Dark Moon Weirding

Yes it’s weird at the moment as there is all this fabulous, magical activity & eureka moments crackling away in Aquarius.

But it’s still the Dark Moon so there is a tides-out sensation with energy & emotions. Don’t do the gloom but do do the requisite Dark Moon rest-up & the Moon is new again Saturday night in America, early Sunday morning in the UK and in the afternoon in Australia.

That’s when the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding will really get going. Remember, it’s a New Moon near to the amazing (and rare) Chiron-Neptune conjunction: brilliant breakthroughs and sudden (positive) changes. Get with it but rejuvenate now.

Oh and there’s a sexy Venus-Pluto sextile next week as well. You may as well restore your glow along with your sanity. And big changes you’re pondering or already doing are enduring – no need to rush it all now.

30 thoughts on “Dark Moon Weirding

  1. This does explain why swimming this morning just was not a happening thing. I’m not sure I even did 20 laps….?

    I’m hanging out for the positive stuff too – all these magic love stars, and I’m finding out things like the French flirt has gone to NZ to see a girl? But, I thought we were starting something? I fuqing hate this stuff – Mars retro is to blame – cos for once I was actually managing to be flirty and come-hithery… Ah well, at least the party guy took my name and number Sat night. No major tingles in my bits, but we had a great convo… And I take cold comfort in the fact that a colleague is also having similar man issues. Its not just me!!!!

    Think I’ll go back to polishing my Saturnian Work Ethic. Got that one nailed.

  2. Eep! I would love to relax and rest up for the dark moon weirding and the coming Aqua weirding, but I have so much make up work for school I need to do (due to illness and hospitalizations) that I’m afraid if I spend one moment at rest I’ll fail! I already had to take a medical discharge for one class, so I can’t graduate this year most likely, I think I’d cry if I had to take another one. ajkfksj! Plus I’ve got a trunk full of emotional blahdy-blah and entire room to revamp and clean head-to-toe and somehow I also need to find some time to sleep. So much pressure! I feel like Saturn is already back in Virgo. Mars Retro is not helping with the emotional blahdy-blah, might I add. I am not a fan of going all high-school-crush on my best friend again, when I already know for sure it would never work and I’m only interested because I clearly cannot have him. Oh, curse my fickle girlish heart!
    If nothing else, knowing there is a dark moon at hand will help me understand and manage my emotions for the remainder of this week. I was feeling rather despondent last evening, but I believe I can boost myself out of it with some lavender incense and the new exfoliant I’ve acquired! A good skin scrub will help me feel a bit less weighted down, I think. Will also be working in the dark room with teacher-who-inspired-me-to-love-learning-again tomorrow (how fitting!) and he’s going to be tutoring me in some math stuff on Thursday. He’s always been a beacon of hope for me, so to speak, so I think that will help me get through this dark moon + stress business. I hope everyone else has a lovely and restful dark moon! I suppose we’ll all need it for the venus-pluto sextile. ;)!

  3. The Aqua-weirding (and now Sun) has been trining my natal Part of Fortune in Gemini, but I’ve been going through some really ruff spots with my husband– really nasty verbal spats, bringing up the past, vales of tears etc. We might have called it quits tonight, but I never know, we have a love/hate relationship. I wonder if Neptune-Chiron is highlighting deep hurts and bringing up yearnings for some true romance on both ends. Unfortunately Saturn is getting ready to dive into my significant other sector. What do you guys think?

    • HVV, where’s the Neptune-Chiron fall in your chart, your hubbie & your composite chart’s? Might help to look at the placement I reckon.

      • Neptune+Chiron is 11th house, opp my Leo Saturn. They’re in his 3rd house, with a sextile to his Sag Lilith in the 1st house & a trine to his Gem Saturn in the 7th. In our composite, the duo is moving through our 1st, with a trine to a Libra Uranus in the 9th.

        A really quick analysis: I’m undergoing a big shakeup in what I want and expect marriage-and-career-wise (with Pluto transiting my MC + beginning of PhD programme). He has expressed the need to travel more and not be fettered by me (the Sag Lilith) and is looking to restructure things (i.e. move on). Together we’re looking at everything fuzzily, and thinking a big change is due, maybe sudden, whether in the way we view each other or (gulp) in the courthouse.

        He’s a Cancer, btw, with a Scorpio rising. He says he loves me (and I think he does), but if he gets angry over something little, “whimsical house re-arraignment” (i.e. an unplugged stereo), he wants a divorce. He’s been doing it off and on throughout our 5 year marriage, to the point where I feel mistrustful and wounded. He feels my shyness, whimsy, dreaminess and lack of accomplishment is useless and unchangeable. He says that he doesn’t want love, he wants a relationship that works.

        Perhaps he should wait til Uranus hits my Aries rising. LOL

        • “if he gets angry over something little, “whimsical house re-arraignment” (i.e. an unplugged stereo), he wants a divorce. He’s been doing it off and on throughout our 5 year marriage, to the point where I feel mistrustful and wounded” – I don’t blame ya!
          Is it done to gain power? Do you think he’s aware of this? Just wondering if it’s the Kataka pass-agg way. While I get that what I glimpse is via this blog, I find that highly disrespectful. Hope I didn’t offend you with my opinion there.

