Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga

1214+lg+clBloody hell.

Talented as I am SURE the woman is, Cyndi Lauper annoyed me in that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun clip…catchy as the thing was.

Here she is with the ubiquitous Lady Gaga and can you believe that Cyndi Lauper is coming up on her SECOND Saturn Return? Those only come around every 29 years or so. Here she is, from her site. Still doing the girlish thing, no?


Sun, Mars, Mercury & Uranus all in Cancer & Saturn-Neptune conjunct in Libra – that Saturn with Neptune is fantastic for career longevity and enduring artistic appeal. WHAT will she do with Saturn over her Saturn-Neptune?  It would have to be a big artistic relevancy reinvention, surely…Note also, the multiple conjunct Cancerian trademark – the tits out. Seriously, it’s an old astro true-ism that Cancerian women have excellent boobage, are v.sensitive there and like to show off the whole deal.

35 thoughts on “Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga

  1. Maybe she will do a Playboy cover! 8-O

    My virgo older brother would dance around the room singing to ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ when we were little…. god it is hysterical to think about it now!

    I was thinking the other day that Lady Gaga hardly looks like the same person in pics, it’s like you see a totally different person in every shot. Fascinating!

  2. But her track “Boy Blue” about a friend of hers who dies of AIDS is powerful and I liked her contribution to the 80s girlie masturbation anthems “She Bop” paralleled Madonna’s “Into the Groove”.

    And her performance with her band Blue Angel (before she went solo) of “I’m Gonna be Strong” is amazing.

    • Shell, Shell, Shell…look lyrics

      ‘We-hell-I see them every night in tight blue jeans–
      In the pages of a blue boy magazine
      Hey I’ve been thinking of a new sensation
      I’m picking up–good vibration–
      Oop–she bop–

      Do I wanna go out with a lion’s roar
      Huh, yea, I wanna go south n get me some more
      Hey, they say that a stitch in time saves nine
      They say I better stop–or I’ll go blind
      Oop–she bop–she bop

      She bop–he bop–a–we bop
      I bop–you bop–a–they bop
      Be bop–be bop–a–lu–she bop,
      I hope He will understand
      She bop–he bop–a–we bop
      I bop–you bop–a–they bop
      Be bop–be bop–a–lu–she bop,
      Oo–oo–she–do–she bop–she bop

      (whistle along here)…

      Hey, hey–they say I better get a chaperone
      Because I can’t stop messin’ with the danger zone
      No, I won’t worry, and I won’t fret–
      Ain’t no law against it yet–
      Oop–she bop–she bop–

      She bop–he bop–we bop… ‘

      How did we miss that?

      • hmmmm…
        well lucky we didn’t have the net back in those days then – much more room for missing the point with only am radio and stopping the tape to write down the words…
        i’m gonna be singing that all day now. (hands on the keyboard… what was that about mars and venus?)

      • awesome…i have newfound respect for her…all those shitty cheap pub dj’s killed cyndi for me by endlessly playing girls just wanna..etc. i will now listen and LEARN :)

      • it was an innocent age,

        “private dancer” by Tina Turner had young girls singing, Relax- Frankie goes to Hollywood, Girls on Film – Duran Duran…
        Film wise? Fame where the posh dancer gets knocked up by the street kid and a seedy photographer exploits young starry eyes. Flashdance is about a 20 year age gap affair with the lead as a risque performance artist who stops the unappreciated iceskater from becoming a druged fuq’d stripper from abusive pimp and gets into the NY school of dance (who would let kids watch that now?)- dance was going to save us all.

        I always wanted to be Devon in “Cradle of Love” filmclip by Billy Idol.
        -do you mind if I put my cassette tape in your stereo and rock out on your floor/bed while you watch me through the venison blinds before my hot BF comes to pick me up afterwards??- thanks

  3. Lauper has a 4 octave range. Only the full on divas have that.

    It’s funny cause I thought that Lady Gaga was the Maddonna of the new century, and Katy Perry was the Cyndi Lauper. (Serious ambition/ fashionista(gaga madonna) vs. playful and musically talented (Perry/lauper).

    • Funnily enough… I believe Madge was orignially seen as a naff pop artist and Lauper was the real deal (cos she was punk and all that).

      Cyndi has never stopped singing though, whether she was in the lime light or not. She was a very successful Jazz and cabaret singer (inbetween mainstream chart resurgance).

  4. So, “bop” means female masturbation? That’s really cool. The only other song about it i know about is Chrissie Amphletts I Touch Myself. Any more?

  5. they sort of look like the evolution of barbie doll faces – you know when you see the older ones compaired to now, the sort of eye fashion changes.

  6. Chrissie Amphlett~! Hot Rock Chick (HRC). Ya gotta lurve the HRC~! Chrissie Hynde. Suzi Quatro. Joan Jett. Blondie (yes, we will let her into the club)….. Other suggestions, those of us with time on our hands~? lol…..

  7. Go Cindy!! I respect/love you for bringing female liberation to mainstream Pop with out dancing like a stripper!!!!!! Also True Colours is my favourite song ever.

  8. Cyndi was my first true love! And Yoko. But Cyndi was the most amazing woman in the world to me for many years. I didn’t get Madge until Like a Virgin etc…..
    We used to play rock n roll wrestling on the trampoline, and I would ALWAYS ALWAYS be Cyndi Lauper – the boys were all Hulk Hogan, or whomever. But me…. I was Cyndi…..

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  10. Pingback from 2009.
    Cyndi is Pisces rising, and she is allover gay rights in the U.s. these days. She has a foundation specifically helping teens who have been booted out of their family hones for being gay. Kataka Sun and Mars, the motherer who cannot help mothering, and she has Jupiter in Gemini so would be getting a bit of a boon from that at the mo’ , I imagine.

    She turns 60 this year and still performs and records in her own style. I think her Aqua north node grabbed her by the collar early on and dragged her into her place in the sun.

    I admire her sooooooo much.

  11. I have the same birthdate as Cyndi … I read that she has Aqua Rising … Our charts are practically identical …

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