The Evolution Of Vampires

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Does anyone have an astrological or socio-cultural theory as to why vampires get better looking with every generation?

Dracula Classic Gemini Vampire

Sesame St Count DuckulaSaggo Vampire

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as VampiresSagittarius & Cancerian Vampire.

Robert Pattinson headshot wild hairTaurus Vampire

Of course, the character  of Dracula, the most famous vampire of them all, was created by Bram Stoker – Sun & Moon in Scorpio…

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94 thoughts on “The Evolution Of Vampires

  1. It is surely no coincidence that the majority of vamps as pictured here are Cancer.

    World’s biggest drainer men. If once they start talking about their feelings, grab some garlic and RUN!

  2. Well, you know i have this thing about asking lovers to bite my neck, obviously watched too many Vampire
    Today, at last, i’m going to watch Twilight.
    Of course the fascination is the immortality thing.

    • Oooh, planning to do the same thing this weekend – I’m up to book 3… and I was sooo disapointed that Twilight was on the ‘on demand’ entertainments system for my flights to and from the UK.

    • apparently about 80% of movies now are made for females 13 to 25 and males 18 to 25. They seem to be the only ones that make money. Good looks will always get females to a movie.

      • that’s because it is the one place you can think of that is safe to send off your teeny girls!

        I wonder how the industry adapt and make money? adults won’t go back to the movies because it is heaps easier staying at home, but how will they beat the piracy thing and get back to making money?

        and we wonder why there is slim picking in being entertained!

        loving the vampire thing atm – movies, tv and books. I know stephenie meyer gets a lot of crap for her writing skills but I really enjoyed the easy read! I had bought a lot of books years prior that still sit there as life was just too busy to wade through the english and when I relax,, just looking to switch off and be entertained. so good for her I say and the eye candy, just makes it all the more pleasurable!

  3. Probably the same reason male porn stars are now ex models and really good looking, gym bods etc unlike 70’s and 80’s porn stars …….. (not that i know.) The thing i learnt in my short time in the movie industry (not porn) is that even if you cant act its what peeps want to look at if they like looking at you your in if your not appealing to the eye your out or wont ever really make it to the top unless your a damn good actor then it usually takes years and years. I agree with davidl young women are the bums on seats in the cinema and will follow a series eg twilight from puberty to young adult . Big bucks for fim makers and producers.

  4. Maybe it’s a shadow self thing, in sexual evolution. This is the age of torture porn movies passing for horror (ie, hostel and saw) sadistic human sociopath’s (with video cameras) have upped the evil anti on monsters, hell is no longer another worldly dimension but a place in your mind in or the real world. I have noticed the story lines for vamp flicks are much more sexual and complex attraction stories rather than the old eccentric millionaire in a smoking jacket whom has “inherrited” a castle.

    Female vampire roles use the predator thing as an obviously sexual woman who seeks out nervous inexperienced men with submissive tendencies with a strong bewitching lure seduction scenes before she feasts. It’s so much more about sexual discovery and power now, they want you to be attracted to the protagonist and Identify the victims bewitching as your own red ridinghoodness or boyhood geekery.

  5. Vampire theory? Tons has been written on this…

    Vampires are symbols of sexual desire and the shadow portion of self and they came into popular culture during the Victorian era. Vampires have become hotter looking as desire has become less morally reprehensible and more a prime motivator for consumer culture. Where in the past vampires were predators, preying on/corrupting innocent and pure maidens, symbols of danger, debasement and moral peril, vamps are now dressed up for consumption – the devoured becomes devourer.

    But Twilight is another thing. Chaste, bloodless, sanitized Vampire-Lite plugging a return to Victorian morality. Take a look at this article by Emma Tom.
    I particularly like the quote: ‘It also seems terribly ironic that a symbol of raunch during an era of religious restraint is being used as a symbol of religious restraint in an era of raunch.’

    • Absolutely UV. Some unis run courses in Buffy Studies as part of their cultural studies schools. Joss wrote Buffy as reluctant warrior of third wave of feminism, from an image of the monster being scared of the little blonde girl in the dark alley. And don’t forget that line in BTVS where some girl says to Spike – “I wrote my thesis on you”

      It was my only enjoyable experience in media studies: a feminist essay on representation of women in the media. I wrote it on Buffy v Charlies Angels, Unilever’s advertising of Dove vs their advertising of Lynx (Axe), and images in women’s sports mags vs men’s.