          “lack of accomplishment” – whose words are these? *tilting head*

          Hun, I don’t think he should wait for Uranus to hit your Aries Asc, maybe it’s time for the Aries to be let out of the pen! Not in a lo-Aries way, just to be clear. :)

          • “Hope I didn’t offend you with my opinion there.” – No worries, my friends (& some of his) wonder how I put up with his Kataka batshit pass-agg ways, but having a Kataka stellium (Moon, Mars, Jupiter, all conjunct his sun & moon), I understand him all too well, just as he understands me. We get each other’s intellect, humor, & aesthetic, but we’re also very competitive & quick to get angry.

            He knows he shouldn’t treat me so harshly, but he just waits for things to blow over & me to forget. He’s been doing it for years, I think, the youngest son and extremely charismatic. His Neptune+ASC.

            Thanks for the kind words. A ray of sunshine on a gloomy day.

        • He sounds like a narcissist. Sorry. Look up Narcissistic personality disorder on google.

  4. Help me.. I don’t understand where all this ‘positive’ astro stuff is coming from or who it’s going to. I am in a massive dark cloud at the moment and I can totally see it’s lame but no matter WHAT I try (talk therapy, exercise, relaxation, meditation, music, sex) it is not goingaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I need to whine to someone. Everything was going well about a month ago. Everything- I was putting in so much effort and getting all the results thanks to mars being in my ’6th’ retro. and work was great, work relationshipos were great, personal relationships were great. Everything was in a great smooth ascending motion. If a bit slow at times. But fuq what have I done/am I doing now. I am in my own head pretty much telling everyone else to eff off subtly for some reason but its stupid because I’m just perpetuating my own problem/lonliness etc.


    • Hate to say it, but maybe Mystic already answered you?
      Is there something big you are not wanting to see? (who can blame you really, harsh reality bites)
      Whatever it is, you can handle it. It will not overwhelm you if you face it.
      You are better at dealing with stuff than you think. People underestimate Pisces all the time…..

  5. p.s. I was not a whingy piscean at ALLLLLL 4 weeks ago. Was straight shooting & no nonsense. HAd my head firmly in reality (maybe for the first time…)

  6. Well Horned Virgo saturn there was curtains for my marriage and mystic told me so but i did not want to believe her. She put it more delicately than i am here but i wish i had heeded her earlier. Sorry to sound gloomy.

    • Wow. Did you have a chart done by her? That’s pretty intense, hard work Ms. Socialite. I think it would be rare pigeon that could accept something like that before they are really ready to hear it though, good luck!

  7. I’m not as depressed as I was the last dark moon, but i am feeling caustic and bitter. I don’t know why. There’s no reason to. I just feel like all the magic has been taken out of life and there’s nothing left except “reality”. As a Libra, this is quite distressing.

    • Knowing the libras that I do, that is an understatement for you, isn’t it Yotf….It wayyyyy affects your world.
      I dunno if it helps, but try thinking Arian. What beauty can you create? in a small way- just for now?
      Nobody will do it for you at the mo…Try creativity and be determined about it.
      You can do it!

      • Thank you BSA! I will try that. I just really need the time to do it. It just feels like the Aqua weirding threw a party and I’m not invited is all. :(

        • *laugh*

          I don’t know who’s worse about not being invited to a party, a Libra or an Aries….
          You are definitely invited. Maybe the gold- etched invite got lost in the mail?? Cosmic mailmen are notoriously careless……

  8. Oh so sorry to hear that gals…Hopefully things will perk up…

    Think ruby slippers, three clicks and a wish! It’s worth a try…I should know, I was born in Kansas

    Love that pic Mystic….Wizard of Oz dear to my heart….

  9. Ditto all the above feelings, esp. love magic which is totally not happening, except for persistent and hideous texts from ex i’d rather not have in the same universe as me. And we broke up over 5 years ago!

    Am wondering what the deal is with exercise in Dark Moon? Is it better to stick to walking the dog around the block over a 60minute heart-rate session on punching bag?

    • LOL! You are my astro-twin. Same scenario. But you know i hear good stuff is in store for Aquas! So hang on.

      Maybe dress your dog in one of those martial arts “fat suits” used so people can attack you. Punch the dog while you are chasing it around? LOL! hmmm… ok maybe that’s a bad idea. Maybe luxurious bath instead. See if the dog wants a rose petal bath too.

  10. Think my ah-ha moments with this auspicious 25 deg. Chiron-Neptune and the New Moon that will hover nearby, is that it’s on my same deg Chiron and that if I add in my Progressed Full Moon and the message of that being one of fullfillment and subsequent dissemination and well, must plug away at my goals. So glad I know this info. Mystic….keeps me going when I would more than likely feel to be stabbing in the dark (and dark moon currently at that…)

  11. i got half way into the office today and decided it would be a much better idea to go to the beach instead. so i did.
    feel a lot better now.

  12. I just feel all my exes hovering around me like a nebulous cloud. None of them is really bothering me- or showing up. Just lucky I guess….

    I dunno what this dark moon is about for me. I am trying to stay centred. I am vibing a lot of confusion- I totally hear you about the exercise thing. I wanted to go to my cardiodance class to get some energy out and seretonin going, but couldn’t decide if I was too tired and needed to sleep 16hrs instead. Ended up being 2o minutes late and both parking lots were full. So I left and went to bed early….