La Luna in La Leo…Le Leo?

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If only beauty pageant contestants would more often tell the truth about what really motivates them. We can’t ALL be motivated purely by spiritual growth, concern for the wellbeing of humankind and ecological holistic animus mundi style musings 24-7.  Can we?

When the Moon is in Leo, a bit of self-interest, vanity, lust and art is perfectly healthy. How else can one be Queen or King of the Jungle?

And, after all, don’t even psychologists say that is good to love oneself? That if you don’t love yourself thoroughly then it is impossible to form authentic relationships with other people?

Love Yourself in Latin:  Diligo Vestri.

This  is why Leos are so notorious for their attention to grooming and hair (fur) – it’s more than just the Tao of Vanity.  It is a surface reflection of their belief that they are worth it, their self-love and thus love of humanity.

31 thoughts on “La Luna in La Leo…Le Leo?

  1. and of course as any cat owner will tell you, such self love is an ongoing process that requires constant attention, because you known someone is always going to come along just when you thought you were finished to muss up your coat.

  2. Funny pic mystic! She is lovin’ her self sick in that blingy half-mask and coral lipstick. Either that or she is lugging (another) great mirror into her Leo abode! I love your choice of photos to illustrate your points Mystic – you must have some tagging system in order to retrieve just the right one from your vast collection.

    Yes, pyschs and many other schools of thought say its fundamentally important to love & approve of yourself as the basis for being able to give real love to others. Easier said than done. I remember being in a yoga class many years ago when I was new to it, and our gorgeous Libran yoga teacher used this line in a meditation: “I love myself unconditionally”. We were meant to repeat it in our minds and meditate on the concept… I just couldn’t say it to myself. Can now, thank goodness.

    Very useful to be able love & accept yourself. Surely its a much better proposition than to be needily or obsessively seeking it from elsewhere outside of yourself? Why aren’t we taught how to do this as kids (well at least I wasn’t). I recall way more language about criticism & negativity than language about self love. Adults who vibe that they know how to love themselves are WAY more attractive to be around than the needy, projecting ones who desperately want it, imho.

    • You are a wise woman Nat.

      Your comments bring to mind the behaviour of a Leo, with Mars in leo, friend of mine which I’ve been thinking on a lot of late. Basically because he seems to be completely unable to articulate a complement, and I’m trying to determine what that says about what he thinks about himself. His default position when talking about people is critical, and I don’t think he even realises. Compliments are backhanded, in that they are a criticism presented as a joke so ridiculous that the opposite is obviously implied. And he refers to people by generic characteristics which are used in a loaded manner, rather than names. He’s also a very funny guy, and I think has managed to get away for a long time in passing all that off as funny. I personally am finding it all rather boring now, at best, although don’t seem to be doing a very good job at impressing upon him that his behaviour could be taken as pretty offensive.
      And I am thinking now about my comment above and how that is a reflection of this behaviour. I was thinking positively when I wrote that – my cat is an attention fiend, and so easy to make purr, I mess with her because I adore her, but of course it could also be read as a defense mechanism – must protect oneself from others messing with me. Lashing out is just an extension of that. I’ll be interested in the feedback/advice from some of the enlightened souls who loiter about here.

      My personal experience of not being that great at accepting compliments tells me that the ability to give them is a good reflection of your ability to accept them. I know my friend ain’t that happy at the moment, but he seems to be perpetuating it with his behaviour, and potentially driving/boring off those (me) who might wish to help. One thing for sure is that his behaviour is a very useful guide for me (leo rising, mars in leo) of how NOT to be. Its a shame. Must go play with my gorgeous cat now, she’s got her come rub my belly (till I bite you) pose on.

      • shell, re your negative/sarcastic Leo friend, i find it interesting (and often revealing) to listen to what someone says about someone else and then substitute their own name for the other person’s name ie. this is an indication of what some aspect of themself is telling them about themself. What comes out of their mouth is a small sample of some voice of their own that is going around and around in their own head. Especially if the “compliment” is only ever given in a joking, sarcastic, backhanded or cruel way. And I don’t just apply this to others – I do this to myself too. If I am really spewing about someone, I ask myself is there something I should be looking at in myself?

        Also it is interesting to pay attention to the TONE rather than the words when someone speaks. Just ignore the words next time he speaks and see if you can tune into the WAY the words are delivered rather than what is delivered. They say that words make up only a small percent of the messages we give. The rest is made up of tone, rhythum, body language etc. If you want to experiment a bit with him, next time he makes a negative “joke” about someone try saying something like “Gee, X, sounds like you’re having a tough time at the moment.” You don’t respond to the words but cut straight to his tone. Beware blow back tho, peeps who are putting a lot of effort into suppressing or maintaining something don’t like to be outed ;)

        • Thanks Nat. Interesting idea of substituting manner of speaking about others as representation of self, as habit of speaking about people using generic characteristics (generally ones he doesn’t like) suggests he’s not too sure of himself, beyond generic characteristics – which would be a pretty good assessment I think.
          I agree with you about applying it to yourself as well. One thing that has been interesting in this circumstance is to think about why his behaviour troubles me, and what it may say about my behaviour. Including my willingness to allow him some leeway – compassion or evasion?
          It will resolve itself one way or the other eventually.

          cheers doll.