      Ms. your comment on “nervous inexperienced young men” reminds me vividly of a fave flick: Lair of the White Worm. Hilarious B grade horror with Hugh Grant.

      • Buffy! What a brilliant modern heroine. Women are slayers now, not victims in floating nightgowns laying down to have the life sucked out of them.

        I didn’t watch the TV series, but saw the movie ages back and loved it. Am I remembering correctly? Did her menstrual cramps give her extra power?

        • yikes! PMS = pre-menstrual slayage! ha! i can’t think of an ep of the series that covered that, but the movie could well have – only saw it once and left little impression on me.

          Joss was raised with strong influences from seriously feminist family member. i think his mum was a lecturer or activist? 3rd gen TV folk on his dad’s side. Buffy was criticised for her role in setting up the ‘bad girl’ culture where porn is good and all that but at the time she was one of the only fully-realised female characters on tv that even though she was battling supernatural baddies, she had real problems to deal with. Not to mention the sacrifices she made due to being chosen to be a slayer echoing the sacrifices expected of her as a woman. And the conflict of her as icon of 3rd wave feminism not being understood by her my – 2nd wave. They have a few convo’s about their ideas of being a woman – just in passing but very telling. … but I could talk Buffy all day.

          Twilight is way too clean for me. Anyone seen Tru Blood? Heard its awesome.

          • OMG I am soooo ADDICTED to True Blood. Season 2 is just unbelievable – i heart Eric!!

            Seriously recommend everyone jump on the TB wagon!! *squeal*

          • True Blood is the BEST!!! Yeah Eric is HOT!! so is Bill !!!

            and how good is the theme song – Bad Things !!

            …. ‘when you came in the air went out… and every shadow filled up with doubt. I don’t know who you think you are but before the night is through… i’m gonna do bad things with you…. ouuww’ So sexy! :)

          • DO NOT get me started on True Blood, Vampire Bill is the best… closely followed by Eric the Viking Vamp. I LOVE that a somewhat kooky nice psychic girl is getting so much real life, that usually scares the sh*t out of regular men, haha

            And yes, Scorpalicious, the theme song is fantastic..even the way they did the intro was superb imagery. Nothing too antiseptic and really used the humid of the romance of the South to its full effect.

    • I totally agree. Twilight is thinly veiled right-wing chastity porn. ugh.

      I am reminded of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which as a book I loved as a child but Aslan is really just a thinly veiled Jesus-figure.

      • ‘chastity porn’ – brilliant. I know, double ugh. And that actor, robert wtf his name is makes me wanna hurl.

      • lol what do you expect when it was written for an under 18 audience?

        it’s a fine line to write for 13-17 year olds as you have a LOT of parental opinion going on there

        more should be discussed on why so many 35 plus female women are sucked into it and discussing it so seriously!

        • *more should be discussed on why so many 35 plus female women are sucked into it and discussing it so seriously!

          that comment from my memory of reading the amazon reviews before buying the series for my daughter last year – it was ‘intense’

    • The Twilight series is a quintessential love story rather than a vampire story. Stephenie Meyer studied classical literature and has clearly drawn upon these in writing her tale. Have you actually read the series? While the hype about the movies (and even the movies) is grating, the story while not great literature in construct, is imho a classic tale.

      • I have and I agree. Classic first teen love simply utilizing the fantasy world of vampires and werewolves!

      • Yes, it’s obviously a successful formula and hey, if that’s what you’re into… But for me it’s too traditional and too safe, and I dislike that the girl is submissive, saving herself for this guy…zzzz, who once he marries her will properly vampire her. It’s all about him, giving her power/life over to him. I’m too much of a feminist for that shit. And she could have got it on with a werewolf – what a missed opportunity.

        I prefer Buffy, much much edgier, who turns the tables on those Vampires and goes after them. A feminist heroine, she isn’t submissive to anyone.

