Strange Spiral Thingie In Norway


Peeps in Norway are apparently baffled by this strange spiral formation that just appeared in the sky.  A spiral is, of course, a tres cosmic and magical symbol with many meanings.

What do we think of this?

The Rapture? Mayan Astro Shite? The fault of that blasted Gigantic Particle Collider in Switzerland? A fancy Russian experimental Rocket? Photoshop?  Aliens? The Singularity?


“…The light was captured by amateur photographer Jan Petter Jorgensen while he was on his way to work at a salmon factory.

“The light appeared for 2-3 minutes. I could not believe my eyes, and got the shivers and was quite shaken by it”, Mr Jorgensen said.

Morten Kristiansen, who saw the light phenomena from Sortland in northern Norway, added: ” A large ring appeared, and then spread out, sending a green beam down to earth.”

More here.

The Astro of this?  Sun Square Uranus…Saturn Square Pluto…Jupiter nearing Neptune. Quite profound…Thoughts?

79 thoughts on “Strange Spiral Thingie In Norway

  1. oh wow!

    and where is the point, on earth, that the spiral is leading to / from?? that might help with some answers.

    I am thinking along the lines of aurora borealis…magnetic fields…etc.

  2. Woo weee! Looks amazing. If the cats are acting strange maybe its because they’re anticipating the arrival of something soon…cats are from another planet are they not?

  3. it’s definitely coming from earth i reckon – look how it emanates from one point and the spiral / path widens as it approaches the sky / space. tis an earth based experiment for sure. weapons or communications … save the aliens for next time … ??

  4. to me it kinda feels like someone has envoked some pretty ancient magic – right near midsummers eve and this is the pre-stuff
    Mystic OMG remember the moon aura pic i sent you? it looks like that a bit?? if so then this has been happening all over the world since september!

  5. Photoshop. All the way. I’m so open to wacky new phenomena but some things just look too, well, Photoshopped to get excited about.

    The only way I’d get hooked is if others came out with pics as well. Yeah. Multiple shots of the same freakery. Or if it happened again. Now THAT’S exciting.

    • Just watched the footage. I’m thinkin’ UP might be right. Missile test. Russian’s denied it – REALLY?? Denial from a former Superpower with nuclear capability? But if not a rockety thing, then a meteorite thing.

      Or “Climate change.” Everything else seems to be getting pushed under that umbrella these days ;)

  6. perhaps it is not sinister. maybe some good guys down here are sending for help because we are at a tipping point…as much as I first thought it was some kind of military testing as unpredictable pisces suggested…the spiral makes me think otherwise. one thing is for sure…we are speeding towards major changes….& thank goodness for that!

  7. Well hundreds of people saw it not just one bloke and the scientist said it was unrelated to the aurora borealis. The fact that it spun around then moved horizontally suggests something other than an out of control rocket – besides as far as I’m aware the Russian military isn’t exactly cashed up for space agey hi tech rockets. And if it was testing of some other secret squirrel project from some other military why in the fuq would they do it in or near an area where so many can see it/photograph it. Generally secret squirrel projects are done in secret?

    It depends on how far out of the atmosphere it was as to what I would speculate it might be and it’s impossible to tell from that footage.

  8. I can’t form an opinion on something I don’t know is real or not. You can hardly see anything in the video and the pix look fake as hell. If alien please wait until after Christmas as my granddaughter expectin’ Santa.

  9. According to this fascinating series on the interpretation of the Mayan calendar (which is quite lengthy but Oh so worth the time invested) the year 2010 is when we begin to … ahem… “meet our neighbors.”

    “Mayan Calendar Explained – 1 of 18 – Ian Xel Lungold” (copy and paste into youtube.


    • yes! I’ve seen this! he died a few years ago but his wife carries on with his lectures… it is a little slow at first & sometimes the questions of the people in the audience are annoying but its enticing! DEFINITELY worth watching it all!

    • Meeting our neighbours could be promising. Especially if it enlarges the dating pool. I could change my orientation to extra-terrestrisexual, and I might have better luck.

    • I so so so believe we are going to ‘meet the neighbours’ over the next few years. As a species we desperately need to stop our intense inward focus, consumerism et al.

      I am hoping it will change everything. We’ve pretty much come to a point where if we keep going on the current path our civilization and species will go into decline, maybe extinction over an extended period of time.

      ‘Meeting the neighbours’ will completely change the focus of humanity, turning it outwards and continuing our evolution and maybe leading us to take our place in the universe.

