Nancy Cunard – Ultra-Fish?

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Nancy Cunard, Jazz Age heiress, poet & activist – So PISCEAN  does not this description remind you of Pisces?

“…Cunard had a reputation for being especially chilly; men complained that she was a calculating lover, incapable of proper sentimentality. But when it came to the causes she embraced, her passion was boundless, as was, apparently, her acceptance of material discomfort. She would not hesitate to work eighteen hours a day setting type in semidarkness for her press, The Hours, housed in an old stable on her French farmhouse, or to trudge twenty miles in the rain to a Spanish refugee camp.


“…she was like “some invention, ghastly or not, of her own…. She didn’t fit anywhere.” That inconsistency or “passionate inconstancy,” as William Carlos Williams called it, consisted of, as one male friend described it, “baffling contradictions”–she was passionate but unromantic, loyal but unforgiving, unconventional but fastidious, emotional but unsentimental, hedonistic but anorexic…”

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22 thoughts on “Nancy Cunard – Ultra-Fish?

  1. I’m a pisces and have Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Pisces, but not like Nancy thank goodness. I am what my friends descibe as a ‘giver’. I am loyal, loving, sentimental, energetic, passionate, creative, intuitive, sensitive, emotional, kind, caring and honest. I guess my ‘low’ point is when I have given someone numerous chances to treat me as I treat them with warmth and respect, and then I give up on them. I don’t invite them, don’t see them, don’t waste any more energy. I am usually very hurt by that stage and can’t do it anymore. I am interested to hear how others deal with this. It has been a long life lesson for me.

  2. Well… said Pisces ex-firey / love of my life, is Very Similar to the descriptives of Cuzzard, even as a male, although he does forgive, after hiding between the coral crevacises of his emotional reef for a while. He refuses to fit any ‘type’, is stubbornly independant / self-sufficient, passionate yet seemingly quite unromantic. A shimmery fish who is attracted momentarily to a pretty glittery glimmer in the current of life – quite happy to just keep swimming…

  3. Pisces… Nebulousness.
    My beloved father is a Pisces, and he’s just impossible to pin down into categories or personality types.
    I like the list of (seemingly) contradictions those two gentlemen put together, very apropos.

  4. What a great article!! I found her story incredible & inspiring. She showed enormous amounts of compassion to those suffering & so much to the disapproval of those around her.
    It’s extraordinary when people do not understand why people such as Cunard can be touched so deeply by suffering & her dedication to humanity clearly unnerved people. Such a strong willed woman!

    I liked this quote & it is quite fitting considering peeps kept questioning her lifestyle.
    “Reputations are simply hell and there’s nothing–or little enough–to be done about changing them.”

    Maybe it is my Pisces rising that relates to this but I cannot tolerate people who are compassionless.. & surely Nancy would have some Aqua in her chart somewhere?

      • Interesting. I think there might be subtle differences between the compassionless tendencies of Pisces and what seems like passionless Aquas.
        NEITHER is _actually_ true.
        Pisces needs to seem compassionless, or they might drown. And Aquas, well they are just thinking and doing and don’t realize that their passion isn’t obvious to everyone else.

        That’s what I think.

        I also love them as friends, but holy smokes don’t think I could be married to either! They both leave me cold (Aquas marginally less so), but surely that is my Venus in Leo reaction.

  5. Yeah, that description sounds very Pisces to me. Pisces is the sign that simply makes me shake my head and shrug my shoulders. Utterly speechless. Can’t get a handle on them at all – ALL contradiction, no sense to be made of them. They drive me nuts. The thing that bothers me most is the Pisces version of ‘truth’. They tell you something, will swear black and blue that it’s true, totally offended that you could question them on it, but then in the end, you learn it isn’t *quite* true, but also not *quite* untrue. It’s like a murky underwater, distorted version of what happened. I call it Piscean truth – it will be an indicator of what actually happened, but there will be one or two massively important details which contextualise the entire thing and give it a different meaning, and which the Piscean *just happened* to leave out. It’s my intention is to never date or even befriend another one of them. *Shudder*

  6. It cracks me up listening to others all confused / frustrated / bemused etc by Pisces. I love them. The are totally logical in my mind…… But I am a Scorp with a Cancer Moon, so I just love wallowing i the water with them! I wish I had more of them in my life….. No Gems, despite my love for them, they are odd little creatures.
    Nancy sounds like my kinda woman – having the same sorts of contradictions myself, I know that peoples perceptions are just that – perception…. Cheers Baristagem for the extra quote, so true.

