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In the ‘living well is the best revenge’ tradition, Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of the only magazine her ex Brad Pitt purportedly reads or gives a merde about, with a triumphant gleam in her eyes but otherwise looking mega-casual and uncomplicated. The main point of the article seems to be that she has spent s-loads transforming what were previously His and Her bathrooms into a spa complex.

This current Chiron-Neptune conjunction (the fabulous, magic one) is bang-on her Sun so presumably she feels quite happy reading (if she bothers) articles suggesting that Brad is terribly unwell due to being hideously unhappy (that beard is a cry for help, no?) and that Angelina is getting set to turn herself into a Princess Diana character with a more “statesman-like” partner.

Jennifer’s got Libra Rising (wow would she hate Brad’s beard or what?) and a sensational Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Libra that is about to have Saturn go over it. So v.innovative new career stuff in the next two years. Plus she’s got Mars-Neptune in Scorpio…super calculating & strategic.

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  1. haven’t understood why gossip sheets have labelled her ‘poor jen’…she seems to be doing rather well…
    even i’m happy reading those articles…and i dont know any of these people hahaha…

  2. Oh, it always, always comes out in the wash. Go Jen and savour every moment of Brangie’s demise if it should so happen. I mean he lied to her when they broke up, couldn’t even be honest/man enough with her about another women.

    Anyway, I’ve seen the “coming out in the wash” so many times in other’s lives and in my own, esp. with the Pisces/Leo Moon/Mars..When he came back, and then, I got to dump him. Then Saturn entered Leo….need I say more?

    Okay back to cooking and the Super Bowl…..not that I actually ~watch~ the thing, but at half time, The Who were great…

    I say it over and over….The universe is fair…Libra NN with Juno and Pallas Athena conjunct…

  3. I’m just sick of seeing her mug everywhere, and now even here in MM’s blog. Sigh… All those damn waste of paper “women’s mags”, who cares. If only even a quarter of the peeps who buy them would work on their own effing lives.

  4. As soon as I opened the page I thought ‘I wonder if she thinks of Brad – seeing her being fabulous – every time she poses for the camera?’.

    I know I would (i.e. if I wasn’t so evolved . . . ahem . . .).

  5. I love it! I mean as if she cares about him anymore, even if he is brad pitt! An ex is an ex!

    She looks freaking fabulous & has been so mature about the whole thing…until now….
    Brad: whats that noise in the house…..?
    Jennifer: peace & quiet…
    Brad: ‘oh I forgot what that sounds like with 6 children’
    Jennifer: ‘ahahahahahahhahahahahaha… see ya’

    oh & i love brad, angelina & jennifer equally :D

      • Am not into trash mags either Sweetpea & it just creates this whole ridiculous image of these people. I mean they are actors etc… the movies they star in is what makes them interesting.

        So I was watching Inglorious Basterds (haven’t finished watching it yet) last night & I’ve got to say Brad is really good in it, I was really surprised. Tarantino is great at gluing your eyes to the screen too! :D

  6. Think Angelina is very very strange, & that coming from me means she is
    a questionable type of bizarre.
    Like her movies a lot, brilliant actor, a chameleon.
    Replace Diana? Don’t think so!
    Love Pitt’s humour, think he should marry George Clooney.
    The beard with strings would be to upset Angela then if he wants out.

    • About the beard Pegs…sounds right on.

      But I really have this terrible urge to braid it or put beads in it. Him being Sagg and all, think he’d go for it? Or, Cappy Moon (like mine) a bit on the stuffy/proper side…?

      • About Diana, no, not ever will anyone replace her. I remember staying up all night while my first born was brand new and watching her get married. That held a special place in my heart and when she died it was like a gone era…

      • Sweetpea, you stuffy/proper??? no way! Maybe a slight wiff of it but your outrageous fuq face comments etc way outweigh the “properness” in you! ; >

        • Thank you darling. Do have a splash of stuffery now and then…

          (But most of the time not!!) Do think I can be a bit different in the written however than in person.

