Crouching Mars – Hidden Pisces

Yes, yes YES; The combo of Mars newly Retrograde & the Moon in mystical Pisces can temporarily make us feel like we have lost our moxy…Plus is v.hard to do carbicide, goal-setting, budget-blasting chic frugality & even think clearly this season at any rate.

But look to REAL Leos for inspiration here. Think a la Arnie (maybe not his politics) just past his second Saturn Return, scheming his next latest comeback movie moment and still hitting the gym every morning.

Semper Fi and keep going…Mars Retro = Withdraw a bit and strategies. Moon in Pisces = Dream. Surreality bites.

34 thoughts on “Crouching Mars – Hidden Pisces

    • this site should come with a Mystic specific dictionary LOL!!

      moxy = balls
      carbicide = NO carbs until the point one requires intervention / dies

  1. yes…put a tres-aggressive campaign on hold per Mars retro…..cooling my jets, as it were…..drank an entire bottle of Chianti tonite with pizza….chiiling out.

  2. Have really felt the difference in drive since mars went retro…however forcing myself to go to the gym and ending up with a sparring session blew the fog away. If anything the slow down has sort of thrown into sharp relief how effective exercise is in keeping me standing…

  3. I’ve noticed no matter how polite and consciously avoiding potential “situations” you are people seem to want to have a fight right now – and they don’t seem to realise they’re doing it either. It’s like if you’re aware of it and not engaging they carry on regardless like a truck full of milk with no brakes. Amazing. Who’ll be crying over it is anyone’s guess.

    • whatever I had a panic stricken sagg daughter call last night as she had strange small dark purple spots on her shin…and swore that as it didn’t hurt it couldn’t be a bruise.

      She was concerned it was a meningococcal rash. She didn’t/couldn’t slow down long enough for me to explain about deep bruising micro bleeds. Just kept telling me she could be dead in hours, which is actually true and I wasn’t underplaying the concern… I ended up just saying to her look if you want me to do something about this I need to stop talking to you right now so I can think. I was able to find a hotline where a nurse could talk to her about it in more detail. Her Brissie based Dad had had too much to drink to drive. I’m an hour and half away…her Sagg bf, also too much drink to drive…so thankfully his Libran Mum was able to help.

      It turned out to be a microbleed.She’s fine. Yet this situation has so many layers that we could chose to have a bit of a barney over. Her sister and her are both irritated that their Dad wasn’t able to help. I’m not pointing out just yet that if they weren’t so dependant on public transport and saved for a car they would be able to access different levels of care themselves. I’m glad that the Aquarian daughter is purchasing a lap top soon too…as if they had had access to the internet I’m pretty sure they could of found the medical service I did too….and then could of just got a taxi to the appropriate med professional.

      I’m trying to see this an opportunity for them to be able to be more prepared and self sufficient in the future…I’m still very much there go to she will fix it Mum…even an hour and a half away. At one stage I was thinking of moving to Brissie to do a masters in information systems/library…but it makes me wonder how long they would take to take charge of their own emergencies if I was closer. Half the time I wonder if I’m being too callous in wanting them to try to fix their own stuff…the other half of the time I’m glad to be able to help.

      • I don’t read it as callous – more craving freedom, and also wanting them to step up into another stage of independance. And I’d also be grateful noone panicked and drove whilst intoxicated….
        So well done LL for managing panicky daughter, problem solving on request, and for being aware enough to know that you love being able to contribute, but that you would really appreciate some consideration from your daughters on when/how they ask for help!

      • WOW it’s amazing how much stuff there can be all tied up in one situation – I was living in another country to my mum at that age so I had the fix it yourself button pushed by necessity – and I wouldn’t call her unless I was in hospital style sick because there was no point worrying her when she couldn’t do anything about it – she always psychically knew when something was afoot anyway and would make irritating perfectly timed phone calls to ask what was wrong ruining my stealth crisis plans lol.

        You’re right to be thinking the way you are – being available all the time makes it easy to be lazy about stuff and not become more independent. But if you want to do your studies being close to them shouldn’t put you off – being geographically closer and not available at all times should be possible as well. If they knew they were what was standing in the way of your future career as Chanel’s curator/librarian I’m sure your lovely girls would feel more inclined to be less dependent?

        I wonder if this is a good time to gently bring it up with them – o hang on a sec no, the eclipse etc. hmmm… I dunno LL if I knew I was standing in the path of my mum’s happiness and career fulfillment – and access to a larger pool of suitably attractive, intelligent and available men in the big smoke I’d def move out of the way so she could get through. It seems like one of those it’s not what you say it’s the way you say it scenarios – potentially life affirming yet volatile – your classic mother daughter thing :o )

        • The thing is whatever they would be totally up for the mum’s happiness career fulfillment et al…and somehow from this situation (which previously I’d only gone through with the Aquarian daughter)…

          I developed the study masters degree online while teaching english offshore strategy…which is way more complicated, but also has possibilities of more fun…and may just provide a little break in Mum is close enough—> to transformorgication…. we might need to just deal really well ourselves…(and in most regards of adult life they do deal very well)

          Thanks postmodscorp…my parent’s model of helping at that age was a bit suffocating so I’m working it all out as I go along.
          That’s also a good point that no-one panicked and drove under the influence. I think they were looking at the being tanked early on a Monday night scenario.

