Peter Pan = Gemini Man?

Johnny Depp shirt off smiling

Johnny Depp is always on some list or another & how hard is it to believe that he is nearly 50?ย  Really. This pic is a recent one & if that’s a natural pose, him at home or whatever, then he is not exactly doing a strict macrobiotic diet or whatever.

He’s Gemini, the male sign of the Zodiac most often credited with looking years younger than their chronological years would suggest. Yes, he’s a wealthy celebrity and all but still…He’s got Leo Rising & Moon in Capricorn…A cash-canny heart beats behind all the effortless sanguine cool. Also, he’s got Mars-Pluto-Uranus in the 2nd house. A super-astute businessman.

AND – he’s got Moon in Capricorn + he’s with a Capricorn woman. Vanessa Paradis is Zero Degrees Cap and her Scorpio Rising slots in perfectly with his Neptune/Lilith conjunction. Chemistry is always ultra strong when someone’s Ascendent (aka Rising Sign) is conjunct a major planet of yours. You sort of embody it or ‘carry’ it for them.

Gemini men – perpetual boys or not?

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68 thoughts on “Peter Pan = Gemini Man?

  1. I’ve never been especially Johnny-crazed, but that is one sexy photo (silly Che necklace notwithstanding). Never met a Gemini man that I know of, but my 65-year-old Gemini mother looks incredibly young – do Gemini women get a little of the fountain of youth magic?

    • Libran Odette, yes.
      It’s the chattering. It releases tension via throat chakra = creativity & communication.
      ‘Do a vowel movement a day’. Primal scream therapy?
      People that don’t constrain-restrain have a better health of it altho can drive you bit
      batty, it’s good for

  2. Johhny Depp has depth. Would be the bit of Navaho in him, huh. Vibey as.
    isn’t he just sooooo intense & brill beyond actor with the beautiful Vanessa, what a match.
    Gems are just that….precious & not enough of them around me in real life altho’ new god daughter
    age 11 years in a Gem. We are going to do Avatar together for starter relationship.
    Shall see how i get along with a young polar opposite who’s Libran mum wants time with her
    new Libran lover.
    She is from a line of particularly bent wymin, yeah, THAT spelling…wimmin?
    Anyhow’s this child is straight. I like.

    Now is this an Aqua -Leo idea? To call older girls SNOW LEOPARDS. Like it?
    ‘See a cougar’ advertised with adult relaxation in daily rag, so the women themselves
    are using the term which i abhor & find it nasty.

    To qualify for snow leopard one must have some silver grey in mane & have it showing & no facework
    ‘cept for light & sound gadgets.
    The really like men but don’t have sex ‘cept for healing purposes or contacting the cosmos :-)

    Big shift in energy into Aqua. Was feeling rather bogged down with OPS (other peeps stuff) since
    back from beach. Gave away all i recooped in first 10 days, then heatwave = down for the count of 10.
    Visualise a cross between a snow leopard (my screen saver) & flying white horse.
    Want to draw that. A new logo-image.

    • Love the concept of having sex to contact the cosmos Peg -very pleasurable way to do it. Ala kundalini style? Love snow leopard image- cool on out outside hot and feline on the inside.

    • Pegs I saw Avatar last Friday. Main actor (don’t know his name off hand), but plays Marine/Avatar, an Aussie. Who would have known? Does a good American accent…

  3. He is still totally gorgeous. Though it is hard to believe he is nearly 50.
    Funny, I’m a gem sun, and the opposite to him when it comes to the moon and ascendant. Leo moon, cap ascendant.
    Aren’t caps meant to be known for looking younger as they get older too? Maybe it’s the combo of gem and cap that is helping him along.

  4. Wow, thanks for the new info about Mr. Depp…didn’t know he had all that in his chart, tres interesting.

    As a fellow Gem, I can say the same goes for females of the sign. I regularly get mistaken for nearly 10 years younger than I am. SCORE!

    (runs off to see of my Rising is conjunct any of my crush’s major planets)


    • Yes i third the gem being thought as younger thing. Despite the grey streak I’m cultivating, someone asked me the other day if I’d made it to 30 yet. ha, yes.
      I’m also leo rising, but pisces moon – a daydreaming alcoholic heart beats behind all my effortless sanguine cool.

      • What does MM mean by embody it for them? I have Aqua rising he has aqua moon. I have Venus in cancer he has Cancer rising and Venus in Cancer. Any shazam there?

        • yes definite shazam but mainly/especially if not just in same sign but conjunct within a few degrees … embody as in you externalize, reflect interior parts of the other’s self back to them (thus affirm, support, even help develop those parts) just by being who you are…

  5. Believe me if red wine and smoking cigarillos are the new keys to youthful longevity than i i am there. Where is the health farm we go to change our habits? I am assuming that tofu and having to get up too early are an absolute no-no.
    Why has Johnny Depp never called himself John Depp? I think he is a bit contrived and paddling very hard behind the scenes to keep that boyish unstudied thing going. Or maybe he is all that and j ust has an excellent injectables doctor.