  3. Martin Seligman (see his website )
    was recently interviewed on ABC radio 810 and I was very impressed. An australian private school had employed him to help build resilience in its students. He has also recently been asked to do the same for men in the armed forces (USA) who are exposed to trauma on a daily basis. His advice was compelling. He said that those who do better (keep their centre and are resilient ) are those who are most capable of giving and receiving love. His capabilities ‘test’ is very personally interesting.
    BTW I am pisces sun , Leo rising and Leo moon. ..and would wear that lace top anytime. But not the mask.

  4. Barbara Ann Brennan my fave current read on happiness and health says self hatred (self esteem generally known as) is the most noxious disease of our time accounting for most illnesses.
    She is a healer and says we all contained a wounded healer within and that the inner child’s issues must be attended to by that healer to move forward.

    Is not the Sun in Tarot related to Leo and the child? I think this sounds kind of Leo, healing through the inner child and through self love! I am Leo Sun and vibe with that anyway.

    Maybe the lady with the mirror thinks that she is doing some deep self-healing? Looks a little misguided in the low Leo sense.. Nonetheless a valiant attempt?!

  5. La Leo Moon and Mars trine my Aries Sun and all in grand trine with Saggie Sun today (Sunday, Ca time)

    Today got place decorated for X-mas, cleaned out the storage, ironed table cloths, got on the ladder, used the screwdriver. Made a nice bruch. Quite productive and now to wash the dishes and do some laundry.

    Of course took a nap break and watched plenty of Lord of The Rings and various channel surfs in between. Astrodienst said Moon trine Sun “inner harmony” and that’s exactly how I’ve felt today.

  6. And to answer Mystic’s question about what psychologists say about self love…

    Big Red Flag if a guy is too hard on himself. In two situations had the ‘ol “whats a girl like you doing with someone like me?”.

    In both cases ended up getting treated probably equivilant to how much they loved themselves. Crappy. Pretty sad really but then maybe I didn’t love myself as much as I could have as well. Thought I did..

  7. Moon in Leo today?? No wonder I woke up with hair that required virtually no maintenance and is impervious to strong winds today (haven’t even had to use product!!! JOY!)

    Still, Leo moons should only be allowed to fall on Fridays and Saturdays when one can make proper use of them *nods*

  8. On my way back from the gym, I ordered my TA skinny latte at this coffee/furniture store…and saw the most over the top mirror I’ve EVER SEEN…this thing was huge 2.6 metres by 1.8 and the frame was the lushest most gilded thing…happily for my budget it was already sold but man….it was a MIRROR.

  9. Well that explains yesterdays outfit choice
    though I so not kissing mirrors…

    my inner sexibitionist is ON with all the sagg and leo about.
    and totally vamping with my hair volume. think its all the 5th house action

    TOLD leo ex today to get a haircut. He is so unleonie about his hair…

    I am cleaning the house in my underwear, high heels and a headscarf playing INXS as loudly as possible. woot.

  10. So right Sweetpea and UP and these kind of guys can only take so much from you then spin out – run for the hills etc. Thsi happens a a lot to me being an OTT leo gal with Venus in cancer . so hard to find a guy who can handle the heat.
    lucky moon wasn’t in in Leo on Friday when I spent 3 hours getting ready for a poshy Xmas party and blew my sexy exy away – he didn’t recognise me. Loved every compliment. Shallow as i am- so be it.

    • Yeah, they can ultimately resent you for your own gifts, goodies, etc. and try to tear you down. Very ugly, confusing and hurtful…

      But hey, you go girl with blowin’ em away….

      • It’s not your fault if you naturally emasculate lesser evolved men, I try to vibe the love of stepping up so I am not thwarted with Sweet peas above of what does happen. I know so many good women who question too much as the result of acceptance from broken masculinity

        Head up high leo styles lady.

    • Doesn’t sound shallow to me in the least! Own it girl. Mind you I am Leo Venus and Merc in Cancer also… (I must say I find it really funny the only guy who could handle my OTT ways, my hub, is a Gemini Rising Aqua, Merc & Venus in Gem. Cool as a cucumber!! He just shrugs agreeably at my crazed passion).

  11. my brand new embryonic crush/love affair is FURRY very very furry, all over. and it is very very sexy and tactile and wonderful. Who could ever have imagined it?

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