        • Erm – UV, the traditional one in the story is Edward…. Bella doesn’t want to get married, and does want to have sex…

        • Busted! Now I know you haven’t read it Uber.

          Disclaimer – I currently have Mars conj my Sun and am seriously loving the kick ass aspect of it :-) I envy all of you who have well placed Mars’ eg conj your Sun or in Cap – seriously – try Mars in Cancer (detriment). I feel like I’ve been let out of my cage lol.

          • Of course I haven’t read it. Christ, life’s too short to read stuff like that, but I’ve heard about it ad nauseum. Bella is submissive because her desires are secondary to his. Essentially, he calls the shots, and she’s always having to be saved. Groan.

          • No it is not like that actually. Not like you Uber to trash something you’ve only heard about. I’m over all the media crap printed about the series when it’s obvious the journo hasn’t read it and is just faux intellectualising what they think was written.

      • Very true FF – I avoided it for ages, then when challenged by my cousin to read it (with the tantalising prospect of FINALLY being able to discuss a book with her as carrot), I have been enjoying the series immensely. There seems to be the classic love tale, the gallant male, but there is also a real acceptance of the teenage life, and a suprisingly true to reality description of how intense it is to be a teenager, without any commentary ideating teenagerdom, or denigrating teenagerdom.
        The religious aspect is also interesting, as its a reflection of how SM views the world, the lense through which she makes sense of it. I don’t have an issue with this, as I see it as an alternative way for people, young or old, to gain understanding of different moral codes, different views of the world, different standards of appropriate behaviour. She is also refraining from a Utopia paradigm (unlike CS Lewis) in her work. It is also, as mentioned above, an interesting reflection on some of the moral mores of society today. Personally, I have more issues with TLOTR in novel form, as there are no serious female protagonists, and more issues with ‘Classic’ SciFi which can be spectacularly misogynistic. Honestly, I’m intrigued that SM even mentions sex, when there is such a strong movement in the US by the extreme right to have no sex ed in schools, and to keep children in ignorance of basic human reproduction as a way of preventing them having sex. By writing this story, SM tacitly acknowledges her work is up for critique, and probably can discuss fluently her motivations, beliefs and views on all her themes.

        • From what I’ve seen and heard of SM – I think she’s great, religion or not. She exudes an earthy, very sexy Cap vibe. Interesting that she has Saturn in Cancer exactly opp her Sun and Moon in Cap. I don’t know her birthtime but I’d put money on a Cap ascendant.

        • TLOTR is a bit boys’ own, but it was of its time and reflects Tolkien’s time in the WW 1 trenches. But Eowyn is an awesome heroine, don’t you think? Defeats the Nazgul, the creature no man can kill – it takes a woman. Also Galadriel has that amazing, occult, high priestess power.

  6. I’m with you Uber, it’s all about teen sex.
    But it links to the rise in awareness of Sexually Transmitted Infections and blood borne viruses. The hot hot man who will kill you if he gives into his primal urges is just another form of ‘abstinence only’ education.
    Buffy did it better.

    • Speaking of which… ANGEL – David Boreanaz – HOTTEST VAMPIRE EVER… He is very appropriately a Taurus.

          • to be honest, I really don’t get the pattinson guy hype. Sure, he’s certainly a good looking young man, but… really? sexiest man ever..? I must be missing something here…

          • actually, can i just ‘print a retraction’ here. just caught a look at myself in the mirror. wow, i do look as green as i feel today. i really am in no place to pass judgment. glass houses and stones etc…

          • Aw feline, couldn’t you allow me my irrational aversion to rangey looking pin up boys. When you get tetchy like that, you remind me of me. Honest, I saw him on telly this morning and he looked as if he was on rohypnol.

          • Hey Lexi I was referring to UV’s comment re Rob Pattinson. My ex-hb has actually met David Boringaz in LA 3 years ago so I took liberties with my comment re his IQ.

          • My friend said to me last week… ‘you realise you are actually exclusively attracted to retards’ (please pardon the terminology, it is taken in [sic])… What is it about a vacant stare that can be so appealing??

