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Joy, the Sun is in Aquarius. Not that there was anything wrong with the Sun in Cap BUT it led to rather too much Earth energy & thus a preoccupation with the Past, worldly affairs and all. Now that is still there – how could it not be with Saturn-square-Pluto again? – but there is a big extra ZING in the air as the Sun & Venus in Aquarius race toward conjunctions with magical Chiron & Neptune AND oppositions with Mars.

How does this work? Ideally all the guts and glory of an even retrograde Mars in Leo can be harnessed to service the higher aims & more innovative bent of the Sun & Venus in Aqua. Note also that the Sun, which is in Aquarius now, also rules Leo, where Mars is. This  is called Mutual Reception guys and long story, but it’s good. There is also a Leo-Aquarius Full Moon involving Mars. But this is good – recognition is en route for where-ever you are showing off awesome courage & innovation.

So, yes it’s a Full Moon and there are loads of oppositions around but it’s not the Cancerian Full Moon emo-apocalypse tone  of that last Eclipse over New Year’s Eve. This could be FUN.  But Leo-Aqua energy is also not especially emotional – both signs share a fierce desire to be recognised for individuality and to not be fuqed with. If there’s any chance whatsoever Leo/Aqua can be more successful if single – wham: hello, independence. Neither like to be clung to, unless it’s by a supermodel or an alien.

So it’s not the time to look back and grizzle. It’s the time to shake out your mane, get your nails done, come up with some (more!) clever ideas and get out there to strut thy genius. It’s also about ensuring your efforts benefit the whole group – even if it is just your entourage.

Strange point to ponder: Could the combo of healthy self-love  (maybe even a bit pathological but whatevs) a la Leo AND Aquarian diffidence/sci-fi mind way ahead be more helpful to relationships then talking anything through or even  knowing what you feel? With this Astroscape, yes.

17 thoughts on “Aqua-Soleil

  1. Thats so true.

    In the last 24 hours things are clearing up, as if the fog lifted. That could also be the Merc going direct. But with all the retrogate and earth business it was feeling like a no-way-to-resolution re relationship merde.

    And maybe the Mars going backward… bringing back people from the past majorly, which is suprisingly helping me get a clear perspective.

  2. Are you and the little voice in my head in league MM? Been recieving many reminders to leave funny relating situations well alone and get on with the me as genius demands that have nicely turned up to demand my attention instead. Whilst I knew the work focus would be required, the clarity of the (nagging?) reminders has been somewhat of a surprise. So yes, I’m leaving it/them alone….

    • shell, and MM, YES!!

      “leave well enough alone” and “i don’t know what to do about this any more so I am just going to leave it for a bit” have both really worked for me…maybe later i might have to work on something, but for now i really, really have had to focus on me. Otherwise the to-do list (emotional and admin related) would have turned into utter madness.

  3. How fitting!! I’ve been feeling like crap not being productive for all this Capricornian vibe, but today I just started putting effort into fun, creative things like writing and drawing (though unproductive to a Cappy, yes…) In a strange way, all this Leo-Aqua may be awesome for me. The two signs do make a good team for certain things, I must admit.

  4. Once again, i love your work and your images. This picture was in my dreams last night!!!! Anything which says leos are healthy instrad of narsissistic vampire disorders makes me very happy.

  5. Yes yes yes love it, get it, feel it; My Leo north node with Aqua asc feels like run run run from amorous Tauro (tho I am Kataka Sun) and should, could, would, normally be WANTING this: BUT….! And for once the things I am manifesting are all about me, me, me and liberation !! And funny Mystic, my feedback for New moon ritual included ‘I reckon BIG love comming soon’ and for the first time EVER I thought – ‘THIS time I hope its with ME’!!!! Embracing it all and open to all possibilities. The Tauro is great too…..told him NO RUSH…I’m a package deal..(me + my kids )we’ll see……..btw no haircuts for me just yet but maybe a body scrub and pedi ya?

  6. ”a la Leo AND Aquarian diffidence/sci-fi mind way ahead be more helpful to relationships then talking anything through or even knowing what you feel? With this Astroscape, yes.”

    Hope you meant “Than” MM coz that was me last night with the Lusty Leo. Was all ready for “the talk” but no D & M was needed. It was almost psychic btw us. Just a bit of tidying up and a some explantion but what a lovely surprise when I expected us to be kaput and the makeup x x x was divine. we are both Leo/aqua’s. If thats pre full moon wonder then can’t wait for the Full Moon on 30th.

    My new moon ritual was about discipline which goes out the door every time I’m around the LL- but saturn girl prevails the rest of the time.

    Saturn Girl is allowed to ahve some fun isn’t she?

    • and and and
      “If there’s any chance whatsoever Leo/Aqua can be more successful if single – wham: hello, independence. Neither like to be clung to, unless it’s by a supermodel or an alien”

      This was what are “talk” was meant to be about but the txt he sent me prior re. being free and independent was jsut perfect for me too and I told him so and and and my heart melted even more and and swoooon .
      I’m holding back big time on going emo overboard to maintain freedom and poise and when we are both on the same page its fuqing awesome!

      Sorry I’m dribbling here but don’t often do it . Love these aqua/leo stars best for me for ages.

  7. aloof is the mode of the mo. been much easier than usual to be breezy and individuated. love it. tho having the attention span of a gnat for anything other than researching a move out of the city has not been so conducive to getting things done at the cube farm. seriously preoccupied with clearing out things non-authentic me stuff and replacing it all with stuff that is really “me”. oh and right back into the purple, green and blue – more specifically amethyst, indigo, emerald and aquamarine.

  8. Work tonite was SOOO much easier with the aqua moon – but of course Lady Aqua also made good timing for head office to show up! AIRiness for the win!

  9. Neither like to be clung to, unless it’s by a supermodel or an alien.

    Ha ha ha!!!!! I’d love an alien over a supermodel any day!

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