Astro-Brittany Murphy

So sad about Brittany Murphy passing!

I  loved her in Clueless, that Eminem movie & even in Riding In Cars With Boys, where she played alongside Drew Barrymore. And oddly enough I was thinking about her yesterday, when I realised she was going to be in The Expendables - the ludicrously fabulous new action movie being filmed that stars every big action hero of the last two decades AND Mickey Rourke…

I was just thinking what an awesome comeback it would be because she’s actually really talented, even though Just Married (which she co-starred in along with her then-lover Ashton Kutcher) was awful…

But she has long been plagued by stories of being “difficult” – Hollywoodspeak for drug fiend, often, no? – and death by cardiac arrest at 32 has a sadly cokeheady whiff to it does it not?

I don’t like gazing at the astro of the recently passed – too macabre – but i will make two quick observations re her chart…She has Mars in early Leo and due to the lengthy Mars in Leo phase now, Mars has just trined her Neptune in Saggo twice & was heading back for a 2nd-in-a-row Mars Returns. This is a time when anyone with such stars would be high on their own genius, ego and potentially hubris and/or aggression. She’d just gotten fired from a film for being “difficult” and her husband is, by all accounts, REAL difficult. So not exactly the bridle of soberiety style of partner.

She also had Saturn in late Leo, being opposed by the Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. If she WAS doing anything stimulating/transcendental or whatever, Neptune coming up to oppose your Saturn would have to be the worst time possible. When Neptune and Saturn are at work together, you live clean. I have them natally trined & i have to watch it even with coffee.

Brittany was a Sun-Moon-Venus-Uranus in Scorpio woman – totally individuated & charismatic & astro-fiends, note that her North Node/Pluto in Libra is squared by the Eclipse degrees of Jan & July 2010…

22 thoughts on “Astro-Brittany Murphy

  1. Poor poor girl. Her weight did fluctuate a lot (remember she was the tubby, chicken-obsessed girl in “Girl Interrupted.” ) Then she got “hot” and has stayed pretty tiny since then (care of drugs?) And by “hot” I mean “perky, very petite and attractive to leering hollywood execs.” I met with a film producer in early 00′s to discuss an important project and his first words (after initial greetings) were “Do you like my boat over there? I think the only thing hotter is Brittany Murphy’s breasts.” Ewww. Needless to say, the project never got off the ground because he thought my writing wasn’t “sexy” enough. Fuuuq.

    But I think Britt wanted that image. I remember her on a cover of Vanity Fair (??) riding a rocking horse with just a hint of boobage hanging out the bottom of her crop top. And I thought she was going to be an edgy performer, taking on alternative roles that other cute young things wouldn’t touch. But she didn’t really. Like Heath, so much unrealised potential.

    Eternally unrealised now, as it turns out. How pointlessly tragic.

    Oddly, she’s always reminded me of a Scorp friend – both have the same hollow eyes, fluctuating weight, slightly manic edge that you can’t quite put your finger on…

    • Yes, I know a girl like that also! She’s going to the best music school in New York I believe, and I’m terribly afraid her drug problems or eating issues will kill her before she graduates. It’s an awful shame, she’s a very sweet girl.

  2. I was JUST listening to the Happy Feet Soundtrack!
    OMG she died! soo sad! she was REALLY GOOD! really upbeat in all her movies too!
    Hollywood and drugs = BAD COCKTAIL!
    Man i’m shattered!

  3. Bless to Brittany, she was fun mix of qualities and interesting to watch on the screen… Pass sweetly!

    It was interesting to read a bit about her chart and put me to some late night investigating of my own and others… learning a lot through these examples lately Mystic, the Trine ‘n’ Dine and a few other posts have been really helpful.

    Still, it is so sad and shocking when young people transcend…

  4. I love this actress….a fellow scorp….. Amazing range and depth. Sort of maybe sounds like a drug-related death….cardiac arrest at such a young age maybe points to habitual cocaine use ?…..don`t know…….very sad.

  5. Poor Brit, she was awesome. I loved her husky voice. I reckon she might have been on the same thing that Robert Downey Jnr was/is on. Is that coke? She has the same look in her eyes as you often see in his, in pics.

  6. …..latest allegations are an addiction to prescriptive pain killers – allegedly she got hooked post plastic surgery. even if true, doesn’t make it any the less sad!!

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