          • Absolutely, I can so understand this. That’s what makes you so hilarious. That is the lovely thing here, we can be outrageous with the written word and oh so proper in person, with just a wicked glint of mischief!

  7. hmm, isn’t it interesting that every time angelina tries to do something nice for the world, everyone’s like ‘oh she’s a controlling bitch who stole brad etc etc.’

    and somehow no matter what ange does in her charity work, that will never ever undo the fact that she ‘stole jen’s man’… lol. meanwhile i’m sure heaps of ‘statesmen’ are off having dalliances with other women but no-one really cares.

    she must really have pissed off a lot of people to not ever be able to rise above something that happened years ago. or is it just that the trash mags know their audience (mostly female) and know that there’s big bucks in rubbishing angelina because everyone wants to be brad’s new girlfriend?

    • “meanwhile i’m sure heaps of ’statesmen’ are off having dalliances with other women but no-one really cares.” – itawy

      Re: the man who was “stolen”, he came across as wanting to have kids since way back. He was ready to have kids (interviews) from when he was with Gwyneth Paltrow. I reckon he got married on the rebound from GP. I’ll never know if it’s true or not, coz it’s unlikely I’ll ever hang out with Brad Pitt, it’s just my opinion. And when a woman leaves a man coz she wants to have kids, it’s ok, seems it’s within her rights to do so; but, to me anyway, there’s still the double standard that when a man does that, he’s perceived as less of a man. But hey, differences in wanting/not wanting offspring IS a deal breaker. Even if both people want kids but differ in the timing, I’ve seen that act as a deal breaker, too.

      • But then in later interviews Jen said she HAD wanted children..and let’s remember these mags and gossip columns make their money from printing absolute crap! So who knows really what is the truth…or what really goes on between two people..

    • Not-so-virginal, she took someone else’s man. It is the ultimate betrayal. Brad Pitt isn’t blameless either, he was supposedly in a committed relationship when he met Angelina, end he too performed the ultimate betrayal. But Angelina knew this and continued on. There is no getting away from that fact. My mother always told me the start a relationship usually reflects the way a relationship ends up. They started it cheating and lying. Need I say more?

      Oh, yes, let’s not forget karma…

      • Ah yes, we all know about the different versions based on what mags tell us. We see things not for what they are; we see them for what we are, indeed. Thanks for Anais Nin for that gem. At the end of the day, none of us know and that’s that. Why get involved, albeit in a distant way?

        • We get involved because we are human. We all relate to other people through our previous and shared experiences. We all feel the shame of being the betrayer and we all feel the hurt and humiliation of being the betrayed. You are quite right, we don’t know the nitty gritty minute details that is usually cited in various women’s magazines and which is largely irrelevant to us and is usually inaccurate, sensationalist and salacious.

          However to ask people not to comment and to not relate to the different points on the ‘love triangle’ as we have each experienced them is to not be human. We are all involved, albeit in a distant way just by virtue of being human and having similar experiences in a macro sort of way.

          When someone says that they are happy Jen is getting the best revenge on Brad and Angelina, they may actually be revealing something of their own past experience in the love triangle. Similarly, when someone says they don’t see why all the venom is being aimed at Angelina they are probably saying something different, as well as those who say they don’t want to talk about it.

          We all know that betrayal of this nature is hurtful and wrong (that is why people go to great lengths to hide and deny it), and we all have some experience with it. Seeing it happen in other people’s lives often means we re-live some of our own emotions and previous experiences.

          • “However to ask people not to comment”

            I did *not* say nor was I asking for that, Jen Scorpio. I was merely putting in my two cents’ worth. People are Free to comment all they want. To comment or not, they’re both human.

            I certainly was not telling anyone, or you, not to comment.
            I agree with regards to “re-live some of our own emotions and previous experiences”, I simply choose not to do it (“get involved”) via slebs, where there’s a lot less of first hand accounts.
            I can see that’s where we differ, we choose different sounding boards, and that’s ok with me.

