14 thoughts on “Taurean Gift Idea

  1. very! (Moon in Taurus!)

    I have a working grandmaphone and loads of jazz and novelty 78s that get dragged out for funsies from time to time. I love it.

  2. While in travelling in Berlin, I went back twice to a shop that JUST sold grammophones simply to look at them and take in their glorious old-school charm.

    I hope this has a “crackle” function to make the iPod sound like the real deal…

    (FYI, I have Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars in Taurus!!)

  3. Agreed! My Taurus buddy would make sure he showed every new visitor this (and then his collection of gramophone figurines that he’d decide to collect shortly afterwards getting it. Suppose it beats the ladybug obsession of the moment)

  4. Yeah! I love it – them! (virgo/virgo rising, taurus moon) and with only doubt, sound qvality, dahlink, my SO would/will too (taurus conj mars taurus/virgo rising, libra moon).
    (Martz’s comment re ‘crackle function’ makes this old hen cackle with delight: when I first moved in with SO – about 30 yrs ago – he used to play vinyl albums with scratches – quelle horreur – and we both recall my remarking how cozy – Canadian winter, eh – those crackles sounded just like a fire! Now the US tv stations promise crackling fireplace vids at Christmas to cosify us all! Yikes, sometimes one feels one has lived too long. Vampirism loses its bloodlustre all to soon.)
    But doubt I’ll live long enuf to lose my lust for you, MM!

  5. Dude, I know this post is from January, but I didn’t comment on it then for whatever reason and I just remembered this thing.
    I freaking loveeeeee it!
    If I wasn’t doing the poor student bit right now, this thing would be on my doorstep ASAP.
    Obviously, I am a Taurus.

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