      It may not be entirely pleasant and millions of people just won’t be able to cope when it happens. I wonder what sign would be most likely to have trouble coping?

      Taurus maybe? Definitely some of my Capricorn friends will totally freak.

      • Definitely not Taurus honey as I am one ALL the way and even have been trying to realign myself to the 13 moon Mayan calendar.. just in case. Marion Zimmer Bradley has already cottoned on to the notion of interplanetary communication too. Just read any of her Darkover novels. I’ve been mulling over this phenomena all day as well that it may be cats who have a clue, perhaps it’ll be the kids who will tune in first. Remember that old flick with Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix “Explorers”? They built a spaceship from a dream and went to “meet the neighbours” on the alien ship! Keep an eye on the kids I reckon as well as the cats….

        Sorry for the ramble but maybe the beam was in someway like the Aurora Borealis?

      • I completely agree with you. Our focus needs to shift from this selfish, self centered, “We are ALL that exists in the Universe” yet matured attitude, to the much broader picture. We are actually sitting on a tiny little, minuscule “dot” in the middle of this VAST expansive explosion of stars, galaxies and planets. If you Google the poster “You are here” .. it gives a much better idea of where we are.

        We would be foolish to think we are alone.

        I tend to think we’re in school. The higher intelligent beings put a veil over our consciousness and sent us to “Earth School” .. Lessons in 3D, limited enrollment so sign up now!

        What WAS I thinking ;)

          • Prowlin this comedic other side of you is such a breath of fresh air – big ups to you sista, you’ve changed something and it appears to have lifted your spirits – I’m guessing it’s the yellow toothed red, I never read the “romance” posts on the blog just not that interested in other peoples relationship minutia so I’m not certain if I’m right but whatever it is good onya.

  10. Reindeer poo..giggle..

    Somebody on the daily mail made this comment:

    “I did see something very similar once in California when Vandenberg Launched one and then had to abort. The circular plume grew at an alarmingly fast rate. It appeared almost nulcear in origin. It stopped traffic on the 101 in places. This was about 9 years ago”.

    Read more:


  11. spiral is always indication of the spiritual– ALWAYS

    this will be explained away like everything else and shrugged off

    so it goes… on and on it goes… on and on. Incredible. It makes you weep…

    what the hell does it LOOK like? duh

    green beam coming down to earth? duhhhhh

    oh I forgot it’s just a joke, right. not even real. a missle test (ever see a missle like that? duhhhh)

    • Have you ever seen that amazing book from the 70s – it’s called the mythic spiral or the mystic spiral – the something starting with m spiral – softcover and just the most amazing comprehensive rundown of all the connotations and mystical angles of spirals in all cultures – it’s quite famous and easy to find on ebay etc. Talks about the whirling dervishes and torahs and druids. Is scholarly but not dry. Love it – don’t you let the naysayers get you down – whatever that thing is it’s totally cool.

    • William I saw a incredible light over Phoenix about 7 years ago. Driving down the freeway a MASSIVE light that would dwarf a 747, literally hovered over an area in front of me (and all the many others on the freeway). I was stunned and looking around to notice if anyone else was seeing what I was seeing, as the freeway was packed. I expected peeps would be pulling over but nobody did. However, they flooded the radio, police and news stations with inquiries. The explanation the stuttered out made absolutely no sense at all. It didn’t even match what we saw.

      So, being able to say “we don’t know any more than you” doesn’t happen, and you just go on and believe in your own self that we indeed are not alone.

      • I’ve been seeing stuff,
        Is it the chiron conjunction?
        really I think it goes beyond simple astrology…
        they say we’re in a 3 year window now… on year#2
        (terry lamb’s site this month mentions it, I’ve heard it before..

        wilkinson talking about something that happened a year or two ago
        I mean, my chiron return has turned into an occasion of contact I believe
        I mean, something is really happening…
        R. Sardello’s book Love and Soul has good section on ufo’ s toward end..
        Anima Mundi “intervention” I really think it’s true

        Very frustrating that people are not picking up on this—

        I mean, consider the difference between george bush and Obama

        – it could’ve gone differently easily… just lucky it didn’t (can you imagine continuation of Bush policies? – it would be the end!)

        the documentary “Phoenix Lights” has video of real ufo phenomenon (not extra terrestial but “Anima Mundi” which is real and
        has intelligence (spirit of cosmos, it would…)

        When you saw the light how did you feel? They say it changes you–
        (literally, physically, changes you)

        This spiral looks very serious to me, the aurora borealis are quite spiritual also ,… it’s when you see the green– that’s anima….

