A Clutch Of Sagittarians

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This is just an ad for Lacoste but I look at it and see a clutch of Sagittarians…A group? Seriously, what IS the collective noun for Sagittarians?

I met a Saggo the other day and asked if she she were sporty. Her response: “Not really, although I am fairly proficient at most sports – you know, skiing, tennis, horseriding, badminton, archery, netball, soccer and I love hang-gliding almost as much as I do scuba-diving.”

Interestingly, I got an e-mail the other day to the effect that a disproportionate amount of tennis champs are actually Gemini. My imaginary astro-intern isn’t here to run the numbers but what do you think? Why would Geminis oust sporty Sagg in tennis?

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  1. A SHRIEK of Sagittarians.

    My Sagittarius ex boyfriend from years ago would be excited to get up at dawn to go surfing or kayaking, eat a huge breakfast, play some tennis, have a huge lunch, go to the movies and then the gym. then some restaurant with food he’d never tried before. He could not sit still. 25 different positions in one sex session. It was like dating a border collie. This picture DOES make me think of him. That is how they think only without the caring for stylish (lacoste?) clothes.

      • Oh fab! I’m a gemini and have just started dating a cycling Sagg. Apart from an occasional penchant for the couch .. the active part will surely keep me entertained!
        Yay … and yes …. a quiver :)

  2. I’d like to see more detailed info on the Gemini tennis statistics. I wonder if it had separate stats on Doubles.

    • Okay, it was me who emailed Mystic. I was watching the Australian Open and checking out the player profiles on the official site (Virgo = multitasking). So not official stats, but a rather impressive list — all players who have been in at least the top ten of world ranking. I added a couple of past champions too. The real Astro intern would do an exhaustive study and probably unearth more. Note that the first week of June is huge, and often coincides with the French Open.

      Gemini Tennis Geniuses
      May 22 Novak Djokovic (possibly Taurean, but his personality screams Gem).
      May 29, Sebastien Grosjean
      June 1, Justine Henin
      June 2, Nikolai Davydenko
      June 3, Rafael Nadal
      June 6, Bjorn Borg
      June 7, Anna Kournikova
      June 8, Kim Clijsters, Nadia Petrova, Lindsay Davenport
      June 14, Steffi Graf
      June 17, Venus Williams, Marcos Baghdatis

  3. A MURDER of Sagittarians.

    Um…I’m Sagittarius and decidedly not sporty. I guess these things happen.

    Maybe I should try to connect to My inner Sportiness, because I do go to the gym, but the thought of it often makes Me break out into hives…


    • me too crystal… i’m a non sporty sag. though i do enjoy being outside in a natural environment, i loathe team sports of all kinds. never have played netball, soccer, etc. i love to hroseride, only for fun and very infrequently. i was a gym junkie for 18 months, loved it! go figure :)

  4. i like a ‘troupe of sagittarians :)

    i am not ‘sporty’, but i am *active*. as long as i get comfort and rest in between i am happy to do numerous exercisy things per day, in fact if i dont i start going a bit nuts. so i do astanga yoga, running at the gym, rock climbing, and kayaking. and i constantly affirm that i am grateful for a healthy functioning body so i can do all this stuff. So blessed to be able to move and do things that like that!!

  5. Sag former super model rises at dawn to run beach, swim laps, heads home to prep home grown organic brekky for all pre performing school runs.

    Damn shame my own Sag mother was polar opposite!!

  6. sag ex played ever sport under the sun. when we first met he said he didnt have time for a girlfriend because he had sport 6 days per week. Day 7 there would always be mountain biking, watching sport or playing sport on a game console if the weather was bad.

    2 gemini besties have zero interest in sport. Both are hyper intelligent and more interested in socialising than any kind of sport. Unless flirting counts as a sport…

  7. Because Sagg women think that the short skirts are a feminist nightmare! Why not shorts, for god’s sake?

  8. I always thought Gemini ruled hands, arms and shoulders. Maybe that’s why they are good at tennis :)

    Good (or champion) sportiness usually has something to do with combination of Mars, Jupiter, Pluto.