      • I like that Jen – too true – your mother is obviously a very wise woman (at least in this regard!). And that’s exactly what I’ve thought – karma will out in the end..and any relationship that starts out with lies can not end well…

    • “stole Jen’s man”…not like she held a gun to the guy’s head… (i know you are talking from the perspective of trash mags NSV not nec your opinion) just shits me that the woman is always the ‘homewrecker’ and the man is naturally helpless in following his dick around [or whatever part is intersted]

      i always say it takes two to tango and base this on my own experiences of infidelity on all sides of the love triangle ! each with its own Karma

      Personally i think that because Ange is a woman comfortable with her own beauty and power and shuns a lot of bullshit (lol at least as her PR would have us know), the middle of the road types get a bit freaked out about the fact that she doesnt give a shit

      nothing against jen, shes anerica’s sweetheart and i think she’s cool too….ah life and trashy mags..what a fabulous debate thou makest

      • I agree with your ‘two to tango’ philosophy UP! I was bitterly betrayed but I was not honest about my needs with myself. Shakti Gawain says energy moves and you need to follow it, it’s not a moral thing.
        I found that really hard to accept but I do now. Ultimately I ended up being the Angelina in another situation, something I swore I would never do, but it was the right thing for him and me. Life’s not fair, it’s how handle things that counts.

  8. I usually hate this kind of tabloid crap, but I’m secretly happy Jenn got a chance to snag back what was hers even if they won’t stay together, which i hope she dumps Brad. Yay for the triumph of a common girl (in comparison to Angelina of course)! BTW: Brad Pitt is kinda ugly without his makeup on. Lots of acne scars.
    and Angelina….ugh…those lips are horrifically fake looking. (They used to come into the store i work in.)

  9. People, we all need to remember that part of the Hollywood Persona is a talent for spin-doctoring, no? So yes, alas even if Angelina would like to appear as a Bisexual Enlightened Diana cum Mother Teresa in Black Leather, the fact that she wreaked devastation in someone else’s life is well, undeniable.

    Not to say that I think Brad is better. Or that I particularly enjoying the cookie-cutteriness of Jen Aniston. Please. In LA, they practically clone them that way. Hollyweird is just its own little Planet which is why I have so much respect for Stars who live AWAY from the madness.

    But what I do wonder if Angie’s arrival into Brad’s life was the crescendo of his Pluto Transit, seeing that he is quite ashen right now and has had all his architectural inspiration devolve into buying a cave. I mean, really? Where did the sartorial elegance go??

    • “ashen right now and has had all his architectural inspiration devolve into buying a cave.”

      An S.O.S shout out for sure Fallen. Love the way you put it….lol

      Personally, Brad has never done anything for me (but then that’s mutual… :) )

    • you can prolly google some pix with brad + acne scars as key words and find some. He actually goes around without make up when he’s just shopping. angelina wears some makeup but there is a LOT of makeup and photoshopping that goes on for pix. Some high def cameras have something called “skin mode” that smooths your skin while its being filmed. Angelina has some really gross hands with huge looking heroin addict veins. They have to blur those for certain films.

  10. I LOVE ANGELINA JOLIE! but i was a huge jen fan whilst friends was on! i dont know who to side with. Angelina DID cheat on Brad. But Jen has been to hell and back love wise, and then she goes and promises her dad she’ll get pregnate this year WTF! my mum had 4 kids it dont look like a damn walk in the park!

  11. So not a Jenn fan. Could this just be a, “Hey Brad! Now i’m even in you favourite magazine, so you can take me back or endure the limitless stalking…”

    I doubt Saggo Brad give a fuq, save to say that I’m sure the beard is a, “See, she gave me children AND let me have my beard. Your spa room stinks”

  12. hey year of the fox was brad a polite shopper or did he go on and on – you know and whats angie like in real life ? i know but hey just curious :)

    • They are just pretty normal people, not demanding, full of drama or anything. No kids with them when i saw them. But it’s hard to be an uptight @ss when you’re in a store that’s about fun. (I work PT at outdoor retail/adventure shop.) So Ang is the real deal when it comes to fitness.

