The Virgo Opera Singer

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I always think of Opera Singers as being Leo. The idea of a perfumed Diva making dramatic entrances, pampered & vain, living for her Art…It fits. But Angela Gheorghiu is a Virgo…Her Virgo Sun is conjunct Uranus & Pluto in the third house & she has Leo Rising…She is apparently famously temperamental, hypochondriac and given to making announcements such as “Difficult? No, I seek merely perfection.”

6 thoughts on “The Virgo Opera Singer

  1. Whooo fists! There must be a typo on the autocue. Internal dialogue (while taking a deep breath) reaffirms superiority over under-beings.

  2. You are right Mystic! Leo Rising… You are very good. ;)
    I still can’t believe she has never had a teacher or a coach!! Well I guess why would you when you are a Virgo…
    I also love that she is famously temperamental & a hypochondriac.. She is merely just being a Leo & a Virgo at the same time…. Champagne anyone??

  3. She actually looks very grounded – as in earthy virgo
    the colours of the dark green and gold are soo prominet
    just looked her up on itunes – she sounds unreal!

  4. She’s cute, just my type, a real pussytat. All that silly tension… its just sexual frustration, poor dear..come here sweetheart I’ll give you a back rub

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