        Very important to go within …. practice of meditation of some kind..

        not exteriorize anything… but get to know one’s inner landscape…

        – that is the spiritual way… (always an inner experience, everyone makes mistake of focusing on exteriorization… even the language is all about exteriors and takes you out of interior… go deep as you can within in silence… it will change you— thats one reason it’s happening… It’s happening to whole planet… We are witness to incredible times… incredible how it is denied and repressed…
        as if it is nothing— (but then you would expect that I suppose)

        • o yeah william believe me as someone who doesn’t live in the US but is aware that your peeps run the planet am appalled that that guy ran the place by stealing an election and just getting away with it – why was he allowed to just get away with it? WTF was up with that? It’d be machetes in the street and hide in the cellar time if that happened where I’m from. I was so excited when Obama won I felt nauseous with relief. If THAT bush kinda stuff had carried on it’d just be downhill all the way. Say your prayers goodnight.

          I’ve noticed the change in your tone over the last few days and now I guess I know why. You’re right about that stuff changing you. I had some experiences in the late 90s where “beings” I don’t even care what they are – to me they just are – I suspect they’ve always been there and perhaps the “animamundi” you refer to allows us to tune to their frequency I dunno, whatever who cares. But I had some amazing experiences.

          Someone had given me a vial of ORME and I was spending time round a lot of intense science types who were researching quantum theories. It was all on – and I was the skeptic who never believed in any of that stuff before it happened – I had previously had prolific experiences with ghosts but never these other styles of manifestations. What fascinates me is that there was an upswing in the visions and sightings of otherwordly beings at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and may be nature’s way of giving those of us who are open to it information – while I’m not certain if it emanates from within or without I know it’s “real”.

          Mine mostly come in the form of healing /illness information, symbols appearing – I got to the point where sometimes I wouldn’t look at walls cos they’d start showing me stuff like projector screens and I had some remote viewing style stuff. It all went away when I moved to another city and my intuition went away there too. What a fuqd place that was. Bleak grey rainy city. Anyways it’s starting to come back now I’m somewhere else. I’ve wondered if it was possibly to do with earth frequencies and energy centres. Where I lived when it first happened was a place where the first nation people of my country went as a place of healing after battle. It was like their day spa. Lots of springs – there was a spring under my bedroom.

          Good to get to know your interior landscape but you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to, I was lucky to have other people around who saw some of what I saw so it was easier to chat without peeps thinkin you were ready for a padded cell. And if you do want to go it alone then I wish for you a safe journey William.

  12. How weird that I was reading about spiral energy this afternoon and now this is on here. :o Don’t you just love synchronicity.

    • yes.. I do love synchronicity. (and I made that very statement to someone that I had a anachronistic event happen with just this week) ;)

  13. yep my totem for this month is grouse- sacred spiral – aren’t we all s’posed to be alligned with our spiral galaxy by about now…?

  14. Csn i get a ride with you Prowln Cat back to HQ where it all began? there is definetley no male life for my tastes on this planet. let’s try another one. You pick.

    • Ok lets get a map of the universe and play drunk blind folded pin the tail … except damn the bloody thing is always expanding. hrmmf I’d prefer a place where there is NO male life forms or female life forms. I’m entirely fuqing over this duality separateness paradigm.

  15. I’ve recently been to Newgrange, Dowth and Loughcrew passage mounds, in Ireland; the 5000 yr old spiral art there is awesome… spirals very magical and strong. Next year will be exciting.

  16. if it ain’t photoshoppery,its something that the fearful will want to sweep under th carpet quickly(along with all th rest of it~that carpet is gettin like Mt. Ever est!) th comment that really made me laughwas ‘extraterratrisexual’~i immediately thought of th trisquelle(triple spiral)Its all spiraling alright!

  17. Hi there. Long time lurker here. :) (commenting is scary)

    They are saying now today that it was a secret rocket-weapon-thingy gone bad. Who knows really. There are many theories one of them being that its HAARP gone wrong, a weapon program I hadn’t even heard of until yesterday. Here are three more videos.

    Also similar spirals have appeared other places in the world too.

    I find it facinating. I love spirals. ^_^

  18. News saying that it was a Bulava missle shot from a Russian submarine and that when missles fail they spin end over end in a spiral and the rocket fuel is illuminated.

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