  9. A parade of Sagittarians…

    I was watching the Aus Open recently & was looking up some matches when I noticed a few Gemini’s in the Open. Most noticeable one being Justine Henin who is currently unranked (due to coming out of retirement was world no.1 in 08′) making it to the final & is amazing!. Kim Clijsters, Venus Williams & Nadia Petrova also Geminis. Current Male Tennis Gemini’s are Rafael Nadal & Novak Djokavic.

    Our top seed players Serena Williams who is so fierce on the court is a Libra & Rodger Federer who is beautiful to watch is a Leo!

    I love sport & always have to be doing something to burn off the amount of energy whizzing around. I try to exercise 5 times a week & like most sports. Swimming laps is my favourite thing to do!
    Gem/Pisces rising.. Mars in virgo 8O

  10. Maybe not spacey enough for saggos, want more air, grass, rocks..to repetitive me thinks. Think saggos like more movement freedom in their sport, active hobbies etc

  11. Maybe gem’s like it as is quick and tactical! Have to use their minds as well as run around using up all that nervous energy! I’m a gem – was never any good at school sports (not really into teams!) but love being active, is a necessity…but is that also my moon and mars in sag???

  12. What about a swoop of saggo’s ?
    Oh and I like the way mystic casually embeds the intention of a astro intern in her blog. Anyone else catch it ?

  13. A PARTY of Sagittarians.

    Maybe an ADVANCE PARTY of Sagittarians, you know, racing off out the front.

  14. Sport Horrific! But love movement, dance, massage, yoga, big stretches,
    fast cars & fast men, o & swimming, altho i do love archery, fencing & martial arts.
    It’s the Marital Arts i teach :-)
    Of course, horse riding on the beach in the shallows.
    Jeez, for all the grace i have i bloody trip a lot, a real lot lately, on anything, like i have blinkers
    on. The mind going in one direction & the body in another.
    The opposite to the sporty Saggo’s are the bookie ones, true. The Philosophy, Higher thought
    thingo of Jupiter.
    Like a ‘Quiver of Saggs”. They are all fun & what a great question.

        • thanks robots. as you probably guessed it is one of the wwt babies – out of the nest making his/her way in the world. I’ll go back to flowers soon :)

          • yes, i figured it was one of your little babies. Flowers or birds, it’s all good and always a delight to see. You’re easy to spot with you ever changing avatar and it’s cool that it reflects you!

  15. Gems have superior hand-eye co-ordination… for tennis, also texting & applying mascara & lip glaze. Saggys have superior thigh-eye co-ordination for sitting cross-legged looking intelligent, exotic sexual positions & of course, the literal & figurative thrill of the chase.

    A field of Sagittarians…

  16. most of the Saggies I know are sort of loners. They don’t accumulate. So it’d be a Astonish of Saggies.

    • Thats hilarious – bar my father (who collected children instead). Every Saggi I know has the most awesome friendship group….

    • Blathering here,
      Blathering there,
      Blithering, blathering

      They raced round the fountain,
      They chased through the trees,
      They barged over gardens
      And scattered the leaves…

      (I am sure Hairy McClary is a Saggie)

      • Do you think FireTrine? Hairy McClary does run away from scary things – like Scarface Claw.. but he does like to cause a ruckuss… hmmm.

        I was thinking maybe a WHOOMPH of Sagitarians – as in going up in an explosion of movement, energy and sound. Or a FLARE of Saturns – but that might be a better way describe Leos – as in Solar flares…

  17. I think Tennis would suit Gemini’s because it involves singular effort / competativeness combined with the social niceties derived from the landed gentry of England and France once off the court, ie Nadal is acts as though he is going to murder his opponent on court, but off court he so nice and ‘shy’ when interviewed… Tennis is also apparently a very flirtatious sport – but I don’t know.. I’m abs crap at it! (Tennis.. and probably flirting.) Glad to know that Federer is a Leo – that probably explains why is so mesmerising…

    • Like your flirty theory bl. It does seem to have a flirtatious quality to it. It’s like it’s as light as air. I’m not a competitive person at all; it’s more for the fun when I play. Don’t get me wrong I still like to win. :) I find I end up smiling and laughing throughout most of it though. That’s probably why I find Federer boring to watch – no emotion/passion.

