Age of Ankh

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Was going on and ON about Ankhs last September , two weeks ago i fixed myself an Ankh charm hanging off some haemetite and now am so happy to seek Ankhs all over the place in the new Erin Wasson RVCA collection. It is one of the most ancient symbols of all time; the original cross and with a myriad of meanings. I love it when magic manifests mainstream.

15 thoughts on “Age of Ankh

  1. The first pix’s outfit is so my kinda look & non-colours.
    Have noticed peeps wearing ankhs nod & wink to each other,
    like a club.
    Waxing Moon hair day today, refresh sunstreaks & chop with
    chance to look at latest fash mags & very good coffee as well.

    • ditto re 1st pic. loving that look.
      Erin’s hot!! so’s RVCA. their artist network tours here collaborating with galleries like Monster Children.
      liking notion of Club Ankh – nod nod wink wink!! :-)

  2. Haha, Used to be obsessed with Ankh’s when I was about 16/17 so yes sadly about 20 years ago and wore a brass one around my neck which was the size of my hand and half that again! Was constantly bashing myself in the teeth with it as I flounced around doing my Neo-Goth thing. Love it. Wonder if I still have it hanging around somewhere?

  3. God those modules are ooogly, sorry…the pouts, the dimmness (is there such a word) I know Im being critical again but Ive seen Afghan hounds that look more intelligent. Love ankhs, wore one for years till it fell off and broke ?

  4. i remember in early 90′s they were ‘around’ (yes yes comes and goes) …i made one out of clay in my high school art class…it’s pale yellow…wonder what i did with that? many house moves since then… naturally i love the symbolism…

  5. You’re a fashion predictor Mystic, that is sooo cool… 8O

    I love that the Ankhs are like the venus symbol & I think I am going to have find one! I hope Pig pendants are in this year… I think mine is pretty cool thanks to Everything Feng Shui! :D

  6. This was one of the better early 90s and agree I love it when magic hits mainstream as long as its done respectfully. not like that teenage craft crap.

    I have a couple tucked away somewhere. Which box? who knows.

    very Goth (at heart not in dress) outing myself here but does anyone remember Death from the Neil Gaiman comics? I think she was the Ankh goth poster girl

    seriously love that you can astro trend spot.

  7. Super cool Erykah Badu has a album coming out calle Return of the Ankh of which i am very excited about.

  8. I didn’t actually think they went anywhere …..just because they weren’t in fashmags … unkh (uncle) opened a tennis ranch in Spain back in the 60′s and the ankh was his logo ‘tennis racket & net’ I thought the symbolism was cool… was his ‘new life’

  9. Yes yes love the Ankh! It is my business name and has been for years. Also have one tattooed on the base of my spine. Perfect place for it really. Very symbolic! Deep and meaningful! X

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