Jupiter, Neptune, Me & You…

Barbie In Paradise Surreal Art

The moment the Moon gets into Aquarius – in just under an hour as I type this – we are into some spectacular Uranian astro-weirding.

Why Zig when  you can Zag?

Venus in Sagg squaring Uranus in Pisces during an Aqua Moon?  It would be insane to try to limit another’s freedom for even a nano-sek. Seriously bats. It’s individuation and/or a lovequake. Fantastic for strange flirting too. Remember: Any form of control freaking will create untenable blowback. I wouldn’t even ask anybody any questions.

Jupiter is belting toward Neptune – this conjunction is part of the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding that peaks in Feb with the Chiron-Neptune conjunction. Fab for dreams, visions and expanding your artistic vision outward. Fantasies/decadence could max out as well. Watch that because you may then guilt yourself when the Sun gets into rigourous Cap in a few days. Seriously, the Christians got it SO wrong scheduling a festival involving puddings, booze and over-spending for when the Sun is in Capricorn. Saturnalia was WAY more appropriate.

Vow Now: Note your dreams over the next four days.  Shamanic Chic is so NOW.   Your totem animal? Most common dream-scape? Fave Jungian book? Dream  your solutions.

Oh and it’s a fab time to conjure up creative solutions to ye olde love/relationship merde via altered consciousness.

Image: Christy Astuy

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40 thoughts on “Jupiter, Neptune, Me & You…

  1. Well with an Aqua mars & midheaven and a bunch of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn transits … my life is morphing in very unexpected ways quite similar to what you described up there in your post Mystic. The general vibe is one of breaking free of limitations and exploring options that I thought I was really into – only to discover that I’m not into them at all. Like last night after more harrassment from the new Leo nurse to come over and hang with him – some part of me just flipped and went NUH I don’t want to come over and not only that I don’t even want a relationship. Not with you, not with anyone. Just like that. And then I disappeared. Which is not my usual way of going about stuff. This is occuring in other areas too. Like I’m having a zero tolerance moment for anything that feels inauthentic. I do hope that at some point soon this all settles down though as I’m finding the energy quite OTT.

    • Ooh wow, but you gotta go with what feels authentic. You did say you would prob feel bored with him asap.

    • Dunno how to explain it guys … this is no rational process of analysis. It’s more along of the lines of being “in the experience” and then getting this irrefutable message of fact regarding the truth of the situation. Like I applied for this full time job – very well paid, got interview. And then I got this instinctual – why are you giving up on your dream? You’re an artist, deal with it. You hate working full time for other people. You love working for yourself. So what about the money? Don’t give up on yourself. Then with the Virgo – he’s a flake, this is all just a bunch of illusions and projections. He’s got mummy issues. This is what he does with women. Get outta here. Then with the Leo – he’s not what he seems. He’s not right for you. You don’t want this. Vacate now.

      It’s like I’ve been mainlining to some kinda Higher Intelligence. Weird indeed.

      • oh bummer that Leo is not what he you hoped for but HOORAY for mainlining some kinda Higher Intelligence!!!!

      • I applaud you for listening to yourself Prowln.

        It’s all too easy to let your own inner knowing get lost in the shuffle of daily tasks and externally implanted expectations.

        • i third that. so good to pay attention to the clear messages – particularly when they are so clear!

      • Onya Prowlin once you work out what you want/need NEVER settle.

        You have your own business at one of the most turbulent times in the history of the model that is capitalism – it’s the saturn uranus and pluto stuff that’s going on that caused it you know? It’s happening in all aspects of life not just on that personal level that you’re also feeling it on. You’re in a place that didn’t slow down as much as places like Sydney and Melbourne did when it impacted – there was a delay on your side of the country.

        If you’re committed to your business and can ride it out for a while you’ll be the one who’s ready to go when it all picks up again and will be able to pick up the clients who also weathered it well and will be reliable in the long term. Your situation is unusual because the market in WA fluctuates differently. It’s like you’re in a fiscal micro climate.

        Have you considered a hiatus and getting a menial part-time job while you bide your time or freelance for an agency (yeah they’re like evil pimps but they pay weekly if you’re desperate AND they pay super) for a while if you desperately need cashflow – or do a short course and expand your skill sets & distract yourself from it in a constructive way. Cream always rises to the top, s’just that sometimes the top is further away than the cream wants it to be.

