Sky Image Lab – Andromeda, the nearest large galaxy to our own.

“…There was no darkness in the world, but only warm, mysterious shadows; and all the leaves and spikes were edged and lined with iridescent jewels of dew. The night was warmer than any night had ever been, the heavens by some miracle at once vaster and nearer, and spite of the great ivory-tinted moon that ruled the world, the sky was full of stars….” HG Wells

30 thoughts on “Andromeda

  1. Hi guys, how’s everyone? HG’s description is exactly how it was on a recent night walk at Boreen Point. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Hi Pegs, I’ve missed you too. Yep, book and movie about a killer virus early 70s. I think there might have been a recent remake.
      All’s great, date set for April 10th, my parent’s wedding anniversary and my Gran’s and Alpha Tauri’s mother’s birthday.

      • Thanx for asking, Chesh, DV’s (demented virgo) Mars in in Scorpio, mine in Virgo.
        When i saw that i understood a lot about his ‘fighting’ style.
        He lsot the best friend he’s eva had, & that’s kinda sad, but he stung the friendship
        to death.
        He has been so quiet,, i don’t know he’s there, never goes outside anymore, so have
        almost reclaimed my back garden, i say almost, because i still am amazed that it’s
        available to me now & not outside as much as i could be.
        Such is conditioning, dammit.
        It was an honour to have been friends during your relationship with Alpha!
        A Taurus & Capricorn. That’s neat :-)

  2. Antony & Johnsons with Sydney Smphony Orchestra in main concert hall lf the Opera House last night – was an outer body experience. magicaly sublime.

    sunset on the deck overlooking harbour, the trans-gender crowd, then th magic of music & such a unique performer – who was surprisingly witty!! Above stage was a large crystal form & embarked on long rant re crystals & how they sparkle as jewels, human’s desire to populate other planets / galaxy…. amazing performer.

  3. That’s funny, just yesterday I was telling my sis a dream about my baby boy that I had a few months back. I dreamed he told me he was a ‘star child’ from the Andromeda galaxy. Cool!

    And the one constant I get from peeps is, ‘Oh! He doesn’t look like anyone in the family at all! How strange’.

    Such velvety, purple energy.. delish!

  4. Fire Trine, you have popped?
    A boy? From out between your legs?How fearless of you
    & a big-huge congratulations. A very relevent dream to take
    note of. His eyes look into your soul by any chance :-)

  5. Thanks rockstar and pegasus – wasn’t entirely fearless, but all good. He’s darling! Though he is a little cross eyed currently so it’s hard to tell if he is looking into my soul or pondering his nose…

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