Return Of The Auspicious Aqua-Weirding

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Art girl levitating above mountainsThe Auspicious Aqua Weirding is back! Lucky Jupiter in Aquarius has just conjoined maverick healer Chiron & is moving to a conjunction with ethereal Neptune just before Xmas. This is all the prequel to the blissy Chiron-Neptune conjunction that basically goes for ALL February. The Auspicious Aqua-Weirding began back in May and climaxes in Feb. This is one of the peaks.

Regardless of what astro-crap (hello Saturn Square Pluto and Eclipses in Capricorn) besets late December and January, the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding is with us. It’s really advanced, hi-Qi and futuristic energy. Jupiter blesses and expands the angelic intelligence that is Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. All of us can tune into something enchanted and inventive where-ever we have late Aquarius in our chart.

Psychic, arty & destined synchronicity at play…It’s hard to tune into the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding if you’re too sentimental OR over-doing the details consciousness. Best times: walking meditation – you know when you’re just meandering around a bit, post-orgasm, post-workout (as in your body is sort of sated)  actual meditation, in-your-dreams (sensational dreaming under these stars)doing art, being in the wilderness, swimming – you get the idea. Any time or place where you can muse.

Image: Mioke

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37 thoughts on “Return Of The Auspicious Aqua-Weirding

  1. I’m with Robo Scorp – bring it god(dess)-damn-on!!!!!
    Way over luck-that-runneth-away – come on down – luck-sticking-around & delivering decent boons to boot!

    BTW had genius strike last week – seems to have traction.
    whilst current strike rate keeps certain cynicism intact – am yet again fueld by hope, determination & eternal optimism.

  2. YES!!!!!! CANT WAIT!
    aqua rules my 12th house so this is all doing some cleaning in my subconcious! – so FANTASTIC!

    • Dude you are totally switched on!

      I am all for creative inspiration everywhere!! esp since I am currently studioless. and homeless still but I am working on that one x

      • between housing rather, sorry. To say homeless like that would be insult to those who are. Hovering is more apt.

  3. Something auspicious instead of just weird is happening around the time I give birth! Thank God.

    Though I did dream my future child was six years old and that he told me he was a Star Child and had to go back home to the star system he was actually from, near some nebula. I felt quite frustrated as he was a late bloomer and had only just started talking – and he was taking off already (some kids stick around till at least 18)!!

    That dream would fit this kind of happy Aqua astro weirdness I am guessing…

    • Crazy dream. Reminds me, I had a friend who’s kid used to run around singing “I’m a little pleiadian” and when I asked him if he knew what that meant he told me about his star clan. can happen..

    • that’s a magical dream FireTrine. I used to have heaps of dreams of my niece talking to me before she was born and after as well before she could speak. I never had those dreams about my nephew. My niece and i have a special connection. She’s a Sagg and i have moon in Sagg and south node as well. We were definitely connected in a past life.

      Do you know the sex of your unborn, or was it revealed to you in the dream?

      • Wow, I am fascinated by your comments! Ms. that’s right weird – how old was the kid in question when he sang about being a pleiadian?

        Actually a clairvoyant friend of mine has been telling me that my baby is ‘gifted’ and powerful in some fashion with purple energy. And yes, Scorpalicious Robot, I know it’s boy, so I dreamed of a six year old boy.

        This is my second pregnancy and it has been a really powerful psychic journey and nothing like the first pregnancy. My clairvoyant friend was actually guided to work with me and gave up precious time with her 3 month old to train and kind of ‘activate’ me.

        I guess I thought I have been reading about this stuff a bit and maybe it was just a dream linking it all together for me, but I think it might be a bit more than that because of the following:

        The dream was made more powerful for me by the fact that my brother was there. He passed away three years ago to the DAY this baby is due to be born. He had been asleep and when I focused on him he turned around, winked and rolled over back to sleep then disappeared! I see him very rarely in dreams, especially with such clarity. We were very close, I assumed him bringing a baby to the family on his death day (at least in intent if not fact – we shall see!) was his way of healing this time for us.

        My feeling was that my son was from the Andromeda nebula, probably because it was one I had heard of… Well, I am trying real hard to be open minded and remember that under deep hypnosis people do come out with things like this and it can be very healing to acknowledge it all without getting involved in believing things one way or another.

        Btw, I have moon in Sagg and south node also Scorp Robot – there’s a bit of astro wierding right there… Maybe we knew each other also! lol.

        • oh wow, what a lovely dream of your brother. Interesting that the dream happened during Neptune/Chiron. Chiron being all about healing.
          Sounds like you definitely had contact with him on some level.

          When’s the special baby due?

          Mystic has south node in Sagg too! hehe

          • He will be stunning, capricorn little earth ox man what could be more solid than that 😉

        • FireTrine, no wonder that is your avatar!
          I understand the bloodline thing we have a different version in our lot.
          That is really special, not many ma’s get to speak with kids pre birth. And your brother as well, maybe he will be his guardian? Purple is considered prophetic in some orders.

          Pleiadian child was about 4?
          I have not seen the mother for years but she was a healer and her best friend was a powerful psychic so not surprised really, but he was so clear. I was being contacted by a pretty serious spirit at the time, an imposing woman’s face with a giant crystal cluster hanging out of her 3rd eye- all I could feel was atlantis? so I wanted to hear about his star clan theory

          I have sagg moon also but south node pisces. what day is he due?

