The Mercury Retrograde Bookclub: Scruples

Oh how i loved this book, the original bonkbuster & written by canny Capricorn, Judith Krantz. When it was published in 1978 – becoming a more or less instant sensation – Krantz was 50 & it was her first book ever. Never write off a Cap. She also has Pluto opposite her Sun – that’s quite motivating,  yes?

It’s complete filth, but with an amazing amount of info & details. It was like the bible for my friends and I at school. Fuq sex education. I have not read this thing of late but it’s like an instruction manual for sex, dieting, dealing with bitches, the movie world & running a business. The heroine – from memory – is fat & unpopular as a child but then she goes to Paris (something sad has happened) & there is a whole chapter or two that’s like Frenchwoman Don’t Get Fat fictionalised.

Then she gets back to New York or someplace, totally transformed & driven. She embarks upon an exciting life of sex & business – the Scruples of the title is absolutely nothing to do with morals because few peeps in this book have any- Scruples is an incredible department store. Krantz went on to do heaps of other books but i don’t think anything is quite like Scruples.

13 thoughts on “The Mercury Retrograde Bookclub: Scruples

  1. Hi MM, someone gave this to my Mum on an international lfight and I eventually read it. Filthy agreed but also *so* inspirational! I most loved the scene where after years of being the fat ungainly poor American cousin, she finds herself in Parid, talking and talking, and everyone’s looking at her and she ‘s mortified and wondering what she’s doing wrong and then realises that to her own and everyone else’s amazing, she not saying too much, or saying something stupid she’s talking … in seemingly fluent French!

  2. lol, this book is a classic – I read it when living in London (probably years after everyone else) and imagined myself returning to my home town and taking it by storm. ha.

    loving the merc retro book club Mystic


  3. Oh yeeeessss, loved this one! I think I read it as a chunky 13 year old…it seemed so worldly & exotic. MM, you have set me off, I want to read it again Right Now.

  4. What about “Lace” by Shirley Conran? That was my sex ed at about 12 … Sounds very similar to Scruples. Made me want to be a war correspondent. And never keep a gold fish.

    • indigofish you beat me to it. I was going to say that Scruples sounds a lot like Lace and Lace 2. I snuck those off the back of my parents’ bookshelf as a young teen.
      lol the goldfish

  5. ok this might be one of my first conscious lilith on the ascendant manifestations but I hooked into the pile of hustlers I found in the linen cupboard (oh how I love linen) at age 12 – you know, for the articles. My mother kept moving them round – they weren’t hers she hated that they even existed – but I always found them. It’s weird my dad who was the total outlaw always protected my innocence form that kind of stuff but the straight up and down respectable step father had the mad porn stash. I read his copy of valley of the dolls by Jacqueline Sussan around age 12-13 too – the lesbian subplot was captivating especially since I discovered the porn around the same time. And the Magus by John Fowles which my dad gave me when I was 15 had me 100% in its grip for weeks.

  6. These books really did shape my life as i read them aound 14-15.

    i went though the erica Jong stage at 14, Story of O etc. Found my dad’s ( not very well hidden) Playboys fascinating which all lead me on a path staright to hell where all the funsters live. Wouldn’t of had it any other way.
    I’m now fairly open about sex and all its tentacles with my kids as sex is one of the most joyous things in life and creates such a deep connection with the right person (s) throughout a lifetime. You’d be missing out ( I think) being afraid of sex and sensuality in all its forms.

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