Happy Thorsday

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Yes it’s Thorsday – aka Thursday – again, the day of Thor/Jupiter/Jove/Zeus & all. Think of how the Sun is right now gliding toward the conjunction with Jupiter – this a once a year extra-lucky day that this year is on Sunday…but oozing out to bless the whole weekend for sure.

Speculation, romantic risks & bolts of brilliance downloaded as if straight from the skies are all features of this conjunction…a friendly little nod before Saturn gets back into opposing Uranus again…

Sun-Jupiter is particularly beneficial for Pisceans, Sagittarians and Leos. Get it on guys.

21 thoughts on “Happy Thorsday

  1. Ok – romantic risks? But no chasing boys….. Blessed weekend, but astro storm warning Saturday……
    I think I’ll focus on bolts of brilliance! For the plot planning of course….

    • i thought boys were off limit? Don’t tease us poor Leos MM. Nothing ‘friendly’ abt my thoughts they are thunderboltish. i’m game but what would saturn girl do?

      • See! Thats my point! I’m confused – esp as French boy, who seemed interested, then buggered of to NZ to see a girl (according to male co-worker, but oops, apparently frenchy didn’t want that known….?) keeps turning up in my Neptunian dream-time, but I haven’t seen him for a week because fave coffee place closed for morning trade due to renovations (argh).
        FFS – over it!

  2. The Magic-Man whom i knew in Singapore (Called a Bomoh-Man in Malaysia)
    said that Thursday was the best day to give peeps blessings, which he did
    from a huge bowl of jasmine water with a skull next to it whilst sitting crossed-legged
    on a platform.
    I swear i saw him turn blue like the blue=Buddha once. He was a Government
    approved clairvoyant & spiritual healer. They turned to him for missing children
    or banishing ghosts, which he said he channelled into the skull.
    Who was i to disbelieve, no way would i! Part of his initiation was to go into a Cemetary
    at night & ‘challege’ the spirits & make them enter the skull & be trapped.
    How brave.
    Needless to say, i went every Thursday for my sprinkle of jasmine water & have not had
    such abundance, financially, since leaving Singers.
    He said he would come to Oz & i could promote him as God. He had a great sense of humour.

    • I want to meet God some Thorsday for a blessing! Let us know if he arrives? Actually I might be going to Malaysia next year, I would love to know where I could meet Bomoh Man, sounds a courageous person.

  3. So it’s confirmed that romantic risks doesn’t include casually turning up where you know a certain boy is going to be?

    • you go girl that sounds sensible to me not a risk. but I am a risky and very frisky Leo/scorpio. Its all a game till March 15 remember.

  4. what’s the point of a romantic risk during Mars retro??? It will only lead to a dud root. Well, that’s what happened in my case anyway. :neutral:

    • what a bummer. scorpo. Nothing worse. its gotta be a sure risk. i’m game just a a little risk is ok.

      • why the hell not. Go for it. Even a dud root is better than no root. :lol:

        I’ve been chatting to someone else (an Aries – yikes) but will try and delay our first date until March 15.

        • would disagree on the dud root. Delay is good now but just a little risk for today but waiting patiently sitting on hands till March 15. What can we do to distract ourselves? exercise work etc – sounds boring but is good saturn girl advice.

  5. Ive been keeping tabs on 2 small black and orange butterflies rooting in the backyard. They have been ‘conjoined’ for over 12 hours now..no their not dead I checked. Just lying there in conjugal bliss, I think…imagine a dud root that went on that long :)