          • Ms and Scorpalicious R. you both have Sagg Moon? That’s pretty cool!! I can only imagine what three people with a Sagg Moon in one room are capable of creating in terms of crazy conversations and mad laughter!

            This baby’s due date is Jan 15th – for some reason everyone is guessing that he will come the week before. I got no clue, but better out than in at this stage as am getting huge (my 17 month old was a ten pounder).

            Must say since I had this dream yesterday, I keep coming across articles about shamanism and autism – last night, then first thing this morning. In the dream he could just get sentences out. I am trying not to think about it, but you know I would not be surprised… Sigh, sigh, sigh.

            That’s amazing about the pleiadian child! I want to hear his star clan theory too!!

          • oh sagg moon. you’ll hear us from mars 😉

            So you feel he will have some kind of autism?

            Ok, so re our family lines, one of which is a kind of autism. Undiagnosed -but I am certain my father has Asperger’s. There is a geniusy/autism link, I don’t think I have fully escaped it either.. I had excelled learning but struggled very very hard with spelling and math, they thought there was something wrong with me (which is ironic considering the genius gene is math related) I was very dislexic but I have a weird hyper awareness to form and colour- the math I understand is physical dimensions intuitive like. My mother also sent me to a speech therapist but I taught myself to read at 2 from perfect audio memory.

            When my father was born the doctor told my Nan that he was stillborn so they were expecting him to be so but he was alive! living on a sliver of placenta that had not expired and looked like a shriveled sultana. At birth everyone was horrified when they saw him and cried thinking he would be deformed and disabled. He was bathed in olive oil by nurses (leo…) for 3 years until his skin replenished itself. He is very healthy to this day.

            Whatever the case, he will have his own gifts and whatever they are, as long as he has your love he will have the strength to deal with them. Don’t expect the worst.x

          • Oh cool – he’ll be a Cappy!! I have a bit of a soft spot for Caps. He’ll ground all your fire. Jan 15 is a very auspicious date. I think it’s the Cap New Moon or something. I only recall ‘cos of my Cap rising.

            FireTrine, there’s quite a few Sagg mooners on this blog. Prowincat is one. Can’t recall the rest.

            10 pounds!! Holy cow! Actually, i was 9 pounds, hard to believe being petite of stature.

            Oh how exciting! :)

          • Probably just having a moment Ms. in any case whatever will be, will be so no matter what frequency I tune into on any given day it’s always worth being positive.

            I mean what is a Sagg Moon FOR if not buoyant optimism in the face of just about anything??!! Can’t wait for my little Cappy and I to come face to face – this star child will be an Earth Ox too!

  4. I just LOVE this picture & how the figure is calmly hovering off ground in a beautiful shamanic style cloak and the green hills. Kind of naturalistic but with a Neptunian-Aqua magical edge.

      • I got on this blog just to comment on the picture. Agreed. A gorgeous ethereal painting. It says Shamanistic to me as well. It was making me feel a Native-American/Inuit or Celtic kind of vibe. A hunter-gatherer feeling. Lovely.

    • I swear I have visualised this pic before somehow, I totally get a Celtic shaman vibe out of it – feels like an Owl and Eagle feather cloak. I get a knot in my throat looking at it. Strangely familiar somehow…

  5. That painting messes with my head, which is always a good thing. The cloak has kind of fish or toad shape too, accentuated by the v shape of the mountain valley.

  6. I have no Aqua in my chart… but I have just spent all morning organising to hang out with all my fav Aqua peeps. Post yoga (which felt better than normal)
    Does this count?

    • Everyone has aqua in their chart… Even if it’s an empty house in terms of planets etc it still rules that house.

      • I seeeeee. Most fourth house and a little bit of fifth. Just a little..

        … Oh goody. Crazy family will get more crazy:)

  7. Aqua for me is my 10th house… Career has been mysteriously aided by such good fortune this year ( as a result of years of hard work previous I should add…) but so many opportunities presenting themselves – dream job kinda deals- that I barely can believe it. As in, things literally from my vision board :)
    and a few of them swinging into action in feb… It’s a gorgeous energy!!!

  8. Yes I have Aqua Mars in my 10th and it rules my midheaven all of which are in late degrees. So the Aqua weirding has been a huge feature of my year though toned down a bit by some Saturnine crap. It has been a year where I’ve felt more spiritually connected to “something” more than I ever have before, got introduced to my personal spirit guide (yes I know that sounds wanky as, but it happened so ner ner ner) and … have just had this frequent sense of everything is being all right and that this idea we call “reality” is naught but an illusion – so wear it lightly and have a good time with this experience called life.

    • That’s very cool! Spirit guides are hard to swallow at first I think, I had lots of trouble with the concept (even worse angelic guides – blech!) and have only recently been more accepting of it.

      The more I listened and got some great advice I found it gave me faith that we aren’t alone and have resources way beyond our expectations. I found it informed the way I operated in the world in a remarkable way.

      My Lilith is in Aqua which I think meant NOBODY, not guides not nothing was telling me what to do!