but umm not sure if can say same thing for goldfish sorry! Maybe good at least that bird happened after??!!!

  9. Mystic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO

    Like seriously – maybe I had a bum like this in a past life when I was genetically elongated to be about two metres tall.

    Is this chick like a bleached Pandora Avatar being or what???

    Seriously. Are you trying to do my head in?

  10. My dream got lost in confusion with Dr Aqua running into the bedroom at dawn’s crack yelping something about the alarm not going off! 8O

    Speaking of crack….

    I apparently have a high crack & the only reason I know this is because my peeps/ Dr Aqua who have seen it DISCUSS it with me!! I mean really come on, what is the acceptable height of crack these days? I am tall but I don’t think that is the reason. Hawk girl’s crack seems to be at a normal height?
    I am not talking about a plumbers crack either- I don’t have that 8O

    • Baristagem. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt after attending a naked women’s rain dance a number of years ago in rural Victoria – when over 300 women from all over the country danced, sang and prayed for rain – is that we are all shapes, sizes, dimensions and cracks.

      I saw women with breasts the size of watermelons, and there were young, nubile women with tattooes and groomed shrubberyand a woman in her eighties dancing completely naked except for her calico CWA (Country Women’s Association) shopping bag drapped over her walking frame.

      If peeps / docs are so lacking in crack observational experience that they need to discuss the dimensions of yours with you – just tell em that yours is more evolved than most.

    • How can you have a high crack? You mean like cleavage? Or does your bum have a funny shape? Seriously, I don’t get it……? Maybe you have a really pert butt, so the crack ‘looks’ higher cos its all perched off the bottom of your spine? High crack….. weird

      • :lol:

        What I meant to say was it IS like an unintentional plumbers crack, even if I were to wear high waisted jeans i would still show some crack… :D I like your theory though postmodscorp :)

  11. OK dreams were WACKO!!

    yet again most of dream spent trying to get to Sydney Gallery ‘White Rabbit’ (??!!). on & off trams I dropped my diamond ring but the conductor caught it as we took off & I got it back. phew. never got there. again. dream segued to Le Ram’s pad, & his last major Ex prancing around uninvited. IRL we used to be friends & she’s with someone else (his mate) hence no threat, but weird she’s in dream time. in dream she seemed initally surprised I was there, but soon accepted my role as lady of house. eventually she left as it was apparent she had no place there or purpose. segue to ANOTHER artist I’d recently met at a gallery do. nice guy. it was very flirty verging on sexual & almost precognative vibing something’s gonna happen with us. woke at Le Rams to see ARTIST had called for 1st time. felt as though had betrayed in sleep. then had coffee. & reality of day set in…..

    • Wow go rlp! :D

      Diamond ring could symbolise love and since you dropped it but got it back may mean(a) love is coming back to you!!

      I don’t know maybe it could be with the Arteest….?? Or maybe with Le Ram…….?? :D

  12. Very meaningful yet distrubing dream.
    Was pulled over by 3 Chinese policemen for eating a hamburger and they began to come towards me talking of raping me and I just said yes totally frightened thinking they won’t be so violent if I consent. The I woke up thankfully
    Wt? Bring attacked is meant to be about facing some very deep issues and being vulnerable.

    LAst week I dreamt of slapping my son ( I have never hit him in my life) and that is pent up fustration duh! he is 15.

  13. Let’s get with the androgynous agenda: bottoms up this is a GUY/MAN: waist up a GAL/WOMAN. I’m just too old – shock horror, quelle horreur, etcetc – to ever want an arse like other than the one I got saddled (!) with. I am not young/black/male/athletic: in fact, as far as I can recall, which isn’t far enuf, I haven’t had an arse like that since I was 10 years old. Women are becoming more male-like, soz when are the men going fem – and, no, I don’t mean wearing dresses and makeup, coz that’s been their cover for so boringly long, it’s a total yawn, dahlink….