Pornography For Virgoans Part Two

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Pornography For Virgoans Part One was so popular (although I cannot believe they bitched about some of the pencils  not being neatly lined up & noticed that some were not evenly sharpened…actually I can) that I have some more.  I would like to think that this would cheer them up & distract them from the prospect of SATURN backing into their sign even as I type.

It won’t get there until April & it’s only going back to 27 degrees of Virgo (ie: Virgoans born close to the cusp of Libra get a good whiff of it but others are laughing) but still. It’s Saturn. And it’s opposing Uranus again.

Actually, for ALL of us, some kind of new innovative order we have been attempting to put into place all 2009 & maybe from earlier is being tested. Did we get get the Saturn bits of it right? The details? The core structure?  My god, CORE? Our core? The nature of Saturn is to endlessly carp away at the health & wealth issues + some accountability style guilting for seasoning. But when opposed by Uranus, the practical revamping pains ultimately serve the emancipation and FUN goals of Uranus. Ultimately.

16 thoughts on “Pornography For Virgoans Part Two

  1. and no text to mess things up, or reason to carp on about spelling, and so much neater all stacked like that in below photo than spread eagle like the top photo,
    gotta go and wash my hands, bye.

  2. hi dl!!

    so yeah even I think that’s hot. but atm everything is porn to me, so i don’t know if it’s the smooth, Il Bisonte leather deliciousness (ohhh the smell of leather) that’s working its magic or the sheer uniformity of it all. I think it’s the leather. not the clean crisp neatness. but all of it massively appeals to my cap moon… sexy, luxurious and incredibly understated…

  3. Mmmm. So nice. Especially the second image.

    And (not to start the Virgoan perfectionist detail-obsessing, or maybe to kick it off in earnest, sorry!)…. I wouldn’t ever buy a white notebook, because it would get dirty SO EASILY. A nice black Moleskine does just fine. Lined pages, not blank — neat handwriting is so difficult on blank pages. Unless you’re writing on old-fashioned onion skin correspondence stationery with a black-lined guide underneath.

    I can see exactly what Saturn is going to test me on. Lucky I’ve been getting my deal in order. I feel like the Uranus part of it is perfectly manifested, too. New relationship structures: freedom and constraint, all in proportion.

    • Too true!!!! I was thinking, they look nice, but *buying* them… Never!!! :lol:

      27 degrees…hm…it’d touch my Libran Psyche at 0 degree but that’s about it. Unless it’s wide orb, then it’d flutter at Mercury at 18 degrees. Too busy with Piscean Jupes at the mo! At work got caught with a predatory look on my mug, whoops…that obvious apparently… Unsure if it differs from the usual Scorpy rising predatory look though…I’d think not.

  4. God. Natal Saturn in Virgo (late Virgo). And yes, already I’m having “here we go again” issues. Money frustrations? Check. Core structure of life issues? Check. Work irritations? Check. Health/fitness/diet issues? Check (altho doin’ ok there… fingers crossed it stays that way).
    I was so happy for 24 hours…. new moon eclipse, some positive affirmations…. then whammy. Over it all again. Don’t want to be here, don’t want to deal with this again. Haven’t I satisfied you yet Saturn?
    I just want some ease. Some positive things to happen, a bit of good luck even.
    I’ll knuckle down, but I’m in a state of despair to be here again. One step at a time. I’ll be fine.

  5. Today, I saw a cream document suit case that could be the cousin of this range. Although I very much understand the potential grot factor of cream, it is easy to find in the depths of a handbag. Black while stylish, hides from me. My current practicality is a red italian leather diary.

    I thought today, where although a bugger to clean, a light colour can be benefical… that the suitcase would an easy to see in the dark colour if you need to gather your essential docs in the dark of the night for some reason.

    Behind my chatty leo exterior 3 planets lurk in Virgo um and the Scorp moon which may explain why the need for possible night flits springs from.

    • OK there’s nothing sexier than red leather accessories, trust me. Cream, no way, no matter how pornographic, will always end up sullied,

  6. I can dig the symetry of the 2nd image. My goals are very Saturn like – discipline discipline and more discipline. sounds boring when I write it like that so will funk it up with some Leo style.

    i got a new haircut- thats style.

    I’ve already been caught out slacking off this year so pulled the finger out and will make it up big time to significant other.

  7. Family, work, love, lifestyle. You name it, I’ve got core issues. Not born close to the Libran cusp though. God it’d better be for a good cause ‘cos I’m in danger of getting bored and depressed. Unusual, because being a Virgo, I am usually chipper and upbeat (anxious yes, but cheery).

    On a brighter note I dig both of these pictures because I freaking LOVE white. Don’t care much for stationary or things being lined up, but I seriously cannot get enough white. Especially clothing. So so so so so so pure.

    • Scorp here can’t really understand the appeal of pure – I prefer dirty. :)

      Unless the “pure” thing has deep, hidden desires to be defiled. In which case, Scorp at your service lol.

      So maybe in a twisted way it is porn after all, although for once I’m with william on this one, it doesn’t look like the porn I look at.

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