      • Yes it is interesting how matter of fact and to the point the information is … unusually so, particularly as I “the human” am not particularly clear about anything much right now, being in the state of flux and transition that I’m experiencing.

        Whatever in regards to your comments re the business side of things … it’s been an odd year, which agreed, is understandable considering the economic climate. The message for me has been to quit focusing on the material security side of things (tres difficult being a Cancerian and all). But that “intuitive guidance” or whatever you want to call it INSISTS that I forget about the money and focus on the creativity and have been assured that it will all work out well if I do this, even if I can’t see how that will possibly work. *shrugs* … go figure

  2. I so needed this right now. Caught up in wondering what to do with elusive Cap entymologyst boy. Will wait & bide my time …

    Anyway am seeing Ex today & nite for flying sex visit :mrgreen:

  3. Just asked my Aqua Ascendent Hubby to make his magic pancakes for Sunday morning brekky as I had all the trimmings ready and POOM! Talk about individuation or a love-quake.

    I swear, am not asking another thing for the whooooole day! Good advice MM.

    Brian: Look, you’ve got it all wrong! You don’t NEED to follow ME, You don’t NEED to follow ANYBODY! You’ve got to think for your selves! You’re ALL individuals!
    The Crowd: Yes! We’re all individuals!
    Brian: You’re all different!
    The Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different!
    Man in crowd: I’m not…
    The Crowd: Sssh!

    • Haaaa! FT, I LOVE that quote from “Life of Brian.” LOVE IT! Thanks for the reminder and giggle :)

  4. I think it’s going to take more than dreams and visionary artistic tangents to help me get over the fact I just discovered that Saturn goes retro in January – I am so irritated by this saturn crap. It’s like everything’s in slow motion. I mean I can pace myself as well as the next person and rationalise until the genetically modified cows come home but this is really starting to give me the shits. I’ve been watching that stupid planet move by the degrees – YES I’m serious has anyone ever noticed how slowly it moves? It’s like a degree every 2 weeks – if it were a man it’d be the kind who likes to drag sex out until you have chafing and you’re bone dry down there – a boring repetitive man who’d be good at remembering to pay the bills but that’s not enough is it? There’s gotta be some passion. Saturn does not facilitate the kind of passion I require to feel replete. ITS ALL OVER MY SUN & URANUS in the 4th and I feel like I’m on home detention and I wish I’d thought to bring paint in before they locked the door cause the decor is not working for me. This is totally Fuqd. If this is what it feels like when it’s exalted will it feel like the marquis de sade when it gets to scorpio? BAH

    • weird after typing that I went into a little daydream and when I “woke up” was in a yoga pose I was taught as a child. nice. spose I should go balance that transcendental moment with some shitty saturnine chore… clean the grout with a toothpick or something. zig zag.

  5. You have a point about Saturnalia, Mystic. So many people struggle with Xmas — especially reunions with fractured families. The addition of booze and sugar does NOT help.

    Last night I dreamed I ‘consorted’ with a married male friend. Woke up, went back to sleep and dreamed the same scenario with a gay male friend. I mean, I love those guys, but not like that.

      • Well done. Stationing retro Mars is currently squaring my natal Mars in Scorp — exact — so that totally adds up.

        I’ve also noticed usual tasks are requiring more effort and taking a lot longer to get done, with strange little disruptions here and there, tech glitches, people being higher maintenance than usual etc.

  6. all that aqua stuff is in my 7th. after my cool and very clear prophetic office dream I’ve been having more normal ‘random’ dreams about a stupid boy who I so should not be dreaming about anymore, i quite fancy him, and more generally just really enjoy his company, but he’s not really into me, and his behaviour frustrates me at times, so i’m not so sure the ‘just friends’ thing is a great idea, but he refuses to disappear from my life although it would be so much easier if he just would.
    Dream details perhaps a bit dull for all but me – except for the end of this morning’s one – where he had something like a mild epileptic fit and i had to hold him while he went through it. and i woke up with the strongest sense that i had dreamt about him having a fit on more than one occasion. although not so sure of that now. I can still picture his face in ‘fit’ mode, which is a bit freaky.
    we are going for a drink tonight, it’ll completely freak him out if i tell him about that dream – but i might anyway – see if he has a family history of epilepsy.

