Chez Mickey Rourke

I’m sick of trying to even THINK about Mickey Rourke’s astrology.

The man has about three majorly different birth years out there in the culture. But he is definitely a Virgo. So, yes. And here is  his apartment in New York, courtesy of Architectural Digest.

That thing on the mantelpiece is “an 18th Century Bishop’s Head.” So okay, I am PRESUMING it is a sculpture, though i would not put anything past Mickey Rourke.

And here is his master bedroom. It seems VERY ornate, for a Virgo, even a Virgo movie star. Thoughts?

29 thoughts on “Chez Mickey Rourke

  1. Hmmm, I reckon his 1952 birthdate could be for real, giving him a Leo moon, with Venus, Saturn and Nep in Libra, and Mars in Sagg.

    I like the decor, so it’s not beyond a Virgo. While it’s intense and opulent, it’s well balanced and not overdone, but the ornateness is leaning more toward the Leo moon. I also reckon there’s something very Scorpionic about Mickey Rourke — the sexuality, the downfall, the redemption and the living room with red accents and religious iconography. If he’s Scorp rising, it would put his Venus Nep etc in the 12th house, which adds up. 11th house sun and tenth house moon also adds up for an actor and I reckon his moon is conjunct Pluto.

    Just saying.

  2. Also I have always thought him to be a Scorpio. He looks too filthy for a Virgo. I am sure he is lying about his birth-date and he is really a scorpio born back int he 18th century. only that bishop knows the whole story

  3. I agree with you UV about the ornate Leo vibe and Scorp rising. He was like a Phoenix with The Wrestler. And all the substance stuff. Or is that maybe Neptune in 12th?

    An acquaintance was the jnr schlepp on a film he did with Diane Lane which tanked and she regaled with stories about how vile he was on set. So smashed all the time that he forgot lines, kept cast and crew waiting all hours while he watched gridiron game final (they were throwing old hotdogs at his trailer by 2am) and she had to clean up his spew one morning when he came in from some bender. Also he was dating his onscreen daughter in that movie at the

  4. There’s smth that says Leo & Taurus about it. The opulence and the comfort of the red armchair and big pillows.
    Though I really like beachgirl’s take on it! Brilliant! :)

  5. have always thought him as Scorp also – love him BTW, weird traits & all.

    anyone seen doco on Biography channel?
    Amazing sinsights.

    also reckon he bought the designers concept – leo designe.
    too much going on for Virgo….

  6. I love the guy… but I definitely see him over-compensating here. I mean, he was at the top when he was young…then hollywood wouldn’t let him use the front door for how many years?? He couldn’t get a job. He had to “wrestle”, for god’s sake, to bring in a paycheck.
    I think he still feels “unworthy” and has opted for a “kings” decor to make himself feel better about himself. Nothing wrong with that…we all do it to a degree. But I don’t see it as merely a choice in decor…I see his insecurities all over the place.

  7. Watch ITAS with Mickey the other week and I actually got teary! He is so good at being powerful and vulnerable, moody and sweet.
    I thought he was a Taurus – I didn’t realise he was a Catholic! He is a funny mix of things, I vibe Cancer, Taurus and something Uranian and crazy.

  8. Would never ever ever have picked this for a Mickey Rourke choice of decor.
    Was told only last week, by a Virgo btw, that he was gay, if true, here’s your room, have only
    seen this style in gay house or similar in my ‘Brothels around the World’.

    He’s a fantasy, a re-invention genius, perhaps it takes an OTT residence in NY to maintain
    life with the electric energy the city has & be coocooned after venturing out.
    ‘Elegant & detached Moon’ you said.
    The abode does have elegance & detachment from outside reality.
    ‘Theatrical & hot women’ the Venus Leo conjunct Uranus, so the boudoir is set up for
    just that.
    You said it all Myst :-)

    • Hmm. I don’t know about Mickey, but given what I know about the Catholic Church I wouldn’t be surprised to find another self-hating gay Catholic in the world.

      Actually, his house looks like a wealthy priest’s presbytery I once visited… Let’s just say the priest shouldn’t have been wealthy and he should have been in prison (yep, another horrid story involving kids) – not to tar Mr. Rourke with the same brush of course.

  9. I agree someone else designed it as the decor sure as hell doesn’t match his dress sense. Funnily, I can picture the young Micky Rourke (Angel Heart, Pope of Greenwich Village era) in those rooms better than the older one.

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