Mars Retro-Bats Mania Two: J-Lo’s Outfit

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Mars Retrograde in Leo clearly fuqed with J-Lo’s usually impeccable Leo control-freakery & brazen chutzpah.  There is no WAY a Leo would usually let herself go out the door, let alone on stage in an outfit so weird, drab and unflattering.

27 thoughts on “Mars Retro-Bats Mania Two: J-Lo’s Outfit

  1. True, I remember seeing a pic of her the other week and thinking – oh she’s singing again? and -does she have an agent who sat her down and made her watch what’s hot since she’s been mum’ing it? bit Lady Gaga meets Beyonce non? so not her style at all- reeks of someone telling her to do this to get in with the new culture.

  2. Golden spotlight to back-light the flowing mane is a bit of Leo shining through, but yeah, what is with the dishevelled, grey, comfort-fit swim suit thing… is she trying to be a Pisces ;)

        • Hi robots. this little nest is on the clothes line right now… the third one that our resident Willy Wagtails have built this summer. Talk about industrious. The nest is so beautiful – held together with spider web but also using some fibres taken from the doormat and with some tell-tale brown Kelpie hairs and fluff from the dog’s toys in it too! There are three speckled eggs. I will endeavour to update my avatar as the babies hatch. Easier to do with the Canon G11 that I unexpectedly got for xmas… :cool:

          • oh how lovely! I would love to see a bigger pic. Can you upload it on (it’s free) and share the link with us. Pretty please. I love birds and nests and birds eggs! :)

          • Yeah! What Scorpalicious said! I’d love to see bigger photos too, if it’s not too much trouble :)

            Wow, Nat, you lucky duck (both for the wonder of nature in your back yard and new camera)

          • awww, thanks Nat. I have serious birds nest envy.

            I love how the birdies have woven their nest on the clothes line and how resourceful they are collecting fibres from around your home. Those nests definitely have your name on them.
            You are lucky indeed to have them nesting in your backyard!

    • Hey Sweetpea, how’s the writing going.
      Just started Kim Falconer’s 2nd book Arrows of Time after loving Spell of Rosette.
      Found Rosette really inspirational.
      Sure your book will be too.

      • Thanks Pegs!

        Things are going good. I get home a bit late (7-8:00 pm) but still have a little time to play here before bedtime. Turning in much earlier now a days….

        I really must get Kim’s books. I love Kim!

    • Totally. Cher designed lady gaga an outfit but Jo lo’s handbag army stole it from wardrobe under her command before Mariah Carey’s entourage could

    • ashamed that i know this but didn’t britney wear something just like it? and britney’s outfit was trying to emulate the naked video that holly doona cover i mean holly valance did years ago

      • ZOmg. i think you are right about Britney. I wonder if there is anything in common with the astro celeb peeps who wear shiny body stockings as clothing.

  3. She looks so much better in cream couture.
    So the wrong colour for her skin.
    No-one but no-one has done the transparent look & be stunning since Marilyn Monroe
    & Marlene Dietrich.
    Do you remember those sheaths they wore?

    What about Mariah Carey being so out of it at some presentation? A 4 minute ramble that
    i expected one of those hooked canes to come out of left stage & drag her off :-)

    • That was out here at the Palm Springs Film Festival I mentioned on the Hi-Lo Cappy thread. They’re saying she had too much champagne on an empty stomach. I didn’t see the whole speil. Don’t know if I have time to watch a drunk for four minutes but then again I only quit drinking wine before the first so I’m now bias… :)

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