Earth Elemental Suggestions: What 2 Do When The Moon Is In Virgo

You know how there is this Earth Sign emphasis at the moment?

And that the Moon is in Virgo?

It’s a fab time to drag thy still sorta in holiday mode bod into the kitchen & figure out some sort of re-stocking the pantry situation.  Ceres (from where we get the word ‘cereal’ in case you did not know) is  now actually in SAGGO…So stocking thy pantry could be turned into a totally rad, bonkers-but-in-a-good-way, Saggalicious style of experience. HOT.

39 thoughts on “Earth Elemental Suggestions: What 2 Do When The Moon Is In Virgo

  1. o god… finding ANY kind of (breakfast) cereal stuffs in Japan that isn’t 99% sugar is a nightmare… i miss my aussie muesli desperately! totally left with brown rice and home stewed fruit… there has to be a better way!

    • Can you have someone mail you a care package ladycrab? If you really are desperate for a cereal fix I can send you some.

    • Every ozzie I ever met in Japan whined constantly about the food. They whined missed their favorites from back home. Let me remind you: Japan is a foreign country and it isn’t like back home. If you spend your time lamenting things you don’t have, you will miss the wonders occurring right in front of you.

      • I’ve spent the last ten years wandering around the world enjoying the pleasures of plenty of countries. I’m here for three months, I simply miss my muesli! :)

        • Well, I could tell you where to buy the stuff in Japan, there’s even an importer who will take custom orders (and in English even) and already has common items that gaijin request, like their favorite cereal. But I think I will tease you and not tell you. Suffice to say, I had no trouble finding my favorite cereal in a regular old Japanese grocery store (albeit a well equipped one that carried a few foreign items).

    • Oh yeah I just checked in town earlier and there is a byronbay organic muesli that looks good it’s all really well vacuumed sealed…I’ve had the bircher one before…they also have a wheat free toasted one with macca nuts and um sultanas and raisins…and another one that I’m getting soon for me with pear, and figs and nuts…

      Ok I’m projecting largely here as I’m seriously considering a stint of teaching in Japan soon…but I can so see myself enjoying many aspects of Japanese culture and cuisine, and still sometimes wanting a fix of comfort food from home…so lady crab I’m more than happy to ship some stuff over…if you want I’m contactable here obviously but also offpage at

  2. moon in Virgo huh. Is that why i desperately want to go back to work? But only got one day this week.

    Nice bum!!

  3. Happy New Year Gorgeous Mystic and bloggers. LL ah your gold heart is back : >.
    Scorpalicious….that’s what i thought too – nice bum. I have been soooo baaaad these hols after being so good and having green smoothies before hols! Grr.

    ladycrab I am happy to post ye some good old fashioned rolled oats that you can nuke? I lugged these to the States as I hate the sugar/fat cereals too. My email addy is if you want to send me your address and I can post you some. Oh hang on, what are their Quarantine laws like? Can you please check and if its cool, I am happy to do this.

    • OH MY GOD that is the BEST GLUTEN FREE MUESLI ON THE PLANET I i haven’t tried the other 2 types) . it comes in 1kg bags and 250g bags , not cheap but sooooooooo delicious.

      It’s calleed Brookfarm Muesli….happy searching….

  4. I was indeed sorting out a shelf in the pantry this morning… but not in my bikinis and it was the alcohol shelf not the cereals. Ditched some old liqueurs and ordered the wine section and the stash of Mexican beer (that is a bit Ceres I figure!). Love love love the Moon in Virgo vibe.

    I am wanting to buy a new stove once this Merc Retro is complete… is it Vesta that I should check on?

  5. i’m staying at friends, got up this morning to the two of them in a kitchen cleaning frenzy, light shades and all. i had to laugh. my mate has also been gardening like a fiend over the last few days (cap, leo rising, saggo moon). my groundedness is retreating to the ivory tower, now to channel virgo/cap work ethic.

  6. I went to a job interview (did alright… not getting too cocky)… having lunch with my parents, picking up a bike, cleaning my kitchen… maybe doign azucchini bake… trying to get to yoga and then bed early.


  7. this chicka has obviously been using that mitt on her buttley and good on her is what i say ! got up this morning and sorted thro the rubble and because am in the whole declutter vibe threw out the bath mat on account of being guilty as charged of
    1. ugliness
    2. smelliness
    3. uselessness
    4. a dreary little pink colour no longer suitable to chez bubble.

  8. MMMMMM!!!!!!!! LOVELY!!!!!! My kind of earthiness,inspiring!!!
    MY Favorite cereal is half rolled oaks half red quinoa with cinnamon add agave syrup for sweetner, ENJOY!!! here is the recipe: QUINOA WITH OATS


    • oh that sounds delish! Thanks for the recipe. Does that make about 4 serves? And how long you reckon it will keep in the fridge?

  9. Um dear me – someone’s not gonna regret bad inkwork later in life non?

    already started the restock – sans wheat / gluton free – well that’s theplan anyways….

    2010 be my year of responsible shopping. food without numbers, sustainable fish, &, trialing gluton-free-esque routines until best combo beds in.

    peace & health to youse all!!

    • rockstar, glutton free, that is what i would like to be now. Instead I am like a junk food starvee craving bad food – sugar, salt, carbs etc. Grrrrrr. I would hate to look at my botty, might look like sea sponge! :(

      Re decluttering i would so love to have some come over and just get rid of my stuff! Instead of all my plans I just vegged out and ate naughty food and hung out at the beach. I guess as someone said if you enjoyed wasting time, it is not really wasting time?

      • OMG salacious – you need Taura sis n me – AKA ‘stuff busters’… & god we make it fun!! xox

  10. Sometimes I look at these images and think – did you find this picture and then make something up to go with it?!!??!! (Of course not really!)

    How totally awesome!!! :D off to put on my high hells and have an adventure in the pantry with my cereal…

  11. i just wanted to say what good hearted people u dudes are who would be sending cereal overseas. how kind is that. heres a kiss for your kindness.

  12. something good has come out of convalescing – i resorted to watching TVSN (shopping channel) and got mesmerised by the plastic kitchenware they were flogging… i looked it up and it’s the safe plastic that’s got no BPA or whatever it is. have been annoyed by flexiness of lids on tupperware containers making them hard to take off and was looking for an alternative that wasn’t glass jars (love ‘em but they are not practical in small kitchen).

    so i ordered up big and spent a day transferring all kitchen staples to their new homes. obviously the evil white stuff all got turfed along the way.

    still some work to do and now that i am up and moving around again i think i’ll make the most of this moon and finish off the job tonight.

    also tending to admin details today, finishing off tedious tasks

    • It would be only fair.

      I’m still mired in ethical bloody frameworks and CEO behaviour…I am rewarding myself hugely once this puppy is put to bed.

  13. OMG – what to do with the Moon in Virgo? Wander around the kitchen in a bikini with fantastic body covered in tatts!!! OBVIOUSLY!! How much do I miss my youthful body when I see this?
    My Mars in Virgo is sobbing his gym junkie heart out in the laundry…

  14. being a queenslander i’ve been doing all the cleansing n purging stuffs in bikini’s of recent, hot, hot, hot. tho us saggie girls would never clean in heels, yuk heels. thanks mystic – the pantry is always on the list and always gets avoided – your pic n prompting finally saw it achieved!
    there was stuff in there that doesnt bare mentioning…restocking tomorrow

  15. scorpalicious robot
    Serves Four and Keeps 3 day’s .If you like raisins good too. also found cutting the time down 7 mins. is good and adding half of cup of hot water, stir near the end and remove from burner. Cause Cereal tends to stick.

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