          • yes, that’s so true. you can also interpret it as tacit compliance with just about any request…

          • Lex, I’m attracted to men who are fully enmasked, i.e. The Stig in Top Gear, Snake Eyes in GI Joe, the Phantom… NOT Spiderman though, his suits a bit too loud for me.

            At least a vacant stare is open to interp, kind of like a Wild Card, no? Perhaps its Pluto and Uranus on my first that loves the mysterious, strong and silent types.

            Logistically, kissing would be a problem.

          • Angel, I love it!! Does this fetish extend to the bad boys as well as the saviors?? Jason from Friday 13th?? Balaclava clad burglars?? the spooky Munch masked killer in ‘Scream’??
            Is Halloween like a totally hot and horny time of year for you?
            Pluto in first makes much sense – is Mars in the 8th by any chance?

  7. did anyone see that doco earlier in the year about ‘real life vampires’? the people who do actually drink blood? they did a test on one individual and there was no physical cause for his desire to drink the substance. there is a disease though, where people do drink blood, either livers or whatever, and they are light sensitive, forget its name – but this social gig where they don’t have said disease and even have ‘donors’ – slash and suck – is just crackers!!!!

  8. Angel is SUCH a scorpio male (in character) -shows up whenever the hell he likes unannounced, in dark corners, chose a ridiculously impossible love scenario just to torture himself. Can’t be with Buffy but won’t let her get close to any other man and is stalking her on the pretense of “protection” he has turned against his own kind after years of being the worst of the bloodlusters and now is having a crisis of consciousness. (due to spell but still- he’s cursed) His lone wolf act says he has sagg as well though, That and he won’t sleep over

  9. im soo not into the whole twiglight thing going on. just doesnt do it for me at all. neither does robert whats his name. he needs some sun and to crack a few jokes. :)

    • Fluid Feline suggested I give R. Patti Cake (soz FF, just being a smart arse) a go a long time ago but still haven’t as I don’t follow shows.

      Perhaps if I gave his character a chance his English accent might win me over? But looks wise, he just doesn’t send me. I don’t care for his eyes and probably in real life he’s a twerp…lol

      But hey, to each their own. Have fun with it…Fantasy afterall…

  10. you ladies seriously need to have a gander around my daughter’s room!! he sure does brush up a bit of alright :O

  11. I think it’s because vampires really are lusty sexual predators. Seducing/chasing innocent/weak/virginal targets, lips suckling at necks etc.

    I think it’s just that these days, it’s the sex bit that keeps popping up to the surface and being pushed to the limits and the predatory thing is not as prominant.

    Not only that, they used to be human and still look like it so it’s easier to sex them up, especially when you attach other romantic vampire traits of external life and beauty wealth. If vampires had tenticles and horns everywhere, you couldn’t sex them up at all.

      • Lol – Japanese erotic art has been popular for over 100 years. Just visited the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and saw the erotic exibition there at the mo… Picasso was hugely influenced by Japanese erotic tentacle art….

  12. chastity porn – lol!

    i think you could say the same thing about race and vampire stories, you know?

    Max Schreck who played Nosferatu in the old old German film, purportedly based elements of his character on racist stereotypes about Jewish/Semitic people. super reprehensible, but you can see in that also how much vampires were intended to be despicable and represent “the other” that needed to be destroyed, lest its influence corrupt us all!

    nowadays there are many more middle-class, white, well-mannered vampires… because well-mannered, white middle-class people want to be them!

  13. MM and friends – just wondering, if there was a planet or star sign associated with vampires, what would it be?

    I’m assuming Pluto / Scorpio but I’m open to suggestions!

  14. My theories on vampires in general and Twilight in particular would hang with Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, death realms etc. Pluto in Cap = more beautifully structured vamps??

    Stephenie Meyer is a double Cap (Sun 2/Moon 1) and has trans Pluto conj her Sun/Moon at present opp her natal Saturn in Cancer 1.

    When she dreamed the meadow scene/chapter 12 of Twilight (which inspired the first book) she was experiencing her exact Saturn return (she was probably having a shit of a time – supposedly sleeping in the spare bedroom as hubby had a bad cold, well that’s the public story anyway) but in true Saturn Girl style she turned the shit into a pearler. At the time (2nd June 2003) she also had trans Pluto over her natal Merc in Sagg plus trans Neptune conj her natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Aqua. Trans Jupiter in Leo was trine her natal Neptune in Sagg and trine her natal Chiron in Aries.