  7. Yeah, I don’t really like the un-pindownable thing about Pisces. You never know if they love or hate you, if they’re a friend or enemy, etc. And jeezus, the drama!

    On the plus side, they can be some of the sweetest, most giving, and supportive friends.

    My Cancerian friend fits those contradictions more…esp. the hedonist/anorexic part!

  8. well of course we’re far more passionate about our causes and beliefs than our lovers – our lovers are real and typically a major disappointment compared to the fantasy. we can pine endlessly for someone we don’t have but when they’re ours it really is a case of can’t live with ’em. can’t live without ’em. much better to put the bottomless pit of emotional energy into an ideal. the more hopeless the cause, the better.

  9. I am full of contradictions. Even I can see it and people like to point it out to me also. But who would want to be one-dimensional (and I assume that’s the opposite of what I’m describing)? Or predictable?

    I have loads of compassion – too much really. But the piscean tendency to be easily hurt is what perhaps makes us look like cold fish; when hurt, we withdraw and maybe that’s what looks cold to other peeps.

    honesty; passion; hedonism; unpredictability; loyalty – what’s not to like???!!!


  10. Oh my God! I thought those characteristics were unique to the Piscean man I love..but no – wow! Uber-emotional but not sentimental; passionate, yet calculating and self-preserving… I think my Aquarian-ness might help it work though – I tend to find what he calls his ‘quirks’ endlessly diverting, while my friends just find our subsequent unconventional set-up confusing. So entertained to see there is more of them out there! Love it :)

  11. Pisces or not, you cannot win when you are a heiress. Males get away with it a lot better. But that description above is like Anais Nin – pisces, heaps of lovers but could never come?

    • Anais and I have same birthday (but she was older!!!) and i come every time!! giggle. Now Anais did tell a few porkies, but , they were seen by her as her slant on things. I suspect she invented one’s own truth/my truth?

  12. “Loyal but unforgiving, unconventional but fastidious, emotional but unsentimental, hedonistic but anorexic…”. My piscean, packed 12th house father in a nutshell…

    I went through a psychotic time living in Japan as a teen and wrote him some acerbic letters. He still has them and says he will never read them again as they are too disturbing, but as they are his property he will keep the for posterity.
    WTF??? So weird and cruel – but in his mind they are like fascinating postcards from the edge and worth keeping?

    He spent thousands on a gourmet dinner for his birthday one year, invited various intimates, but then won’t eat out again for a year and live on rye bread and salad…

    I find his logic peculiar to his neuroses, a selfish or generous person according to his most nebulous moods. Pisceans!!

  13. i suppose this makes sense, sometimes i really hate being a pisces, very few people understand us or can relate to us

  14. ‘passionate inconstancy’, ‘baffling contradictions’ etc

    Welcome to the wonderful world of mutability (and women of independent means who can think for themselves). If Nancy were any other way, I suppose they would have written her off as dull. Or not written about her at all.

  15. how refreshing! I can so totally relate to this description. I’ve always had trouble defining myself, my personality, even my likes and dislikes because from day to day they can be so different. Consistently inconsistent? My husband just calls it “being a woman”, but he did have a series of piscean lovers before me so maybe he just assumes all women are like this? poor man (wicked giggle!)

  16. I love a sci-fi show called lexx. Zev the lady rocks grey hair, is part cluster lizard and love-slave, so is aggressive and sexy. She is obviously a scorpy-cappy archetype and is in love with Kai, last of the brunnen-G. He has a very effeminite, emo look. He was a ‘romantic dreamer’ before he was killed by his devine shadow, then for 2000 yrs his re-animated corpse was used as an assasin. He is super cold and detached, so I figured maybe an aquarius? But after reading this post I think he is a pisces. Hah! What a load of fluff.