Asteroid Bingle For February

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Vermin Star

Well I wanted to do an Asteroid Bingle to vary it up a bit from being all about the major planets in Capricorn-Aqua-Pisces…Especially the latter two.

But guess what? All the asteroids I fancy to follow are there too…So it really is an intense Piscean moment.  Get this: Circe is between Pluto and the North Node. And then Ishtar is conjunct the North Node. We have to do spells and being cunning to help manifest our destiny? Why not. So long as it doesn’t degenerate.

Mercury, Neptune and Chiron are all in Aquarius, as you know. So is asteroid Persephone and the Dark Moon Lilith.  More witchery concentrated in the same area. Magic is brewing, i swear it.

And then, this is what’s in Pisces for the weekend and beyond: Asteroid Lust, the Sun, asteroid Pan, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Asteroid Psyche. Yes, that’s quite a lot.

If you look at the chart, with or without the fun extra bits, nearly all the houses are empty barring Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces. Aim for an enchanted & fast tracked evolution where-ever you’ve got Pisces going on. Don’t repress the Lilith-Circe style energy or it will bank up and turn to bitcherel.

35 thoughts on “Asteroid Bingle For February

  1. Sorry to sound daft Mystic, but if you have zero planets in Pisces do you miss out on all the good juicy stuff this weekend…All the Jupiter stuff is good for Sag’s and Leo’s too huh? xxx

    • I’m in the same boat. Look at the house involved at 1-10 Pisces on your chart. That’ll indicate the area of life most likely to be affected.

  2. I better check this out… I have my Pisces Asc at 23 degrees 8O

    Wow & this about to go over my P.Fort sitting at 27 Pisces!

  3. Yowza! Am at work waiting for next massage client to appear so don’t have time to lookup exact degrees of all those goodies! But, suffice to say, in my Natal chart, Cupido is 25 degrees Aqua Conjunct asteroid Lilith 28 Aqua
    Conjunct Chiron/Mars 0.30 and 1.40 ish Pisces in 3rd House Opposite Pluto 4 Virgo 9th House. Then all that Pisces moving over Natal Eros, Horus, Osiris, MC, Lust, Mercury, Venus. Wow! I like. I like it a lot! Hehe

  4. I’m going to a conference in Hawaii in a week or so. Nerd stuff and fishies (yay!) How’s that for manifesting the vibe?

      • I’m well excited. I started looking at dive options and the place it just busting with hanging out with fish potential! It makes my wee little mermaid heart bubble with joy.

        • oh that’s great! a mermaid’s heart bubbling with joy is a thing of rare beauty. :)

  5. fuq. that means they’re all going to oppose my fourth house Virgo cluster of ‘power planets’. I have a ritual on (putting down my burden and welcoming in a new future). I hope this bodes well.

  6. Two work colleagues (who don’t know of each other) both had baby girls early this morning… and coincidentally they both named them Poppy. What gorgeous charts these little girls have!

  7. Man this fish was hoping for a quiet weekend by doing a bit of sewing and hanging out with my man…. sounds like I should be out doing some major dreaming.. as one of my freinds was hoping I would.

  8. Or at least working out how to pay for all the ideas that have been bubbling away like a volcano this week.. so much to do so little time.

  9. Jac, same for me too.

    I have Pisces on the 2nd house, but it’s completely empty with nothing near it. Does this mean all of the cool fishy stuff get’s trampled by Aqua-Cap stuff (especially if they’re strong)?

    If anyone could shed some light, that would be very nice (cause I’m not feeling the enchantment!). Thanks

    • MMIL, I’m not majorly confident with what I’m saying here, BUT, my intuitive suggestion would be that you try to make some magic through second house actions. 2nd house are the things you possess/have control over/can do yourself, so maybe take the magical energy being given to you temporarily and invest into your stuff/values.

    • The Second House (ruled by Taurus) also includes your values, self esteem, self worth, movable possessions, resources, talents… Try bringing your awareness to these things as they pertain to you MMIL. Shed your own light on them and count your blessings in these areas. Maybe even do a little act of gratefulness for something in the Second House?

      • Thx Nat . I too have 2nd house happenings. mmm self esteem is a biggie. I should be grateful I have some and it keeps me bouyant- upright always.

  10. I have Chiron in 2nd house but it’s 14 degrees and not feeling any enchantment!
    In fact i feel like someone has put me in a straight jacket and tossed me into a pool of quicksand. Don’t know if i’m coming or going and everything has slowed down to such an UNBEARABLE pace i’m about to lose my freakin’ m-i-n-d!

    Must go for long and strenuous walk, which will be followed by comfort food – potato crisps and fine quality dark chocolate whilst i veg out on the sofa with the entire 2nd series of Mad Men. Hurry up! March 15!

