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Rosa Parks Today is the birthday of Rosa Parks, the American Civil Rights legend, whose refusal to give up her seat for a white person was a catalyst for the human rights  movement. They had what basically amounted to bus-apartheid back in the 1950s & this Aquarius wasn’t putting up with it. That led to a boycotting of the bus system and so on…Voila, today America has President Obama. Amongst other “coloured” luminaries…

She’s actually a multiple conjunct Aquarius: Sun-Mercury-Moon-Uranus.  Try shutting that one up. The embodiment of the pragmatically visionary and ahead of their time haute Aquarius and a spooky-cute fact: Her Sun is bang-on the Aquarius Ascendent of President Obama.

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12 thoughts on “Haute Aqua

    • Love that Martin Luther King is in the background of the pic too. We take his birthday off as a national holiday now.

  1. I’ve heard of Rosa Parks but I wasn’t aware she shared her birthday with my multiple conjunct Aquagirl (Nept/Merc/Uranus/Sun/Pallas Athena)! I’ll have to tell her. Aquagirl has a Scorp rising and Taurus moon – strong fixed energy, can you imagine her teen years 😯 She turned 12 today.

    • Happy Birthday to your Aquagirl! And wow, yep, fixed energy alright!

    • OMG….i would not want to be the one trying to argue with her about something!! lol. but so strong.

  2. OH I am SO glad to know Rosa was an aqua, they are my all-time favourites of the zodiac. She just fits in there with them real snug you know? I love the way they can be discretely indignant. That whole bus seat thing was such a discrete yet powerful move. Some people say discretion is the better part of valour. It sounds like a good mars retro mantra.

    And hey, I’m peaking on the mad aqua vibe at the moment – why can’t it be like this all the time? It just works you know? I keep thinking “I might just be having the time of my life.” How does one gauge something like that? That’s a rhetorical question – unless an aquarian has a gadget they’ve recently invented and they need a guinea pig? If it doubles as a personal massager and has an odor you just can’t get rid of forget it.

    Wishing good health to all the AQUAS – the world needs more like you and Rosa.

    • you gauge it by saying “yep, i AM having the time of my life”!! go, whatevs! and re Aquas, i like that when one discusses / encounters issues that the Aqua is sensitive to, or they have just had enough of something, they just Stop. it’s like trying to knock a brick wall down by blowing on it. No Dice. hehe

      • example, Rosa on the bus – I can imagine with all that aqua she would have been the Immovable Object, lol good on her

  3. Amazing woman – and I’m totally getting off on this Aqua Vibe, it gives me space to be all those things that drive me nuts when the Aquas in my life do it…..

    Individuating to the MAX!

    Might channel some visionary ideas in honor of Rosa…

  4. working on it….. this discretion thing has a good balance for an aries w mars retro…….Being alllllll -I shall rebel, by not participating in your bull. Rather than wading in, getting po’d and defending my behavior.

    Just stay standing. Stand your ground and say, No.

    has anyone every watched Madea? if not WATCH IT! funniest crap ever

    Madea: see thats ur problem girl, you let ur man and ur girlfriend talk to much
    Linda: but how was i supposed to know that he’d run off with her!
    Madea: Dont worry child, something very similar happened to me, when MY GIRLFRIEND STOLE MY MAN
    Madea: Rosa Parks
    Linda: PFFT rosa parks! haha thanks madea u always knew how to make me laugh
    Madea: Hey hey its true, people think that Rosa stayed on that bus for black people rights, uh-uh, she STAYED on THAT BUS because i was at the bus stop (pulls out pistol) going “GET OFF THE BUS ROSA! GET OFF THE BUS”