Is This The Most Aquarian Man In The World?

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Alejandro Jodorowsky youngI cannot BELIEVE that I did not know about Alejandro Jodorowsky – the Aquarian (Feb 6 1929) & Chilean playwright, psychomagician, puppeteer, film-maker, psychotherapist, Zen Buddhist, writer et AL.

Is it just me?  Why is he not celebrated and talked about constantly? Seriously, please read his Wiki and try to tell me he is not THE MOST AQUARIAN MAN IN THE WORLD.

Some highlights: His first film incited a riot, he did a comic book about the Borgias, refused to direct The Story Of O due to his feminist principles, was the first person to scientifically test isolation tanks, resurrected the Marseilles Tarot from obscurity, his next film stars Marilyn Manson as a 300 year old Pope, he learned Mime from Marcel Marceau, initiated the Panic Movement of theatre, his film The Holy Mountain (about Jesus Christ as an Alchemist in dialogue with all the old Roman Gods/Goddesses was funded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, his book on psychotherapy is called Psychomagic: The Sacred Trap, one of his major love affairs was with a famous & frequently jailed Mexican Soap star known as La Tigressa , another great love was with a magic mushroom shamanic priestess called Maria Sabina…he is fascinating.

Who is fluent in Spanish? This is his official website here. We need to tell him of his title. BTW, this pic is recent – he’s 81 in a few days time. Coming up for his Uranus Return!

Alejandro Jodorowsky with cat

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37 thoughts on “Is This The Most Aquarian Man In The World?

  1. Wow, gorgeous man for 80!! Will def read about him when I get home.

    Have a Puerto Rican friend who gladly inform him of his well earned title, and will get him to post the link :)

  2. El hombre más Acuario En El Mundo – jajajajajaja

    Jajaja = hahaha – that spun me out for months on Facebook…..

  3. Very Aqua indeed. How cute is his cat!!! Clearly thinks the world of him too. awwwww

  4. it’s because his movies are frickin disturbing, disjointed, disquieting etc. I can say I watched Holy Mountain and Santa Sangre and claim it as a badge of honour ‘cos they’re frickin hard to stomach. Even for myself as an aquarian that refuses to call any movie weird, only misunderstood by dull-witted plebs, these movies are as palatable as eating dung beetle turd on pomegranate crackers.

    Not saying i wouldn’t watch them again, mind you…

    • He did Santa Sangre! Coooooool! I loved that movie!! Haven’t seen it since the 80’s though.

      • same robots, I loved Santa Sangre when I saw it in the ’80s but not seen since.

        btw robots, LL, gilded cage & other bird lovers, I have just updated the wwt photos… with much frustration as bloody bush internet is so frickin slow. Most titles & descriptions have disappeared but photos still there… gotta get that satellite dish! First baby flew out of the nest today (day 13). It was a wobbly flight but he made it into a nearby tree. Still 2 babies in the nest.

        • Your frustration wasn’t in vain Nat, thank you so much for sharing, your photos are absolutely beautiful and amazing!
          You are so lucky :)

          Is it just me, or is their nest unbelievably perfect? Incredibly constructed. They are amazing little engineers and they make cute babies too :)
          Are you going to keep the nest once the WWT are finished with it?

          • Thank you for your nice words gildedcage. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, that nest is an absolute wonder of perfection. I will keep it when I’m sure they are finished with it as they don’t re-use their nests. Most of the nests I’ve seen around here do not get re-used as the birds build fresh ones each time. The Grey-crowned Babblers renovate their nests and have several on the go at once – but they all pile into their nests every night to go to sleep. Heavy rain here today and I noticed that the 2 wwt chicks that had left returned to the nest with one of the parents acting as umbrella over it!

        • Hi nat, been lurking with your wwt nest story. :) Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your pics with us! I’ve had bird nests at my place before but none as beautiful & amazing as your photos showed. So lucky, it’s amazing.

        • gorgeous pics Nat. Thanks for sharing. I love the one of the baby, with the teeny weeny feathers on it’s head, poking it’s head above the nest – absolutely adorable!! and the one of the 3 baby birds. How lucky you are to watch them grow. :)

          • Thanks robots. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yes that little sleeping one is so cute! The first 2 that left the nest are flying quite confidently today. I can hear them cheeping from different trees all around the house. Number 3 hasn’t ventured out yet – I think he was the last egg to hatch and is a bit smaller than the others. It is really amazing to watch them grow. They develop so quickly and are so tuned in to what is going on around them – beady little eyes watching every insect flying past and all comings and goings from the clothes line!

    • Santa Sangre!!! I spent 3/4 of that movie under the seat while my Gem/Tauro friend squealed with glee at the blood fest. Holy hell.

      It was more entertaining than anything by Greenaway though. Holy Mountain sounds awesome.

      • Uber I cannot imagine you under any seat for any reason! I agree with your comment re Greenaway films. I mean they were visually interesting and predictably odd etc. but I never found them to be as A-M-A-Z-I-N-G & deep as everyone was banging on about at the time. I put this down to me being a philistine of course 😉

  5. Jodorowsky has been on my radar for a few years now after seeing El Topo, then Holy Mountain (which still blows my mind). I’m lusting to see Santa Sangre. I just want to crawl in his mind and see how it works. I did see Fando y Lis, but it wasn’t as interesting. And love him because he changed Mexican cinema. I would put him right up there with Fellini.

    Interesting fact, he married Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese.

  6. What a fascinating man. And quite handsome for his 81 years. Aquamaide – I’m a lover of what my friends call weird films and am intrigued by The Holy Mountain. What made it disturbing?

  7. I love on his website it says AlejandroJodorowsky has a golden eye in his name – oJo d’oro – so alchemical, what a dude.

  8. I spend most of my days drawing pictures inspired by his movies, haha. He is AWESOME! Now you have to watch Holy Mountain!!

  9. What a list of interesting women muses he has been influenced & intitiated by.
    When Aquarians do it they do it gooood, key word being ‘when’.

    • It’s interesting Pegs as just exploring Mystic’s link, one of the women who was influencial was Reyna D’Assia, daughter of G.I. Gurdjieff, Greek/Armenian/Russian mystic and spiritual teacher.

      I ran a chart on a dream I had of Gurdjieff on Dec. 21, 2007 (it’s in my data bank and surprised to see how long ago it’s actually been).

      In the dream I’d been standing at his alter and knew he was my teacher. The year 1866 came to mind in the dream and when I researched it, that was a date given for his birth even though it appears there are other dates.

      What adds is that in the dream chart, Venus, which rules my Taurus 12th, was conjunct my Vertex (doorway to other dimensions and fated encounters), and they are opposite my natal Venus.

      Sun, Mercury and a few other planets on Asc. of dream chart is actually the Dsc. of my natal chart. Humph…

      “Life is only real then, when I am”…


      • Interesting…I am currently reading several of Gurdjieff`s books, Sweetpea…..he was quite an unusual dude.

      • That’s a ‘wow’ SP.
        Between Gurfjeiff & his student, P. Ouspensky, i like the student’s
        books better than the teachers.
        Jung was a student of Freud, wasn’t he?
        An era of profound discoveries.

  10. Thank you Mystic!!!! Once again you have bestowed us with the most beautiful gift. x x x x

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