Sagittarians Pre-New Moon


It’s so true. Right before the New Moon in your sign – in this case, it is a New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday – you feel super-low or a bit self-conscious and easily weirded out. Then the New Moon energy comes in and you zing right up and zap back, better than ever. But the Dark of the Moon (Moonwane) right before the Moon is New again in your sign is a real low…Fine if you’re resting but hard at this time of  year, non? So be nice to Saggos!!!

15 thoughts on “Sagittarians Pre-New Moon

  1. This is then the epicentre of my Sagg daughter’s bacchanalia…she is a little worn around the edges…although still having fun.

  2. my sag sister just arrived today from the states with 2 of her 4 kids. I picked them up from the airport this morning, taking it easy on her now, have not seen her for 3 years..I’ll wait for the new moon before picking up the tempo.

  3. Egads, my moon is in Sagg. I better get supplies, hunker down and not leave the house. Champagne hangover today tells me to do the same…

  4. Yeah I am feeling tired and grumpy- hardly zingy fire energy. Birthday very soon though… That and the new moon will perk me up . And hopefully some mars Venus birthday suprises ;)

  5. oh yes… this is so true! the past week i have been a mess! bring on the new moon + birthday. not a fan of feeling so deflated :(

    • oh god, a sign of exactly what this post is about. my mon is in taurus, NOT pisces! I have a pisces rising. I need a nap… zzzzz

  6. I love that pic, something about Saggi sense of fun and tactlessness perfectly epitomised here… This week has been pretty good for me but I will hibernate till Wednesday on principal.

  7. my poor lil saggi sis has had a shocker case of tonsilitis the past few days and i’ve had shingles. bummer cos we’ve been working together to help her get a new business started and we’re both grappling with the conflict between the drive to keep on pushing so as not to lose the momentum, opposed by the obvious signs to take it easy.

    and yes i know – a joint sagg-pisces business venture sounds like it should be one of those hippy import shops but it’s her mobile spray tan biz and i’m just helping her get the business structure and marketing set up, then she’s on her own.

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