Merry Moon In Virgo!

treadmill-desk_yULmo_65It”s probably just a Mars in Virgo thing but I actually WANT this contraption.

I think it would be good to have sidebars in case one got carried away gazing at the computer and forgot about the treadmill. It happens even with stupid television shows at the gym.

But isn’t it a brilliant idea?

And yes, the Moon IS in Virgo…

Don’t guilt yourself!  There is a difference between some productive analysis and a full on self-narking-off session. Worse would be if you tried it on someone else. SO not the day to send snarky memos or bitch it up about a perceived flaw.

36 thoughts on “Merry Moon In Virgo!

  1. It is a tres brilliant idea. I do like the idea of side bars as at times I have literally NEARLY been rolled off the bloody treadmill.

  2. I want…. Travelled so much lately that all I crave is horizontal in my own bed, however the layer of flub around the middle is getting flubbier, so this contraption would ROCK! My biggest beef at work is that we cannot eat at our desk, I’m not against it all the time – I see the value is getting people away from their desks at lunch, but in the morning, after gym etc, all I want to do is eat my bowl of muesli as I read my emails….. its the little things sometimes. Maybe I should go for a run this afternoon….. Anyway – computer screen would need to be higher.

  3. Oh this is genius! I need to be doing a billion things at once & seeing as exercising is never leaving my daily routine, I will be needing one of these pronto!!

    Jupiter, Mars & Saturn in Virgo

  4. I got out the Avery stickers and properly printed out labels for each plastic sleeve in my 12-monthly business expenses folder. This was at 6.30am. I knew something had to be in Virgo to suddenly get irritated by something as insignificant as handwritten stickers.

    Sorry but the treadmill workstation thingo above is just stupid. I mean how on earth could you type and jog at the same time??? It would totally fuq up my farmville activities.

    • Given these options – I’d rather like Lote wandering around in his thong, much preferable than the gizmo’d treadmill. Lol!

  5. Ooh, I’m starting at a new gym tomorrow. The treadies have huge TV screens on them and all I thought was “Aww, if only they were computer screens and I could slap in the ol’ memory stick and work while I walk.” As a Cap, I just love to walk and walk and walk. With this gizmo, I’d be working and walking all day long. Blisssss…

  6. I used to position the tv in front of my elliptical machine. Best way to watch your shows and get your exercise in. I’m not sure computer browsing would be too easy to do in front of a treadmill though. I would see perhaps getting one of those Gaiam yogaball-chairs though to put in front of the ‘puter. That way you can do tiny mini-workouts at the desk.

  7. Virgos are the best multi-taskers, but this thing is ridiculous. The spelling mistakes you’d make while reaching optimum heart rate would be intolerable.

  8. OMG, I totally do NOT want one of these, it looks like my idea of hell!! I’ve been an avid multitasker for too many years to remember (virgo rising and moon in virgo) and now I just want to do one thing at a time, do it well, savour the moment etc… Plus – when I’m exercising, the last thing I want is to be distracted from my daydreams. I can’t even watch TV when I’m on the treadmill anymore – too distracting – mind you I prefer the pool or yoga or dancing!

  9. Totally channelled this moon – work went bonza hectic and I am on top of it all, plus I went home and refused to shower once more in foul bathroom scenario so cleaned rabidly until the bath glistened and the glass twinkled and the floor no longer looked like cousin It. Bliss! Oh, and I did the housemates dishes and cleaned the stove….. I even chose to do it with joy, despite the fact I’d been away for a week and had cleaned all the above before I went.
    Today, still powering work wise. I ADORE Virgo moons. ADORE THEM!

  10. I don’t like it at all, I can’t imagine that you are typing while you are runing, or you are reading when you’re walking. Interesting, I was ever offered to buy this desk when I bought the treadmill at online shop, I refused without one second’s hesitation. Because it is too distracting, watching TV or movie is fine.

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