Mars Hair Bats Alert


Yes, my Psychic Gemini Hairdresser just confirmed it.

Psychic Gemini Hairdresser: Is it a Full Moon again? It feels like we just had one.

Me: No,  it’s the Dark Moon so you can feel a bit low…You need to…

Psychic Gemini Hairdresser: I know. Declutter. And you need to stop putting that hippy oil in your hair. It’s too fine.

Me: Why do you think it feels like a Full Moon?

Psychic Gemini Hairdresser: People keep coming and wanting weird shit done to their  hair. Even the beige ones.

Me: Like what?

Psychic Gemini Hairdresser: Extensions, dyed purple, shaved all off, black to platinum blonde in half an hour, you name it…

Me: Well Mars is about to go retrograde in Leo, it’s stationing retrograde right now so I reckon that’s it.

Psychic Gemini Hairdresser: That or they’re all on drugs.

Hair Bats Alert:  Before you indulge your rad hair urge – sleep on it. And/or sober up. At any rate, image decisions made on the very day of the Dark-Darkest Moon are usually regretted by the New Moon.

30 thoughts on “Mars Hair Bats Alert

  1. I was seriously going to chop all my hair off and make it go grey. Yesterday. It all sounded way to difficult when I woke up.

  2. My vision was to do with channelling Jean Seberg in some movie; a short “pixie cut” and blue-white-blonde. Hairdresser pointed out that if i am old enough to know who she is – I DON”T!! – then i would not like look. Taurus friend said it would look like more an extra in girl interrupted. Did not cut it myself with nail scissors but only becausei am wilfully staying sober. And that flipping cabinet would HAVE to be haunted.

  3. Yeah I think I dodged a bullet today when I got all huffy with the rude attitude of a hairdresser I was interviewing and swanned back out. Admittedly seeing the condition of her hair did help motivate me to scoot.

    • I once had one of “those” hairdressers….yanking my hair to and fro, like I was a machine or something….I got up and walked out in the middle of the cut.

    • LL are you in Brisvegas? I know a fab hairdresser in Newstead, Tigerlamb, Helen. Although she does have a tendency to chop, (although i encouraged that so maybe not if you don’t) – her cuts always grew out amazingly.

      • shell I don’t live in brissie, but do visit my daughters who live at teneriffe, semi-regularly.

        I am approaching the level of irritation where I live ( I swear sometimes it’s fricking Brigadoon) to organise in advance a some type of hair doing in Brisbane. Thanks for the tip.

        Also I’m not the only person that looks at a hairdressers hair as an indicator of their skill level am I ?

        • well it should be their best advertising tool….
          i think i am too vague to really notice until I’ve already picked – which is often based on hair salon aesthetics. Helen was recommended to me by a hair dresser who had a get smart theme going on. My current joint was picked due to the number of plants in the front window.

        • i used to do that…then my smarty gemini friend pointed out that, at least when it comes to the cut, it only shows another hairdresser’s skill….

          my current one is new and chosen on the grounds that when i went in last time and decided for a radical cut he looked at me and just said “no”. then padded it with flattery etc…sooo grateful that he did….

          • AP oh for me it wasn’t the cut, it was the texture of her hair…it was dry, brittle and she’d let the ends go. The cut as you said is another persons skill…although a certain level of self awareness in how you’re prepared to present yourself as a professional does come into it too.

            Also she was rude and I just don’t want to subsidise someone’s rudeness.

          • oh gawd….i think i started to read this thread half way through…what the?
            on the rudeness front i’m with you…actually totally with you…if her attitude and hair were of same ilk then your instincts told you right…
            even on an off day….there’s no reason to be the receptacle for someone’s anger….mean moods and scissors dont mix….

          • This is why I like to research hairdressers…when I find the right one I’m loyal for years…they basically have to leave town before I’ll bother to switch…

            Ideally a hairdresser to me is relaxing, without lots of high pitched shouting, and they have to listen, and be bare minimum polite…ideally they don’t want me to workshop their problems…and they can cut.

            AP you’re absolutely correct, mean spirits and scissors do not mix.

  4. Haha oh dear, I was wondering exactly this yesterday. Spent about 45 minutes in Superdrug choosing hair dye, could not decide. Then didn’t use it anyway because had to attend social function. Obviously some hair god has saved me from the dark moon nightmare of bad hair (leo rising doesn’t quickly forgive such transgressions!)

  5. eep. re-charged the henna last night. i came home from work and threw together a fresh concoction, then ambushed the BF when he got home and put him straight to work as my personal colorist. came out a dazzling red this time and i was hoping for auburn. smells divine though…

    but it does catch me by surprise – first urge to henna hit when mars entered leo, second urge when mars stops and preps to go retro in mars… wonder when the next hair “moment” will strike and what it will urge me to do. should i mark the date in my calendar that mars starts forward again, or when it again passes current degree of leo, or… ?

    • Snap again indigo fish… we were both going red at the same time last time! I decided the red wasn’t red enough, and that I did indeed need to bleach the fuq out of it first to get the proper red my hair deserves. It looks fabulous, and I feel like I am ME again.

      • i remember! we must keep an eye on mars for the time being to help to predict when the urges will strike again. i’m figuring that when it finishes with its little retro jaunt and passes back over current position that we’ll probably be at it again…

        which shade of red have you chosen? there are so many, i just can’t choose. i leave that to the hair gods to decide, so i played henna roulette. it has come out a vivid scarlet, quite intense. i didn’t bleach it first but it was quite blonde already when i did the last henna job, so maybe it’s still providing a nice base for the red. i used one of those pots of ‘directions’ punk hair colours to make my hair red in high school but didn’t know about the bleach it first method back then. was disappointed… they called me barbie cos my hair went pink.

  6. Looks like I had a near miss. Had a super strong urge to get me hair done on Monday, but my beatiful, earthy Taurean Hairdresser didn’t have an appointment till Friday. Post new moon. And I really wanting a colour change.

  7. ahh declutter eh? We moved house on the weekend and it just feels like it will never end and Mr Libra and I keep suggesting we burn all that remains….

    I’m thanking all the gods I haven’t got the time to go see Shaz.

  8. a couple of nights ago i had a dream that my hair was three layers of craziness– first layer was jet black, under that was pure white, and under that it was all purple and shaved into some chelsea/mohawk punkish thing. and then maybe twenty minutes before reading this i was all “must dye hair hot pink!”

    glad i read this. i will sleep on it and have more dreams of crazy hair.

  9. I’ve kept it all under control with just leaving in “extreme moisture” conditioner.

    Am trying to grow it once again. And it always, always, always gets to a length where it is dry n stringy and looks shite~! So far, so good…..

    Got the hair appointment for Friday, but am hoping to get an earlier booking from a cancelation. Enter the Leo~! Lol…..

  10. I broke this afternoon and went and got a treatment put through it. First time I went to this Gem hairdresser and she’s nice…but talks the whole time and I like to be able to switch off when I get my hair done…but my hair is uber glossy.

  11. MY gem hairdresser??? Surely n ot? Mine is psychic – gets flashes off your hair and shuts up & she also does what You WANT. Sydney 9550-2700 Shaz, Gemini. Can not believe sHE would have chattered???

    • Nooo miles away from Sydney…I’m in SE QLD. I’m glad you have a physic hairdresser, it would be fantastic. Not all Gem hairdressers are created equal.

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