  6. I suspect he follows the French lifestyle – lots of good food, red wine, sunshine and French women. Keeps you healthy you know. Oh, and getting up early = definitely a bad idea. Sleep keeps you young .. well lack of it certainly makes you feel old :(

      • Hmmmmm … there may be more to that than you think. Fresh air, restful countryside home, sunshine, good quality organic food … bet that all lessens the free radicals or oxidants or whatever it is that they tell us causes skin ageing (I thought it was tearing off those pages on the calendar, lol)

  7. There’s an intersting profile of Vanessa Paradis on Times Online that prompted me to look these two up as well as Kate Moss (she’s a Cap with Scorp moon) and Wino Ryder – JD’s certainly been no slouch in the beauties with brains department! Didnt someone say in a previous Devious Cap discussion that Cap moon = bad experience re own mother or something, maybe a little less simplistically? Also, a propos the Peter Pan caption, I am CONVINCED JD and Tim Burton have long been channelling this bad mama groove in their collaboration, especially inspired by recently departed bogeyman to the masses, Michael Jackson – to wit, Edward Scissorhands, Planet of the Apes, obviously Willy Wonka – but the whole aestheticisation of grief and terror, caught in a kind of high cinema magic amber!

    • My youngest daughter (aries), gem rising (i’m a gem) has cap moon…an astrologer told me years ago this can mean problems with mother- very strict with love etc…but she said this didn’t seem like me..and could also mean the baby wasn’t planned or esp wanted etc…she hit the nail on the head – I already had two daughters and was still breastfeeding when I fell pregnant with her…cried for four months at the same time as apologising to my belly – poor thing! Love her to bits of course and couldn’t imagine life without her…and she certainly is very canny with money already at the age of 9!

      • Your daughter has the same exact astro signatures as me melissa. I’m the youngest of three and wasn’t exactly planned for. My Mom and I have always been close. Not perfect, but close.

        • Good 2 know sweetpea! Yes always thought youngest daught n I were so in tune, cld never have any probs, tho we’ve been clashing a little lately! Think it’s all the fire in our charts! Ultimately think we’ll b right…cldnt bear it if not! And ps nothing’s perfect is it?!

          • Mother and daughter often clash esp in adolescence, even when you’re close … something about her trying to step outside your influence, differentiate herself, that sort of thing. Nothing’s perfect – if it seems to be, it’s probably a sign of secret hidden or repressed problems eg. anorexics do it (partially) because of perfection ideas & always hide it, often are high-achievers and appear the perfect well-behaved daughter.
            Don’t worry, you’re doing the best you can, whatever you do she will blame you for her problems for a few years then have kids herself and realise that you did your best and couldn’t be better!!!

      • My Gemini Sun, Cappy rising and Cappy Moon son came into this world very unhappily. While a planned baby by both parents, he was only conceived so that my daughter wouldn’t be lonely when her parents would eventually go through their very likely separation and divorce.

        I am so extremely affectionate with him as I read in his charts that he will need all the love of his mother that he can get in this world.

    • I LOVE how he ammended hi Winona tat to ‘WINO FOREVER’!!

      An ex changed ‘michelle’ to ‘MY HELL’ …… golden rule – no lovers names tattooed….?

      • totally. seems like the most romantic thing you can do at the time until break ups must involve creative word games to make something un-naff of your ex lovers name. my hell is hilarious.
        a mate has his kids on each wrists which I thought was very sweet.

        • the kids’ names is a lovely one.

          yeah you’re right it seems so romantic – but far better to get a symbol or picture that has meaning, maybe both get the same one? then you have a reminder of that period of your life, but your new partner doesn’t have that reminder all the time! Must be a bit off-putting actually.

  8. This was on here in the states….”Inside The Actor’s Studio”…..Interview with Johnny Depp by James Lipton….Has his smoke here too…

  9. Please don’t say Johnny is nearly 50! he’s the same age as me (same birthdate and year) and I am 45!!
    And I do look young for my age as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Don’t worry Gemyogi, I ~am~ 50….Gem rising, Capp Moon….My daughter calls me “the incredible ageless woman”….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Johnny’s Gemininess comes out in his humor…..Dollalishous…

      • Reason why Mr. Beautiful can be faithful to one woman at a time is cuz Cappy Moon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Ooops I just googled JD and he was born in 1963, so he’s 46. But on the same day as me, June 9.
    But 46 isn’t almost 50 in my book!

    • Thanks for that, now I know JD is a year and a day younger than my brother, who despite some serious health issues, looks a good ten if not fifteen years younger.

  11. Still intrigued by this Ascendant conjunct your partner’s major planets thing. Found out my crush and I have these conjunctions (ascendant is mine: Aquarius):

    # Moon Conjunct Ascendant (his moon = pisces)
    # Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant
    # Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

    Does any of this point to why I feel there is a bit of magic to our attraction? And that I feel hypnotized by him?

