Hot Moon In Taurus Outfit


Ladies, how about this for a hot Moon in Taurus outfit? The horns are such a stunningly beautiful homage to Hathor.

15 thoughts on “Hot Moon In Taurus Outfit

  1. i like the cape…now trying to work out where exactly i could wear such a cape to….

    what is that in her hands? at first i thought it might be a food platter but….

    • hahahaha, when she arrived in Heaven, the Lord would say to her ‘Here Sista are not only the keys to Heaven but the keys to my room’.

  2. The funny story of the day:
    received an error text from a young man to his female flatmate
    saying he was embarrassed that she caught him in her satin knickers
    when she walked into the bathroom.
    The poor luv was in agony that she would tell someone at school/uni in the text
    to her & to forgive him so on so on, he was truly devastated.

    My reply to him made his day, he was OMGodding for another 3 messages
    that it came to me & no other as i advised him it was normal (as in 1 in 3 men)
    do or have tried. He said you girls are so lucky to wear satin, it feels so good!
    Does this story make you warm all over?
    Told him to do it for World Peace or for the upliftment of ManKind….lol.

    What strange fate is this, the text coming to me of all peeps ;-)
    He just this minute replied that i was a Goddess for helping him.

    Of course this reminds me of Butch, many little things have happened lately to do so,
    but i have dug my hooves in mulishly.
    He would have to beg me & pay the temple the tithe.
    Nevertheless the visual image of the aging 100 kilos of strength that the beast is in his little frillies does so turn me on.
    The juxtaposition is real laugh out loud, like you can’t be serious, seriously or another Saggittarian
    Joker stunt :-) Stunning? As in ‘Yes, Darling, you look stunning’?
    Perhaps this is the month ANYTHING can happen.
    The Player you get the Smoker you Drink……………….Joe Walsh

  3. thats an alien sex toy, from the planet Bovinia…apparently you hook it up and begin by rubbing your large hairy buttocks across that thin electrified bar? Its crystal powered and completely sustainable.

  4. LOLOL!

    She’s kinda princess Leah ish. Sparkly bikinis are on all planets.

    Sparkly horns are appro for Uranus direct Toro moons?

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