          • nice – your plan sounds like the inverse of my evacuating nest scenario – mama bird flies free. I’m sure you’ve prepared them well for the future & when it happens they’ll be fine. Your plan sounds exciting and waaay more exotic than an hour and a half away by road. Mars retro will apparently help with the strategising. MMM I can smell my oven’s about right, am off to make scones.

      • Holy Moly, LL, I’m sure that her potentially imminent demise from meningococcal rash was very scary for the both of you & perhaps its ushered in a good time to establish multiple “in case of emergency” strategies, with Plans A, B & C, so that you can all have some peace of mind; I had to establish my own last week after needing to take my daughter to casualty & being told I was at the WRONG hospital, after being given directions by the very same hospital’s switch on where I needed to take her!…I was incredulous, made a formal complaint & just glad my daughter’s situation wasn’t super serious…

        • Starstrokes that’s the thing you know that it most likely won’t be the worst case, but with something like meningoccocal you can’t take chances. I think working out some plans a,b,and c could be a good thing though…regardless of where I am.

  4. Sorry about the lack of a decent segue, but in my current low energy, de-moxified state, I find myself particularly bugged this morning by an astro query I’ve had for ages…

    Should one pay more attention to the position of the planets in one’s solar houses or in the natal chart houses? Eg – General astro advice would be “Pluto is moving into your solar 1st house, Cap” but it’s in my 3rd house natally – so which should I focus on? Or are both important?

    And my dreams lately – so hyper-sexual big-budget disaster film type dreams. No wonder everyday life seems so blah when I wake up…

    • SP i am having those dreams too. thought i was either in the film Dune or a dali painting the other night. and then there’s then one where i was giving birth (sort of) to coloured, boiled cabbage leaves like a rainbow… and the recurring dream of suddenly finding myself in a busy town square in an country town in india and having to shop around to equip myself with the bare necessities before embarking on the latest mission (those ones are more travel than dreams)… bizarre-o-rama. though i am glad for everyday life to seem blah by comparison to my dreams.

    • i look at both too, but tend to look a bit more at the rising sign house relationship things. eg i am late pisces so saturn has been opposing my sun, which might be construed asrelationshios vs selfhood, as tho my 1st houseis pisces. …BUT, Cancer is my 1st house so saturn “also” working on 3rd/9th house scenarios. i was paying more attention to the 3rd/9th situations i guess.

  5. I am conducting graceful exit into safer part of the land for nesty holiday with Ma. Will take time off to ID next housing moves and biz strategy. Licking wounds from last night, all I want to do is read and withdraw.
    My whole fam is mars run btw. 3 Scorpios, one megalithic aries and father the uber leo. duck.

  6. I want to be hitting the gym in the mornings, but I am not coping with my first summer sans aircon in a while – I feel like I am sleeping in a weird dreamscape which drains like nothing else.
    I even shared a dream with my mum the other morning – I was telling her about it, and she said, “I had the exact same dream………”
    With natal Mars in Leo – am I copping this one as a double whammy? I’m happy to have the contemplation aspect – in fact I LOVE the opportunity. But I’d like to wake up of morning instead of this foul miasma I’m existing in…

      • I used to dive loads and it’s the only time I have felt like I was seeing something reminiscent of the underwater world. Some of those scenes were just like when you have phosporescence (sp) light your path in a night dive then those incredible colours… Just magic! Made me want to see sunlight hit the coral at 7am and feel like that again…

  7. I read it as Crouching Mars Hidden penis – whoa have I got u know what on the brain. But lying low as advised and giving men a wide berth and focussing on a stress free xmas and post xmas retreat hopefully with the Lusty Leo but not holding my breath – if I go it alone so be it. There is a lot of positives about being semi attached. I can have a true retreat meditating, yoga, bush walking etc without said Leo’s “input”. Stop it ! you naughty girl
    Look to real Leo’s ? are you game?

  8. I have more moxy than a tribe of one breasted Amazonians at the mo. I checked out the Super Leo in my life (mum) … she’s having a nap and complaining about the cricket.

  9. arnie’s mercury right on his ascendent – weird

    because mercury opposite the mars retro and is PISSED

    and you know what happens when Arnie gets pissed

    it’s ASTA LA VEESTA Bay -bee!

  10. ah well PC you can’t rely on ac at when they are napping and/or the slumber inducing cricket is on. i once spent a whole summer watching cricket and drinking beer once and it was great. Got a job however and that was that.

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