The Post-Modern Venus Crown

Mad Art Jewellery – Post Modern Venus Crown

Still nothing, really, other than Mars Retrograde in Leo in Fire signs.

I miss the Fire.

And no matter how new-start-themed the New Moon, being in the shadow of an Eclipse still feels a tad intense, no?

So anyway, could a Po-Mo Venus Crown be the solution to retro-Mars-in-Leo shabby mane/merde hair days?

And the Sun is aligned with Venus btw.

Despite Eclipses, retrogrades & all, there is a fine of fresh inspiration and verve re love, sex, art, magic and glamour thrumming away…just waiting to be big news post-Eclipse etc.

16 thoughts on “The Post-Modern Venus Crown

  1. I’m not sure what in my chart loves this – but I would wear the shit out of it! I love the bemused look on her face!!

  2. I bought a crown over the Christmas break. It’s more and iconic crown though.

    Something is in the air as my Sagg daughter was relaying to me how she and her Aries male work mate were discussing only last how they needed cushy thrones to assist customers from, with spectres to point to stuff, and if people displeased them they would cry, ‘off with your heads, no that’s not part of our OHS requirements, consider your arses FIRED, out with you…gone on and get’

  3. I want one! yes i can feel the thrumming (its less obvious than humming and has a deep core vibration about it) . I attended a Malysian muslim wedding once and the bride & groom were seated on thrones with beautiful clothes on. Big production , alcohol free of course, but awesome they may have had crowns on.

    Where would you wear it?

  4. I do like a crown. It would be fabulous if we all wore a crown for occasions, family events etc.

    We could have our personality, birthstones and personal symbols so lovingly represented and wear our individuality on our heads! Imagine going speed dating or to some single’s ball with such a crown? You’d know who was attractive to you a little quicker I think!

    I was always fascinated by a book called the Dark Crown, which was a spooky kid’s book that involved a soft, foldable crown that would stiffen into a metallic substance when needed to bring authority and magic to some ominous situation. I think it’s quite Capricornian that book.

  5. I love crowns…… must be my Mars in Leo. Birthdays are great days for wearing crowns cos it’s ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’d totally get this! Well, I was after all called ‘your Highness’…hahaha…which pleased my Leo Venus sooooooo much! I don’t think he knew much about astro, so was it that obvious then? :lol:

  7. I have a crown, collecting dust unfortunately. Timely reminder to clean it up & use it for a dash of pomp & ceremony!

  8. I would like that as a belt buckle or a smaller brooch. I’ve recently acquired many fine brooches! There are three that amaze me each time I gaze upon them. One is a grand piano, apparently it is Austrian crystal (according to the box) and there is a matching string instrument of the same crystals with what looks to be a ruby (or knock-off ruby) as well. It may be a cello, but I think it’s something a little smaller, but larger than a violin. I love music, but I am no musician, so if anyone could help me unravel this mystery I would appreciate it ;). The other would be a dream for all the piscean readers I would think! It’s a fish, of course, and it’s face is turned to be visible, but to me it seems as if it is making a turn in it’s journey. It’s eyes and mouth have these blue stones of some sort, maybe crystals as well? I’m unsure, it could be some kind of plastic for all I know, but it does not seem that way. Regardless, its fins are spread out as if it is welcoming anything, the eyes are so bright and positive, it’s truly uplifting. The body itself is iridescent, shining oranges, greens, blues, purples, depending on the light. There are subtle scale details. I don’t mean to prattle on and on about jewelery as if it is only meaningful because it is jewelery. This piece somehow speaks to me, when I see it it makes me feel like I can go with the flow and things will be okay. It seems very, very piscean to me. As a virgo, I could use some piscean intervention, to get me to relax and such. =)
    I’ve also been modifying clothing, I made a mood board for my own personal aesthetic and artistic vision. I’ve used some of the images you’ve featured on this website, Mystic! It’s a bit dark as far as mood boards go, but mine usually are. I like to celebrate the darkness! Everyone celebrates the light, I couldn’t bear to let the darkness be left out. One must embrace death before they can truly live, non?
    Also, my year (and some months) of celibacy is OVER and I am on the prowl again! Rowr! I have a vision for 2010 and I can’t wait to unleash it! As always, Mystic, you are spot on!

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