    Sigh…also, my Venus is in Cancer and that’s his sign!

  12. Actually, that’s from our composite chart. Still don’t know how to find conjunctions looking at our individual charts and comparing them. Sigh…I need an astrology class.

    • aeris, astrodienst can do anything. look at the synastry option (i think) in the charts bit, you can pull up one that has two peoples charts in the circles so you can see conjunctions etc.

    • Think that Moon/Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in your composite chart would be tres dreamy.

      Had the Moon conjunct Neptune on a composite Descendant and it was very idealize type stuff. Very, very soul stuff….

      Just be mindful of illusions overall and/or of one playing the saviour type thing.

  13. Actually, regarding the Peter Pan thing Mystic, in the above Youtube interview JD states he does not remember having puberty due to being engrossed in his guitar and maybe he’s still going through it.

    He also, as a Cap Moon, adores his mother and thinks the world of her.

    I’ve never dated a Gemini even though Asc Gemini but did marry Cancer which encompasses most of my 1st house.

    Dated a Leo with Mars in Gem conjunct my Mars. He made me laugh alot but that belied his complicated Scorp Moon which his Leo and Gem parts did not know how to communicate and he stood me up on NY one year. I dumped him.

    • Brother in law is a Gemini with Cap Moon and not shallow by any means or seemingly Peter Panish.

  14. My ex (and v. first long-term boyfriend) was a Gemini. Never been attracted to Geminis since.

    But Johnny Depp does look hot in this pic.

  15. My mother is a Gemini with Leo Rising and I am really sick to death of smarmy guys thinking we’re sisters.
    Mind you, staying youthful looking is her obsession and she spends all her money on La Prairie, whereas I couldn’t care less and have never worn makeup. She wears full face even while renovating country town property in middle of bush, because “you never know who you might talk to”

    • Certain amount of that is her age group & expectations – that generation (I’m guessing at her age here, but presuming it’s same as my mum) was raised to always look their best, which was interpreted as always wearing makeup, because without it you’re not dressed properly.
      I had to explain to her that this was not the modern way lol …

  16. Johnny’s divine and I don’t normally go for Pan-like men. That he is rising Leo just confirms my crush on him further!

    My husband is the only Gem I have dated and due to genetics, as well as astrology I now learn, he will look permanently mid 30’s while I age up a storm. Ah well.
    In Chinese Astro he is an Ox though and he has a gravitas I relate to an Earth Sign, not the shloopy charm of Rabbit boy Depp.

  17. Ooh Mystic, so true, great explanation. I find that I am usually unattracted to Gemini men and that they seem to be unusually attracted to me. Perhaps precisely because I don’t usually like them:)

    However, I have always had a strong pull towards JD! It must be the Cap lurking beneath as that is always a magnet for me.

    I do find that both Caps and Gems enhance eachother so perhaps JD is so attractive because of that combination?

  18. My son is due to be born a Gemini – don’t have much experience with Gemini men, only had one brief fling and he was a compulsive bullshitter. A friend said Gemini men are all sluts?! Hope I can instill some better values!!

        • thanks for that Ms, was spiralling into self doubt there for a second, … yes a second, thats how far us rams get with self doubt :)

          • I think your fan base only missed you because this post is at the back of the line nothing to do with your hotness.

            but seriously you do sound hot. sharp mind, firm hand, nice back. I’d be smiling if I were you.

          • So you saying that I possibly asked the hotness question on the wrong thread ? D’oh.

          • Hi David – yes my flatmate is Aries and self-doubt flickers across his face for a second, then he bounces off again to do something else exciting. It’s a good way to live. His energy rubs off on me a bit, he’s a good example.

            Your back is definitely hot. Nicely composed picture, too. Nothing wrong with being 50 or nearly 50. Relax. Oh sorry I forgot, you Ariean folks don’t really do that …

        • aww shucks, but of course you know I was joshing x I know how most of you feel about Johnny, wanted to stir things up.
          Also interested to see how my 6 year old who has olive skin and baby blue eyes, a gem rabbit, has all the girls at school swooning, its so funny.

          • Sure your son will be/is a little heartbreaker..

            My eldest daughter baby blue eyes even though ex is Iranian. The gene has to be carried on his side somewhere though apparently, not just mine, for her to come out blue.

            Are you are your wife’s eyes blue david?

          • Yep, light blue, though the blue is on my side too. My mums family is spanish/iraqi and many of them have blue eyes.

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  20. Johnny Depp just gets cooler and cooler. He was a bit of a pretty boy when he was younger, now he’s got much more appeal and isn’t a metro-sexual. He doesn’t give a crap because he’s not fenced in by the confines of reality and he’s got the ways of a lover.

    • Mind you, I’ve never been attracted to Gem men, must be the earthy Cap rising…