Astro-Compatibility: Virgo & Capricorn

Joyce Tenneson

Virgo and Capricorn Up A Tree. Seriously, is this the most compatible pairing or WHAT?  Yes, there is Virgo & Taurus & that always works, especially horizontally. But Taureans, as we know, can get a little turgid, a tad stuck. And our Virgo is a mutable sign. So even if the hotness in bed means Virgo does not flip out (too much) at Taurean breadcrumbs on the 10,000 thread count Virgo sheets, Virgo is fluid and ever mutating – Virgo will get the shits at a Fixed Sign who will not budge.

Virgoans like to constantly edit and improve their lives. It’s how they actually relax. And Capricorn work ethic and morals are, of course, legendary. Now a Capricorn with Pluto in his/her sign is doing non-stop evolution. What better lover than a Virgo? Together, they can keep tab of kilojoules & expenses + be one another’s personal Extreme-Superior-Life-Coach.

The Capricorn will be as libidinal as Virgo could hope for but there will NOT be crumbs in the bed and I am positive they would agree on hospital corners, the unsuitability of fitted sheets and why who you invite to a party actually has fuq all to do with whom you actually LIKE and everything to do with how one is trying to constellate one’s life.


42 thoughts on “Astro-Compatibility: Virgo & Capricorn

  1. The Virgo man this Cap dated had a “special movie” collection on his PC that was very similarly flavoured to mine (albeit a flavour very different than our public personas would suggest). So yeah, it worked on many levels.

    Why did it end? Mr Leo moon here didn’t like someone thinking they knew better in every situation (and perhaps the Aqua Asc that regularly mirror-inverted the order of everything in the kitchen, for the sheer comic value, got a little too much for the Virgo Man)

    • I too once played with the sanity of a Virgo lover. Which is so cruel as a Virgo Rising myself – but it was just too much fun to see him silently screaming inside while playing the ‘oh don’t give me your astrology blah blah blah I can survive perfectly fine with the spices unalphabetised…’

      I am the messiest Cap in the world in truth, even my Virgo Ascendant / Moon / Mars are all powerless against it. Virgo lover didn’t stand a chance in the end…

      • Lex, how can you have all those planets in Virgo and be messy? I don’t get it.

        I have mars in Virgo and i’m a freak when it comes to being tidy. Mars is conjunct Uranus and Pluto all in 8th house i must add.

        • It is so odd isn’t it… Exception that proves the rule perhaps…?
          Then again, I may not give a damn about clean surfaces and folded laundry and piles of paperwork in corners, but heaven forbid a document / press release / spreadsheet should EVER leave the office with incorrect formatting, unflattering typography or the same adjective used twice.

          • Oh, and on our website there are three and ONLY three pixel ratios for images allowed: standard TV, widescreen panoramic, or 8×10 portrait. I can spot an image that is out of style to an accuracy of 3 pixels…

          • you fit with my theory about virgo / virgo influenced males: messy slobs, but when it comes to their IP/ work outputs / personal performance for their pet skill – they are as nazi as the rest of em :)

          • hehe… knew there had to be some Virgo traits in there somewhere.
            And I agree with you on the adjectives used twice! *shudder* :)

          • Apparently many ‘sensitives’, psychics etc. have really messy houses due to a need for boundaries. People with ADD often have problems with systems and are usually uber sensitive, kind of goes together.

            I have Mars in Virgo and ADD and I gotta tell you it’s constant battle, but usually Mars wins since I started cleansing and setting up boundaries in both my house and chakras/aura. It’s a lot of work, but I feel loads better and my house is nice to hang out in these days.

            Not to infer you are over sensitive or have neural issues, lexicorn…lol.

  2. I voted “drawn to perfect incarnation for spiritual lessons” cuz I feel we gotta be flexible with who we might meet on the journey.

    Large % for Isolate Caps and Virgo? How cruel…lol

    Ex hub and I have those Moons. Sure if the house had not been run like a well oiled machine I’d of heard about it one way or the other. But no, no crumbs in bed. He would have definitely balked at that.

  3. My dearest dearest friends are all Virgos / Virgo Rising.
    We are going to set up a business called “Rent A Virgo” to come in and fix the disorder in your life-at-large, like, on EVERY level.

    As for the lovers, I’ve been at my happiest with fellow Caps, but there’s something so effortlessly easy about dating / loving / bedding a fellow Earth sign, let’s face it…

  4. Have never dated a Capricorn. Not sure why. They seem nice.
    Am quite sure that the Aries man I think is lovely is Cap rising.

      • Yes, they do have a tendency to make me feel messy, silly and just a bit stupid. I think it is because they seem so organized.

      • Ladycrab, I thought I felt like that because I was only 17 and he was a 23 Cap…that feeling doltish around him…in a round about way it kick started some valuable self worth lessons though…

  5. i like them both but I think I need a (nice) scorpio next. is that possible? a scorp male? or maybe scorp influenced. they’re the only ones who don’t seem to get all proper on me and not much fazes them.

  6. Once had a heart stopping, butterfly crazy, breath taking crush on a Virgo. For years, until he left the scene. It was never a possible reality though. *sigh*

  7. Also, my ramzilla tried to convert me to hospital corners, which I absolutely refused (I am not in a hospital), and fitted sheets are good. :)

    • I don’t get the problem with fitted sheets – makes changing sheets between lovers so much quicker.

      Ps. No not much fazes a Scorpio …

  8. hmmmm, have been desperately seeking Toro, but I don’t like the sounds of those crumbs in the sheets. Maybe need to revisit my order with the Universe. One Cap please, STAT!

    • Hand held Dirt Devil Vac could come through in a pinch without sacraficing Toro….Heck, neither of you would even need to get outta bed and trying the vac on each other could be interesting….

  9. My brother a virgo who was with a Capricorn for 10yrs & they drove each other bats although something must have been working… They were obsessed with each other & even after breaking up 4yrs they STILL haven’t moved on!

    Oh & they are STILL obsessed with knowing stuff about each other…

    Virgo says Capricorn far too controlling & Capricorn says Virgo was laissez-faire.

    • LOL! Baristagem, couldn’t have summed up a Virgo-Cap pairing better myself, so true!

      Although, I really don’t care what he’s up to, nor do I obsess, he (Cap) on the other hand likes to keep me regularly updated on his life, inquire about mine and I suspect he’s secretly a little obsessed. He would never admit it though!

      Regardless of the fact that we DO drive each other completely bats and it ended REALLY badly between us, we still manage to somehow be very good friends…it’s all very love/hate.

      And in my experience Virgo and Cap are indeed very compatible in bed :)
      If it weren’t for all the career advancement/networking/cleaning that needs to be done, they’d probably never leave the boudoir!

  10. cap here who had an affair with said virgo for 2 years, and have to agree with all the above comments…. was like living in a dream and hardly left the bedroom…. but when a child needs your attention…just because they are a child… then things can and do get messy and stressy….. sigh… still miss him… hard to replace perfection.

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