  13. Ahhhhh, this entire comments thread makes me feel like i’m sipping cocktails flipping through a New Idea witht the boys…… oh how I love a good bitchfest

  14. sorry, i just realised, brange are on the rocks? can someone fill me in? I pay no attention to any news of any sort these days unless its in New Scientist or something

    • let me guess the headlines this week:
      1. China is slowly recovering from economic crisis (which I learnt is “croissance” in French…hmmm..m…croissants…:D )

      2. political prisoners somewhere in the middle east, some new, some still captive, some released and a bit traumatised

      3. climate change wreaking havoc somewhere (frozen continent, bushfire, drought)

      4. Haiti still fuqed up and not a lot will happen

      5. politicians proselytising about some crap and not following through or not enough clout to follow through

      6. someone in the middle east is waving a machine gun around and women in chadors are wailing a lot

      7. kids are getting fatter but more have anorexia too

      8. stars are getting fatter/ skinnier / richer / poorer / divorced / married

      9. somewhere in the world a kitten up a tree was rescued by a fireman and / or a panda gave


  15. I get the impression Ms. Aniston is hard little nut.

    Angelina is a bit psycho but switched on. Kind of gremlin hunchback looking with a lovely face and awful mouth. I like them both!

    Brad is inoffensive enough, a happy stoner dude by all accounts. I like his and Ange’s charity work very much.
    Best of luck to them! I would hate to have my heart break and jealousies in the press…

    • very fire-triney of you Fire trine – nice comment :) ie rising above other peoples crap …you sound a tad Saggo…?

        • i didn’t think too brutal – more like, ” yeah, they seem pretty cool, everyone’s got their good points, hate for that to be me tho, going thru all that heaviness and in public too what a drag” anyway the tone reminded me of my gal pal The Irrepressible Sagg !!
          Altho the last bit’s probably the leo – only Good PR preferred :D whch is perfectly reasonable of course i would feel the same

  16. hey year of the fox – i think i would faint if brad and ange walked into my shop ! or fall over myself in an effort to be cooly ingratiating – i admire your whatever vibe ! and also firetrine brad has four cap planets so i am wondering if the happy stoner gig is for real ? :)

    • It wasn’t that witty, like he’s earthed/stoned by his cappy-ness… Doh.

      Year of the Fox I was so in love with Sasha Baron Cohen for the longest time! I find Fiennes creepy. But Sasha’s cool!

      • As a Libra, I find it hard to like another Libra (Sasha) but my goodness he is full of cute! and so funny too!

        I know it’s wrong but I find R. Fiennes at his sexiest when he plays evil characters. LOL! He IS creepy.

        • A friend hung out with him and had smoke for an hour at a party in his earlier days (he has been coming to Oz for years, can’t remember why, not Isla) and he said he is really quite serious and quiet character. He said he didn’t know who he was or why he had a little fan club following him, he just was great company and nice to chat to. So jealous!

          I haven’t had a crush on a Libra b4 either! Haha.

  17. I guess it would, bubble, especially if most of them are his personal planets. He seems rather cool and laid-back in interviews like a typical Sag, but there’s obviously that hard working side to him that has made him so successful and his love of family is v. Cap too.

    I do think that Nate’s earlier comment is spot-on. Jenifer Aniston still seems to be waving her hands in his face and going: “Brad! Brad! I’m still here if you ever change your mind.” Hon, he’s got 6 kids and is with one of the most beautiful women in the world. I don’t think he’s coming back to you any time soon.

  18. i agree with that however i also wonder if its not just brad its aimed at – its all the poor jen stuff too – the wieght of that projection/baggage must be immense. aside from all of that can u imagine angie being the jealous type ?

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