    She also has natal Mars 0 Taurus trine natal NN at 29 Sagg – which has to be helpful in moving her toward the right path and natal Mars is opp natal Uranus at 29 Libra. She is a Uranus/Pluto in Libra girl which is all about relationships.

    Rob Pattinson has Mars in Cap and natal Neptune at 5 Cap so is being transformed by Pluto in Cap atm. He also has his natal Venus in Gem being trined by all that Aqua action (Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron).

    Kristen Stewart is an Aries Sun with Libra Moon. Her natal NN/Mars in Aqua is being conjuncted by the current Aqua transits of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune as well and early next year Jupiter will be conj her natal Venus in Pisces. She has natal Uranus/Neptune and Saturn all in Capricorn.

    • Well done!

      Okay if my imaginary astro-intern were here, we’d get the publication date of Bram Stokers book & ping it off the major vampire moments in culture ever since…

  15. oh wow! fascinating peek into the astro. I had briefly looked at sun signs but not much more than that and did not know about the ‘sleeping arrangements’ sans dream!

    thanks fluid feline!

    • You’re welcome crabwoman. Good to know my astrological musings way back when I had an eternity of time on my hands wasn’t entirely wasted 😕

  16. Sorry what’s his name is Taurus but with Cancer Rising/Moon….
    And Bela Lugosi is Libra – he was one of the most famous vampires. So was I think Klaus Kinski…Nosferatu…I ran out of time to post them too…
    My fave is the Sesame St count.

      • Count von Count is a fave! Sure he has is a little ocd when it comes to numbers but that thunder & lightening is cooeel. AH-AH-AH

      • At least he’s wash and wear, ya? My V Rising is very satisfied with that and his skill at accountancy. Handy during tax season.

      • Better than my childhood fave Count Chocula. He prolly needed extensive dental work from his steady intake of chocolate.

        But these days I’m rather fond of little Eli vampire from “Let the Right One In”.

  17. Yes, the felt-fangs are a BIT of a turn off LOL!!!!
    And he looks like he might drink too much red wine (blood? Ribena blood to go with the felt fangs? Whatever) and then carry on and on and ON about shipping tax stipends or something at dinner. And then each time you tried to talk (dialogue as opposed to monologue) he’d raise his hand, nodding impatiently and say “ANYWAY…as I was saying…”

    *VOMIT* soz i’m a bit prejudice – on Tripple M this morning they said “Reasearch shows that Teenage girls are dumping their Teenage sweethearts, due to long comparing their Boyfriends to the studded vampire”
    me: 😐 OMG!

    SAGGO VAMPIRES RULE! i love the count on seasame street – he was always my fav, and im guessing the laid back nature of Brad in the 3rd photo makes him the saggo??

    i think society has changed its view of immortality and the supernatural, i mean the first Vampire movies were like only 100 years after the Witch Hunts and well that history couldnt have helped!

    Btw Fluid Feline – i bought the first book – reading it atm!

  19. So back to the original question, why are vamps getting hotter through time? Aside from the very practical reason that hot vamps get more seats in the theaters, I think is also because we have acclimated what is “bad” into being “good” to keep pace with our changing sexual mores.

    So whereas before Dracula was a creepy dead Dirty Old Man who Sex Ray Stared you into an altered state, now he’s an ab-tastic Force of Dark Desire rocking you into a swoon by magnetizing every deviant thought in your head and making it ok… therefore, the current hotness makes wanting those things more acceptable, and removes the pressure of the previously moral struggle heroine victims had to display.

    Not that I have a problem with that… haha

  20. Oh and meant to add, notice how the Old School Vampire had super blood shot eyes that looks like he overdid the 420 all day long naturally creating an immediate aversion.

    Whereas the new ones make you want to get rid of your tan pronto because would you really miss the sun if you could just as well spend your time viewing the runway shows and looking sharply chic in black?

    Even the fashion aesthetics pander to what’s in obviously…