Madonna Does Pluto In Capricorn


And so here is Madonna cleverly chanelling Pluto in Cap for dolce & gabbana – note the reference to her Italian roots, a more or less more age-appropriate vibe than usual and doing the damned dishes already!

But helloooo, even allowing for the doing-dishes-by-hand paradigm, a real Leo would wear gloves – surely. There is probably a SWAT team of manicurists on standby, just off camera.

46 thoughts on “Madonna Does Pluto In Capricorn

  1. Lol!
    Madge is probably actually distressed by this!
    So true ALL the Leo’s I know wear gloves when washing the dishes…. which is soooo funny to me.
    I mean my hands are scarred & lets face it are technically working hands! I can wash dishes without gloves in water hotter than the Leo’s can WITH gloves…. :lol:

  2. OMG that is soooo sexy, best shot of her Ive seen in years. There is something about a woman doing the dishes that drives me crazy.

  3. great hair though.

    i detest using gloves for just about anything, i am tactile all the way… a taurean friend just started using gloves and is ecstatic (“now my nails don’t break!”). when she washes the dishes she reminds me of a cat shaking water off it’s paw like… ughhh, get OFF

  4. and that leopard print dress = sooo leo! i used to work with a leo who wore it like a uniform.

    my mum and muminlaw are both leos, both don’t dare touch a plate in a sink full of water, thats what the dishwasher is for dahhlink! lol :)

  5. I take to washing up to like it’s an extreme sport…I think my other Nan was a Cancer and she taught me to wash up with the hottest water you could stand…and I don’t wear gloves…basically because I’m so freaking unco that I need to be able to maintain a firm grip at all times.

    After a 10 year absence I’ve bought a dishwasher again …it has as small a water consumption and energy consumption as I could find. It’s been fantastic for parties. I was getting over doing loads (even with help) as a party drew to a close, or even the next day.

  6. Gloves are like the air that we breathe to me. I had a head rush 2 years agao and bought a dishwasher but never got it hooked up and like LL attack the dishes like a blood sport. Something sooo satisfying abt a clean sink and kitchen. Although sometimes I wish for a pool boy/cleaner /fairiy to help out with my 2 messy teenagers.

  7. hey all MM devotees Merry Xmas. you all have kept me sane laughing and crying since I “joined” mid year. the best relationhsip advice I’ve ever had plus the love and sharing with so much heart it literally oozes out of my computer.

      • For gardening I wear rigger’s gloves made from leather.

        Silver lined rubber gloves for the dishes. My Virgo Mum used to wear cotton gloves under the rubber ones. Now she can’t be bothered.

        • Hey I thought I was the only one who wears cotton gloves under the rubber ones when washing up :) Must be my Virgo rising.

          Cotton under rubber is a must, my hands get all sweaty in rubber gloves when I’m doing the dishes which is worse for the manicure than dish-pan hands using no gloves at all. I have to wear gloves doing the dishes now cos it’s been years since the Asbestos Factor wore off from years working in commercial kitchens.

  8. I preferred her Desperately Seeking Susan look … I hate this wiry business going on with her it’s just awful. And I haven’t liked a thing she’s done since Like a Prayer. Lourdes is apparently a hot breakdancer tho. did I read that here? *scratches head*

    …. my brain is addled

    • Oh I think that’s a hoot…and socially quite apt for the younger men to dress sharper in rebellion against their Dad’s perpetual casual wear.

  9. I have Leo rising, with Leonine hair to go along with it. I actually like doing dishes (mindless task, but sense of accomplishment; must be my Virgo moon) as long as I have a pair of gloves on. Otherwise, no.

    • Agreed but I think it’s part of the art direction insinuating big italian family dinner, ie. many pots and that italian idea of plenty.

  10. she look great, i love this (more or less) au naturel pose….i can see her shouting, “ai ragazzi! basta basta! aspettano un momento! devo finire i piatti …” (or however you say finish doing the dishes… :) )

  11. i always wear cotton gloves under rubber gloves. I wouldn’t dream of washing the dishes without gloves – it’s my worst nightmare! Eeeuuuuw who wants to touch dirty dishes!

    Mars in Virgo.

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