  18. The Saggs I know are not into sport whatsoever. Confusing to say the least. As a Gem Sun/Moon with Sag Rising tennis is my favourite sport. Watch it on tv any chance I get and play socially when I can. Love it for the strategy AND agility. Quick thinking game to me. The only other sporty thing I love to do is horseriding. :D

  19. I live next to an ex tennis pro, and have subsequently learned that tennis is actually a head game more than anything!…putting that double dialogue to good use!
    a giggle of saggies?

    • Yes, Gemini can be both manually dextrous and mentally agile. Tennis players have to think lightning fast and match it with good technique.

  20. A swarm of Saggos, a cult of Capricorns, a wave of Aquarians, a pod of Pisceans, a charge of Ariens, a herd of Taureans, a gaggle of Geminis, a pot of crabs, a pride of Leos, a squad of Virgos, a waft of Librans and a hell of a lot of Scorps.

    I think I need a lie down now.

    • See below: A list of Virgos!

      I really like the charge of Ariens, a gaggle of Geminis and a waft of Librans! haha! and a hell of a lot of Scorpios!

      Yes. time for sleep now.

  21. from what i gather the real game is psychology, my friend works with young up and coming players and her main objective is to teach them winning mind skills, in the vein of ye old adage ‘business is enlightenment’

  22. An enthusiasm of Saggitarians.

    I used to hang out with crowd where there were more saggos than any other sign, they were always good for a party or anything else in offing.

  23. A run of saggitarians?

    oh this is fun.
    A rage of Arians? A blurt of Arians? (oh saggos could be that too!)
    A bevvy of Taureans?
    A double of Twins? A argument of Twins? I came for an argument, this is simple contradiction. No it isn’t. Yes, it is.
    A clutch of Cancerians?
    A roar of Leos? A vain of Leos. (bless you I love you). A love of Leos.
    A list of Virgos? A fuss of Virgos?
    A smooth of Librans? (is a balance of Librans not fun enough?)
    A stare of Scorpions? A snark of Scorpions?
    A steel of Capricorns?
    An Aquarian
    A dream of Pisceans?

  24. Well, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only non-sporty Saggo on here. The only thing Sag about me is my love of books.

    • i have moon in Sagg – i LOATHE sport! But I’m naturally active and go stir crazy if i have to spend a whole day indoors.

      • Also just Sagg Moon – I can’t watch it, but I like to do diving and a bit of swimming or jogging. Don’t care for team stuff or rules.

        Maybe that’s why Gemini’s are more into sports? They like rules to their games, physical wittiness etc.?

        • yes maybe that explains Gems. I don’t care for rules or team stuff either.

          Maybe Gems like tennis so much because they love being in pairs!!! Gem ruling twins etc.

          It suddenly occurred to me because my Gem friend does swing dancing and she gets frustrated that i have zero interest in learning so i can dance with her.
          I ADORE dancing but cannot bear the thought of learning set routines and dancing with a partner. I prefer to do it SOLO!!!… wild and free.

          • Wild and free baby, I am the same! I love dancing but abhorred dance class. Can dance 8 hours in a night just high on loving the movement, total maenad madness. I could only imagine dancing some kind of natural improv style, the waltz gives me hives.

  25. Tennis is a mind game backed up by some physical skill. The way the match is going can change within a game. it demands everything that geminis are good at, tactics, psyching, the ability to change tactics quickly under new conditions, extremely quick thinking and very good reflexes.

    I love watching tennis. tennis is the Gemini chess.

  26. Ooh, Rafael Nadal, my favourite Gemini. Such a beast on court, and such a sweetheart off it.

    Another intriguing Gemini tennis player is Andrea Jaeger, once world no. 2 and now a nun.

    Tennis players need speed, hand eye coordination and strategy, so no wonder it’s a great sport for Geminis.

  27. Ha! This is a great game with the comments back and forth like a ball on the court. Geminis know how to fly so sending the ball flying makes sense. My Gemini Sun is in the 9th, which puts Sag in the 3rd. Really it’s the best of both. Once I had a say in my life I took up skating, skiing, skydiving, flying, whitewater canoeing, backpacking, and yoga, yoga, yoga but for the life of me I can’t swing a racket or golf club. I never considered myself an athlete in any way. Competing in sports holds no interest, I am non-Olympian and do things for the experience not the glory.

  28. mybe geminis excel in any game where there are 2 people. tennis , squash, um, table tennis? arm wrestling..? chess?