    • hmmm, well at least if you are in a strait jacket in quicksand you can’t really struggle. Stuggling is the quicksand no no isn’t it? Then if you were just being there still, you might slowly float up to the surface and instead find yourself kind of floating on top of the quicksand, safe in its (cold, sludgy) embrace. And you could just have a little rest there (with your chocolate and chips and Mad Men DVDs), knowing you are above the quicksand, rather than in it.

      • shell, your moon in Pisces really comes through. It’s so cute.

        I’ve watched Man vs Wild and know how to get out of quicksand. One actually needs arms, hence the strait jacket visual to add more drama. Extreme is the way of the Scorp.

        You are right – struggling in quicksand makes things worse. Got something from that comment. Ta. :)

    • oh no, not the quick (slow) sand! You’ll be right robots. Diversion from your routines: seek it immediately. Physicality: get out of your head and into your body via long walk, run, swim 20 laps, push ups… whatever makes you puff hard and sweat, OK? Promise it will help you feel better x

      • actually nat, a lack of routine is what’s making things worse! As soon as Jupiter went off my Saturn in 2nd house the work dried up and Mars retro hasn’t made it any easier. As a Cap rising, with a stellium of earth planets, work is everything to me and I know it sounds boring but i LIKE routine. It keeps me sane.
        I’m doing the physicality already. Might need to do more cleaning to make my mars in Virgo happy. :) I’m doing the best i can but there’s a full moon coming up. You’re right though – I do need to get out of my head! Did you read Mystics Daily Scopes for Scorpio? Can definitely relate.

        Thanks for the support. :)

        • ah yes, I understand what you mean about routine. It is a good thing. Sorry to hear about the lull in work coming in. You are a creative person so maybe you could apply your time to some creative projects during the hiatus, but you are prob doing this already! Or some volunteer work perhaps?

          I don’t understand what is going on with work and employment at the moment. There is heaps of money circulating out there (for ridiculously stupid things), the ppl who have jobs are totally overloaded and yet no one is employing new people. Every one seems to be crying poor when it comes to paying salaries. I have enough work load to employ another person full time right this minute, but my employer has had a staff freeze on for about 4 freakin years (they are only interested in ways to get rid of staff, not to acquire them), the research funding bodies all say they have no money for salaries and we are all expected to “do more with less” (a neat little saying invented by bean counters who have no idea what it means to work at the coal face in any industry). It is a very frustrating situation. My work is really interesting & useful, and I would love to employ a keen person to join my team (and to take some of the load off me!). I think about it over and over – how the hell can I find a salary – but all the doors seem to be slammed shut at the mo’.

          The situation can’t last like this for ever. It has to get moving some time soon.

          Hang in there robots! Good on you keeping up on the physical stuff – it just gets more important I reckon. Yes, I do read Scorpio in Mystics Daily Scopes as am Scorp rising. …scream w frustration… dial it down a notch… I’m hearin ya!

          • Here’s hoping your work situation improves when Mars goes direct but it’s been like that in advertising for YEARS. The bean counters are definitely to blame. Very true – they don’t know what it’s like to work at the coal face, nor do they care. Their job is to balance the sheets and make the shareholders happy. I worked for a big ad agency for 6 years and every year around Feb they would just cull people, which meant more work for everyone else and did nothing for office morale. God, it was such a horrid place – a fear mentality management.

            I nearly had a nervous breakdown after I left. Took me a good two years to soften the elephant skin one needs to survive in that environment.

            All i have to do now to get work is fire off an email to the recruitment agency and i’m sure i will get work but they’ll probably send me to one of those hideous places and i’d rather stick pins in my eyes. Time to start coming up with a plan for a career change. Saturn likes a plan.
            And volunteer work, never occurred to me – thanks for the tip! :)

          • gawd robots, so the stereotypes of ad agencies are true then?!! I don’t know anything about that world but sounds like you did well to extricate your self from it. And yet, you can still watch Mad Men ;)

            Thank goodness for cleaning… it is the only thing that has made sense… what a weird day.

          • oh yes, all the stereotypes are true! Mad Men is a sumptuous feast for the eyes and I’m a sucker for great art direction and even though it’s set in the 60′s, sadly not much has changed, except we have computers now and can’t chain smoke all day.

            Long walks and quality chocolate is getting me through the weekend. :)

      • Have seen all of Dexter (my absolute fave, along with True Blood). Hanging for season 5 !!!!

  11. Is saying “between Pluto and the North Node” the same as saying “between a rock and hard place”?

  12. Hi y’all! To quote my own lyrics, out of context; It isn’t out of reach yet it’s out of sight, pure delight. Keep your vision clear when your soul takes flight and do it with love. Where there is peace there is love. T’is the journey through time that the soulpath takes. T’is the journey in time that takes a leap of faith.
    My venus and moon are in Pisces