    • You could also look at the fits as metaphor. Does he do things in fits? Or you have feelings for him in fits? Does the relationship fit? Does what he show you (his face) fit his personality? Etc.

      • yes, good point. and yes our relationship totally goes in fits and bursts. prior to his fit in my dream he was waiting for me whilst i was faffing about trying to find something. disappearing, waiting, rescheduling, recontacting are key themes of our relationship and the dreams I’ve had about it. and in my dream i knew i had to hold on to him whilst he went through it.

    • Dream actually sounds kinda amazing symbolically – aren’t fits and rhythmic things to do with uranus transits? Possibly with the sun & neptune (I went on the astro medicine tangent a while ago to see if I could work out what I might die of cos I’d read some ancient thing that said it would be sudden and I wanted to be ready lol but I lost interest before I got to that part of it – gemini ascendant will NOT focus)

      Sun & uranus rules eurythmy a la the steiner philosophy of movement – sun & uranus can cause sudden jerky movements like epilepsy and erratic heart beat in terms of health – not suggesting he has a health problem – but that he may be having a sun uranus thing that’s hooking up with the neptune aspects going on presently – or your chart has some sun/uranus aspect with your 7th house aqua stuff ? Your role is that of the nurturer who takes him through the erratic phase seems gentle and kind – or maybe an alarm bell depending on your traditional role in relationships – 7th house.

      • i don’t know his birthday. i’ve uranus in my 8th, at present, and venus in my 5th – so the three key houses are being activated. and the transiting planets above are loosely aspecting just about all their natal counterparts. stuff in 7th is bang on square to my venus though.
        I’ll enquire as to his health, and maybe his birthday, this evening.

        • o soz shell, I was scattered in my msg & it blurred my meaning – referring to the dreamed epilepsy as maybe being a combined symbol of the planets that are said to manifest the medical symptoms not that he might be sick – that the epi may be showing up in the dream to give you a clue or symbol that sun and uranus are what’s at work in the functioning of the day-to-day waking relationship as opposed to a diagnosis of physical ailment. Hope you have a lovely evening x

          • no love i did get that. the asking about health thing was a self assurance thing. he looked like over partied shit.

  7. Just speaking with a Taurean friend and we talking about the people we chose to include in our life and how we move on sometimes because of a variety of reasons. I mentioned the libran ex and how about 18months ago, after a long friendship I just got sick of listening about his increasingly self destructive behaviours. Am now fighting the urge to see how he is atm via email. Totally perverse.

    • Saturn is exalted in libra APPARENTLY lol maybe he’ll be doing swimmingly & will have sorted out his glitches since it moved from virgo – virgo was an introspective minefield for librans. What do you have to loose? Or is he the one who wanted to experiment with S&M? Maybe wait for saturn in Scorp. He’ll be at the top of his game by then.

    • LL, I do those nostalgia things to. A bit of me goes, what’s the harm in checking, I’m a nice person, just being friendly blah blah. Other bits of me chide myself for having some kind of ulterior motive about it, not letting go blah blah.
      Its a hard call those urges.

    • I only sent an email when I realised that if I don’t hear from him it’s not an issue…oh and there are no lingering romantic longings, (his thorough batshit yet smarmy behaviour sort of squashed that forevermore)I think the curiousity comes more from the good friendship we once had.

      I just asked how he is at the end of the decade. I hope this doesn’t fall under the maudlin category…I’m not feeling tearful about him, and well aware that he may of gone either way…slide further into self destruction or maybe has been able to pull himself out of himself.

  8. Welll Mystic did refer to ‘altered consciousnesses…’ I keep getting asked by my GOOD TRUE friends if I’ve heard from the Gemini slut boy and the answer is a resounding NO. 86% is quite happy, balanced and at peace with this (I have printed your advice Mystic and stuck it in bright pink / bright blue writing EVERYWHERE in the house) and keep locking my door to psychically protect myself and have Feng Shuied my bedroom to the nth degree… The rest of me remains slightly poignant and a little lonely knowing NYE is just around the corner and I’ll be alone – BUT BETTER TO BE ALONE THAN WITH A DICKHEAD hey?

  9. Medusa! I think you should see that the ancients never got it wrong in celebrating with sun in Capricorn because Sag has tendency to over stretch things to the point it forgets about timing, bring in the capricorn celebrations and they all wake up with a hangover and over spending and over partying to be – high for a few nights and slow for a few months! The hangover they must deal with!