The Astrology Of Pixie Geldof…And Georgia Jagger


Whenever I fess to feeling sorry for a celebrity, I get HOWLS in my in-box….”Dear Mystic, How could You, given the hell in Somalia…?…” And I so grok that.

BUT – I do, i DO feel a bit soz for Pixie Geldof at the moment.  There she is on the cover of March Vogue Italia above, looking lovely & yes, she is young, pretty, smart & with wealth to back her. But i read or re-read (?) a detail about her life the other day that made me so sad for her. She is a multiple conjunct Virgo – Sun-Moon-Ceres all in Virgo and her MOTHER Paula Yates died of that overdose ON her tenth birthday and in the same house Pixie was in…she tried to wake her, on her birthday morning….So unbelievably desperately sad.

She has, for Astro-Fiends, Mars and Lilith in opposition and both squaring her Sun-Moon-Ceres in Virgo.

And THEN,  just to hype  the astro-sleb-fluffery, I read some stupid goss that made it clear Pixie Geldof and Georgia Jagger (the beautiful Capricorn 2nd daughter of supermodel Jerry Hall) move in the same circles.

WHAT hell would THAT be?  I mean to be youthful rivals?

They are both gorgeous and cool, talented daughters of majorly interesting and successful rock star Dads but Georgia is SO-SO-SO mega-thing and she has not only longer legs & bigger lips & all but a MOM & a great big tall Texan MOM at that who you’d imagine you could tell nigh on anything to and she would just laugh her head off.

So I had this vision of Pixie thinking how Georgia could most likely do an awful lot of stuff and there would be an understanding Mother/ Doppelganger figure there for her at the end of the day to decipher, de-convolute, spread wise blessings AND give good pragma so far as modelling is concerned. And a CANCERIAN  Mother at that!!!   Mothering is like an ART form to them…


28 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Pixie Geldof…And Georgia Jagger

  1. love your empathy, mystic and i can totally see your point. Poor Pixie – she even looks so incredibly fragile and vulnerable in that photo. Thank god she at least has sisters.

    • true yeah – im sure her sisters and her will remain strong together
      Ceres after all was a feminist goddess in her own right = and after some research her preitess’ used to be considered “the secret keeper sisterhood” as they were united together under the one name.

  2. Nah, I see what you’re saying with Pixie MM. Are those two actually rivals or just goss saying they are? It’s just sad to read about her bday morning… :(

  3. oh god thats unbearably sad. i think pixie is really majorly beautiful, and all the gelodf girls have brains and so on, i imagine them as kind of austen like resoloute and tough and a team….and yeah great to have an icon like jerry for a mother if youre georgia but then youd have to stomache mick for a dad. ew.

  4. That is really sad! Good on you Mystic!

    When I lost my parents, it was enormously difficult to comprehend death at that age. I had to move to another school where I was even bullied by the kids for not having parents. I was so confused by this & the only way I could see why the kids acted like this towards me was because they were frightened of my circumstance. Having empathy towards others really helped me & the bullying eventually stopped in high school.

    • Same here, baristagem, only it was my son who died, and I am not bullied so much as avoided by people (mainly women my age) who feel a bit confronted by what happened in my life and my son’s life. Onus being on me to accommdate their limitations, I get there through empathy as it is the only thing that works.

  5. Pixie is so cool, she’s got a rock pedigree, her name is PIXIE. She’s got sisters for support, street cred up to ying yang, a total free pass to cool and we all admire her. I hope she knows that. Bless her.

  6. They are strong girls, those Geldof girls.

    I loved Paula Yates, she was like the modern manifestation of a wild entrepreneurial courtesan, and was devoted (in a fuqed up way) to her daughters. I think celebs stories are modern ‘folk tales’ and morality plays.

    • I think they’re modern mythology too. Just like the Anna Nicole Smith story and Micheal Jackson. If Gore Vidal or Rushdie had invented these as fiction people would probably say the stories were too far fetched. But sadly the common denominator for these spectacular public tragedies is drugs.

      Dad, Bob, is pretty together isn’t he? As far as rock stars go?

  7. I think that no matter how devoted Paula Yates might have been to her daughters, it obviously wasn’t enough to stop the total self-absorption of drug abuse – can’t have been too concerned about the kids if she didn’t care whether she diced with death or not.

    • Paula was very very badly parented herself, by a largely absent mother, & a literally mad celebrity father. She also found out as an adult that a ‘family friend’ was actually her biological dad. I’m not excusing the addiction, just saying she didn’t go there to be ‘cool’ – she was genuinely fuqed up, and died before she could pull herself out of it.

      • I agree.Given time and the wisdom of age,Paula would have pulled herself out her despair.She didn’t mean to die and leave her daughters without a mother.

        • I’m sure she didn’t mean it – neither do most who overdose. Unfortunately it’s a risk that they seem happy to take. And that’s the issue I have with it – if you have children depending on you, why risk it? But of course that’s why it’s an addiction…. Anyway, a very sad situation, I hope Pixie has been able to find some way past it.

  8. I think tho with all that virgo she would have a inner core of iron. And I can say that as a virgo sun. And I am reassured by her eyes that she is open to all her feelings not trying desperately to repress, regress or deny.

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